Thursday, February 28, 2013

Third Ships, Plus Grey and Reds

Off to the gym shortly! 

This is the third wear of the Holy Ship! dress:
Heh, this is probably the most crazyass of all my ship dress outfits, by a long shot. I do enjoy pushing the envelope a little.

The jacket is my Camden Market (London, England) purchase which I wore twice in the December 2012 capsule (recap here). I'm pretty sure I've never worn it belted before, and I really liked how it looked.
The red peeking out is a vintage full-length slip that I often wear as a layering piece. My reds are not quite all matching today, but I'm cool with that.

No close-up of the fabulous boots today, but they are the Baroques Velazquez by Fluevog that L got me for our anniversary last year. I wore them 4 times in the December 2012 capsule (recap here). Our annual Fluevog pilgrimage is coming up in March - I wonder what we'll buy each other this year?

Last chance to air your thoughts on the dress - I'll be revealing my verdicts on it and the pink velvet jacket on the weekend. I previously wore the dress here and here.

Holy Ship! Dress (Smoking Lily): Outfit #3
Holy Ship! Dress (Smoking Lily) free polls 

Jacket (illegible label, Camden Market), dress (Smoking Lily), vintage slip (consigment), boots (Baroque Velazquez, Fluevogs), obi (locally made).


  1. I think that print is too good to give up.

  2. Oh my gosh, girl...those boots are pretty incredible!

  3. I still maintain it looks a little big for you as it appears to be bunching again - but it's such a great dress for you otherwise. What about having it altered?

  4. Love the idea of putting a full skirt under a pencil, brilliant!

  5. Well, I hadn't liked the previous two iterations, but I liked this styling.

  6. I love the print and colour of the dress as always, another keep from me! I really like it with the red skirt peeking out too - lovely :)

  7. The mustard and the ship print are so wonderful, how could you not keep it? I think despite the strong colour, it's proved to be a versatile piece, love the layered look here.
    And of course the boots are magnificent! xxx

  8. I vote yay on the dress b/c the print/color is just too fab. It *is* a bit big for you - I like Tat's idea of an alteration. Those boots are The Best.

  9. If you didn't push the envelope, who would?! You're an outlier, one of the spirited adventurers who pioneer new territory while the rest of us scaredy-cats sit at home and watch.

  10. I think this is my favorite way you've styled the dress!! love it with the red slip and jacket!

  11. This may actually be my favorite way you've worn this dress! I love all the layers and colors - I think they all work together pretty well! I voted keep. It's proven itself as a versatile piece.

  12. I love the boat skirt. and your boots. lucyx

  13. I love the red slip with this, and the jacket is lovely!

  14. I have to admit, my interest in the print is peaked, but I'm not the hugest fan of true mustard colors. Call it personal preference on that note. Maybe it might be worth turning into a skirt?

  15. Hi Sheila!

    I love the layering! And I still LOVE that skirt -- the impact never fades! Just wish I could wear that color.



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