Monday, February 4, 2013

Fiesta and Lacing Boots with Vizzini

Ah, weekend, it felt like you were barely there long enough! So much excitement, and now I am just tired and ready for a nap.

But we slog on, and we wear the crazy vintage dress a second time!
And yes, I did dye my hair again - it's blonder!
Following my adventures at the Art Gallery on Friday night (2nd outfit), I crashed for the rest of the weekend, hiding out and watching football with a gaggle of friends - exciting game!

Today, it's back to the grind - still sick, with a hacking cough. I just had a nap, so blog and then dinner. I'm halfway through the January capsule recap, so stay tuned.

I wore this dress as a skirt today, using one of the layering tricks I learned while remixing my dresses in capsules this year. The cardigan was deployed in September's capsule (recap here).
I added a black belt, lacy black tights and blue blue blue suede shoes (previously featured in May's capsule, recap here).

So, how does this outfit treat you? Vote!

AJ Bari 80s dress: Outfit #2

Vintage 80s AJ Bari Dress free polls 

Linking up to "Visible Monday" at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style!
The stuff (yes! return of the "stuff pictures"!):
Such a great vivid pattern!

I wore a fuzzy felt rose and little turquoise matching flower studs.
I got several comments on my "sunshine" and bright colours today.

Dress (AJ Bari, vintage 80s, thrifted), cardigan (Jessica, consignment), shoes (Feet First), felt flower and earrings (locally made), belt (Plum).

I know I've told you many times about what a monster Vizzini is - and the evidence of his attack on my Fluevog Wonders Ayers was certainly visceral. But when L tried to put his boots on the other day, I had to take some pictures.

Lace-up boots: meet your match!
Sneak attack from under the legs
He's going for the laces - he loves to chew them. These Fluevog boots have really long laces, so there is much whipping around and frenetic biting. Most of my pictures were blurry.

Other foot:
Paws and claws to catch the wily laces.
"Got one!"
L is more good-humoured about it, but we both just shove him out of the way.


  1. Wow! You're very blonde now! I love that shade, super gorgeous.

    I say keep the dress, but then again, I'm a closet-purger. On a 1-10 scale, I'd give a 6.5 or 7 on keepability.

    Vizzini is saying "I R HALPING *NOMNOMNOM*"

  2. your hair color is radiant and pretty! your dress looks like it was meant to be a skirt. i wouldn't have known any better had you not said so. i really do like the outfit and i voted accordingly.

  3. Stunning dress, the print is awesome and you have styled it beautifully...x

  4. Really like your new hair colour! And I love the dress with the blue cardi and accessories too - such a nice dress, definitely a keeper :)

  5. The blue is excellent with your hair, and your outfit is lovely, great lacy tights and pattern combo. Vizzini is a fierce shoelace hunter!

  6. I voted Keep! I love the shape of this skirt/dress, and of course the colors. A couple of our cats have been lace-hounds over the years. They're fast!

  7. Ooh love the new blonde hair! So pretty! And your dress is amazing - I like it. I didn't even realize it was a dress, it makes a great skirt with the cardigan!

    Our kitties love anything with string too.

  8. Oh I think this dress is going to gert a lot of wear as the weather gets warmer. It's almost like a skirt with a built in matching camisole!!

    VIZZINI!!! There can never be too much Vizzini cuteness. He's prote4cting Daddy from the viscious shoestring snakes!!

  9. I continue to love the Bari dress. It's a keeper.

  10. YESS to the DRESS!
    So lively paired with the cobalt accents.

  11. You look so beautiful in this outfit. Love the blue.

    The pics of Vizzini are priceless. Critters add so much joy to our lives. Even when they are doing things like this it is so funny.


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