Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Second Time for Pink Velvet

Just a reminder to vote for your favourite outfit of the year-long 30 For 30 For 12 Capsule Challenge here, in case you missed it. Please leave a comment with your top 3 faves.

Today's the second time I've worn this pink velvet jacket.
I felt very girly and pink today. I know pink's not everyone's cup of tea (I've loathed it myself for a good portion of my life), but this dusty pink is one of my favourite shades.

I'm wearing the jacket with my ultra-fem floral blouse that appeared in the August 2012 capsule (recap here), along with the purple-y-grey Chie Mihara flats. The blouse was the most-worn top of August, and I wore the shoes 6 times. They were just as comfy today.
The skirt is my navy blue swooshy skirt, and was featured in the July 2012 capsule (recap here). I wore it 3 times then, and I'm sure I'll wear it lots now that it's back in rotation.
I wore another new pair of nylons with patterns up the back. They are pretty groovy.

I last wore this jacket here.

Nougat London pink velvet blazer: Outfit #1

Nougat London pink velvet blazer
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The stuff:
I really adore the shoes. I am slowly coming around to having more flats in my wardrobe. It was certainly nice to not to have to change into my runners to dash out on a mid-day errand today!

A close-up:
The three different buttons that I sewed onto the jacket, a pair of vintage earrings, a cheapy ring, and a vintage brooch of my grandmother's.

I always forget to include my Wendy Brandes* lapis lazuli ring. I'm up to at least 100 wears on it since I bought it a year ago, bringing the cost per wear down to the $3.00 range - I believe in wearing your good stuff! It's worth it!
*linking 'cause I love Wendy and her jewelry

Jacket (Nougat London, consignment), blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Tobias, thrifted), shoes (Chie Mihara), brooch (Pastelli, vintage 60s, Grandma J), ring (Nine West), ring (Wendy Brandes), earrings (thrifted, vintage).


  1. I like the detail on those flats...plus they must be great for walking about town. Your grandmother's brooch is quite lovely, I am mad about vintage pins!

  2. So pretty and frilly, but my favorite things are the shoes and the ring - lapis lazuli - nice!

    It's funny, every time I vote for something, most people are telling you to keep it. It's almost like people want you to have more and more clothes so we can live vicariously through you and your wardrobe. ;o)

  3. I love the jacket, I call it a keeper. I too am an ex-pink hater, but I do adore that dusty pink. I've acquired some pieces in that shade myself.

  4. I think the pink is sumptuous on you! I am a fan of seams or patterns on the back of nylons, and these are unique and interesting. As are the grey flats!

  5. Love the pink velvet. I'm having a moment with velvet anything.
    You look so business-like in this outfit. Business-like with a side of fun.

  6. Another lovely version of the jacket, soft and pretty with those cute flats and the great jewellery. I am not great with pink either, pastel shades are no good on me but I am trying not to ignore brighter shades. xxxx

  7. I really like the printed top with the jacket! I think it's a definite keeper, it's such a nice shade :)

  8. Love the dusty pink jacket. And the flats - I want to wear those today!

  9. The jacket is beautiful - why don't you wear it more ? Well, maybe i should answer that same question in regards to my red, purple and turquoise velvet jackets... i never wear them.

    1. I haven't worn it more because I didn't own it! It's a new-to-me item, just purchased a few weeks ago.

  10. It's such a pretty shade of pink - I love it with the pretty tied blouse underneath! I used to loathe pink too, but I've been letting it back into my life!

  11. I love the blazer. I am a sucker for blazers though : )


  12. I voted to keep the jacket. You can never have enough dusty pink in your wardrobe.

  13. First--the shoes are amazing!!
    I'm not a pink gal either but that shade is wonderful on you!! Plus the jacket itself is really really cool!

  14. Such a pretty shade of pink on you, keep keep keep!


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