Sunday, February 24, 2013

Second Ships and First Black Suede Maxi (and More Chicken Hair)

Ah, what a fun weekend! I hope you're all doing well - anyone watching the Oscars tonight? I'm glued to the TV as soon as the red carpet starts! I'll try to get the Favourite Outfit post up tonight.

Yesterday, I headed downtown to meet up with my Winesday gals for brunch. I took this as an opportunity to wear the Holy Ship! dress again.
It was rather bright and sunny!
I stopped in at Smoking Lily's The Milkman's Daughter (their shop that isn't teeny-weeny) to pick up a gift certificate for our dear friend Cat (happy b-day soon!), and the gal working there told me that yes, indeed, this dress is a sample, one-of-a-kind, and they won't be using this ship screen design again because it smudges and is too complicated. I love being exclusive.
Today, I'm layering my sheer navy blouse under the dress, with a leather belt at the waist, my Babycakes Minis (yes, I'm wearing socks with them!) and a brown/brass necklace from my mom. I wore the blouse twice in the April 2012 capsule (recap here). Of course, I last wore the boots on Friday here.

I last wore the dress here.

Holy Ship! Dress (Smoking Lily): Outfit #2
Holy Ship! Dress (Smoking Lily) free polls 
We hung out for a few hours, then our men and another couple came and a few hours stretched into nearly six! Woo!

Although it was sunny, I still bundled up a bit:
I love this denim raincoat - it was a Jacob purchase way way back, probably in 2007. The scarf is a recent Smoking Lily piece, as is the gold anatomical heart on my lapel.

Remembering all my hassles with slips/.linings/unlined dresses from last time I wore the Holy Ship! I just did a plain slip and bare legs, and wore a purse that sits higher.
Vizzini approved!

Coat (Jacob), dress/scarf/pin (Smoking Lily), boots (Babycakes Minis, Fluevog), belt (Plum), necklace (gift from Mom).

On my way downtown, I stopped by the Women in Need thrift store to see if something that I'd spotted a couple of weeks ago was still there. It was.
Those are vintage red wool culottes, baby!

Check it out:
Wide, swooshy legs of pleat-y goodness!

And they are a rather good brand.
Real Escada! Made in Western Germany. They are amazing quality.

And not a bad price:
Yes. $9.50. But it's even better - WIN had an extra 25% off on vintage, so including tax, these were under $8.00.

They are too small on me, but this week they will be sent to a very worth recipient, Lynne of The Good Will Hunting Paralegal. I hear she's been looking for a pair of culottes (so cutting edge, all the cool kids will be wearing them soon), and she's a dear.

I also stopped in at a Very Expensive consignment store and this somehow leapt into my hands:
It's bright orange, Italian leather and made in Canada by Danier Leather. It was $198.00 which is pretty pricey, however, I know that this would have been over $500.00 new (it's the same leather as my red coat, which was $799.00 full price). Anyway, I love it!

Today, L and I slept in a bit, then I walked to town and did some Oscar food grocery shopping. Elaine's coming over, so we're having all the favourites: chocolate truffles, fruit, meat, cheese, veggies, some health salty-crunchies, and hummous and salsa. Dee-lish!

I'm debuting my black suede Danier Leather maxi skirt today!
My minimalist make-up weekend face (also sleepy)
After all my blathering about "I don't do that casual look anymore" I decided to push myself to wear this in a fun weekend style.

A thin olive layering tee (I live in these around the house), with my Smoking Lily crow top which I wore six times in the March 2012 capsule (recap here). The top hasn't been languishing in my wardrobe all this time, though - I wear it like this with jeans on a regular basis at home.
I'm wearing my funky Airwalk sneaks that I got a clothing swap with coworkers back here in May 2012.

But back to the skirt. It's deliciously swooshy and look, pockets!
In fact, this skirt is so....maxi, that I can do this:
Wee! I thrifted this skirt at the WIN Boutique here in January 2012 for $29.50. Not exactly a thrift price, but it's for a good cause. Plus, I'm pretty sure this skirt sold new for more than $30.

Black Suede Maxi Skirt (Danier Leather): Outfit #1

Black Suede Maxi Skirt (Danier Leather) free polls 
I had to wear the orange jacket:
And yes, I have done my "chicken hair" again. Hee. I like it! It's fun and I like playing with it on the weekend.

I added my red gloves and bag, and my green scarf and I felt very visible!
So I'm linking up to Patti's "Visible Monday" on Not Dead Yet Style. Rock on, my friends!

Jacket (Danier Leather, consignment), top/scarf (Smoking Lily), long-sleeved tee (Plum), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), bag (Danier Leather), gloves (Parkhurst), shoes (Airwalk, swapped).


  1. Your new glasses are cool! They look pretty exclusive, too - one of a kind.

    I love that jacket WITH the maxi. What a great look! And I'm going to comment here on the challenge winners - I wasn't following your blog for the first two, but they're gorgeous! So pretty, colorful, and feminine. I can see why they got a lot of votes.

    I'm looking forward to the full-on culottes and big pants trend. Bloggers are making it happen, and I wanna get on board!

  2. Lynne is one lucky lady!! Wow those are fabulous culottes! And that orange leather is totally drool worthy.

    I love the maxi skirt! Also the tipping over picture does lend a little more to the chicken-look, lol!

    I love the print on the ship dress, and the one-of-a-kindness of it makes it very special.

  3. This post is right up there in my favourites with the helicopter piloting and the Spanish Ladies dress outfits - I love everything to bits, it about knocks me over! Hair, new glasses, layering, accessories, ship dress, awesome full-mobility maxi, stupendous new leather jacket, fantastic casual look, and omg LYNNE IS GETTING FABULOUS ESCADA CULOTTES!!! You're the best!

  4. Ya! SO much sunlight in the pictures! I love the movement allowed by the maxi!

  5. Those culottes are amazing! Lucky Lynne!
    And that orange leather jacket is fabulous!

  6. Really like the dress with that shirt, I hope all of the slips and dress stayed in place this time! :)

    Love that black maxi skirt too, just lovely :)

  7. Wow - so full of goodies today! I am still voting thumbs up for the ship dress, esp now that I know it's exclusive! Gorgeous new leather jacket, and I adore those sneakers. Oh yes, and the "chicken" hair is fab - I want to try it!

  8. I love that second outfit! The bird on the shirt, the awesome maxi skirt and also your fun hair just totally makes it a great weekend look!!

  9. What is NOT to love in this post?? The awesome ship dress? FABULOUS new orange leather jacket? Stunning swooshy black skirt?
    Amazing culottes for lynn?

    BTW--LOVE your and L's new specs!! VERY cool!!

  10. Ship dress rocks.
    The Escada Culottes i cannot wait to see you wear - what an amazing find !
    Oh the black skirt. Loving it.

  11. Ha! That kicking pose reminds me of Trinity from the very beginning of the first Matrix movie. You are poised in midair, reading to kick someone's lights out! Don't do it; reign in your power!

  12. Great idea to wear socks (tights?) the way you did to extend the boot top up. Very cool boots, by they way, but that height can be problematic. Lovely, as usual.

  13. The lighting in the first image is perfect!

    Popped by from Visible Monday.

  14. Love the orange leather jacket!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  15. I love the second outfit, with the maxi gone casual. It's just a perfect weekend look, and makes me wish I had a long skirt so I could do a version of it!

    I sadly marked the Smoking Lily dress as a 'lose it'. In theory, it is an awesome dress, a unique keeper, and something I would have picked up as well. That print! That colour! But on, it doesn't have a lot of oomph. Not a good shape, I guess. Very sad.

  16. Oh, so much good stuff! Casual suits you at weekends, don't completely give up on it... I am tempted to try a maxi skirt now - your additional skirt photo (showing the flare) made me chuckle. Your new leather jacket is like the shorter cousin of your long red one, and you look particularly good in colourful fitted coats and jackets.

  17. Great score on the vintage cullottes!! And I love that full black skirt with the blue and green, and your hair is great!!!



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