Monday, February 18, 2013

Last Chance for Brown Lace

For a Monday, today was surprisingly mellow - spring must be on the way! I've seen crocuses and the first buds of the daffodils pushing up. 

And here we go - the third outfit for the brown lace skirt.
For this outfit, I'm pairing it with the jacket from Kim Cattrall's suit (featured with the skirt in the November 2012 capsule, recap here). I had put aside the brown lace skirt with the intention of having it in the autumn neutral capsule that month, but it got edged out by the brown leather skirt (close in colour, but different shape and texture). I learned my lesson of not having two similar items in a capsule, and thought maybe the skirt would go in December's capsule (nope, not a brown-neutral month) or January's (put my crazy-shaped new-to-me brown skirt in there instead).

The shoes are fabulous - I forgot how much I liked them, since I haven't worn them since waaaay back in February 2012's capsule (recap here, where I wore them four times in a month).
Hee, I look half-asleep there
The green top is from the August 2012 capsule (recap here) - I'm wearing it more as a layering piece here. It's got more weight than a camisole and is a bit warmer. It was chilly out today!
The danged nylons got a run right up the back of the leg today. *sigh* Oh well.

Get your voting on!
Brown lace skirt (Planet): Outfit #3
Brown lace skirt (Planet) free polls 

I previously wore the skirt here and here.

The stuff:
The shoes are by Fly London, and are made in Portugal. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for ethically-made shoes - not easy to find!

My new-to-me copper pin that I thrifted for $4.00.
I got the screw-on earrings at a thrift fair back in November - two pairs for $5.00. They are stamped "Lisner" so are likely from the early- to mid-60s.

Blazer (Pink Tartan, consignment), top (Harve Bernard, thrifted), skirt (Planet), shoes (Fly London), pin (thrifted), earrings (vintage, thrifted, Lisner).

I was so excited - a package came in the mail today from the awesome Lynne of The Good Will Hunting Paralegal.
This lovely snakeskin silk scarf is divine - so soft! And such a sweet card. Unfortunately, a little stick-pin with a leaf encased in resin was broken. Aw...Thank you, Lynne! You are so generous!


  1. That is a beautiful brown skirt! So glad it's getting some "air time" now!

  2. Another keep vote from me for the skirt! :) I think it looks great with the suit jacket too :)

  3. A lovely elegant outfit, kind of 1940s-inspired, I think, like Lauren Bacall playing a sexy lady sleuth! The lace skirt works well with the tweed, and I love the shoes and the leaf brooch.
    Great scarf from Lynne, what a shame the pin got broken in transit. xxxx

  4. The shoes are amazing! I like the color....and, in my opinion, the copper pin adds just the right touch to the jacket.

    BTW - I really liked the red (or was it orange) short jacket in the prior post. I'm all about jackets & love short ones for some reason.

  5. these are gorgeous shoes! like the color, heel and and the ankle strap, they do make nice shoes Fly London
    This lace skirt i like a lot - I have a few but i don't wear often -
    So you want to do something crazy with your hair, what do you have in mind, color, cut?
    I know you are an admin assistant, will they be ok at the office if you do something a bit crazy?

    Ariane xxx

    1. I probably can't go crazy with colour, and I like the cut, but for going out, I'm going to style it up this weekend. I work for an IT contracting company (a very big one), so I can't go too nuts.

  6. I'm a big fan of the brown skirt. And wow, I forgot those shoes - they are indeed style champions!

  7. I really like the skirt, I do say it's a keeper - but I'm really loving the shoes. They are so unique - and wow, it's been a long time since you last wore them! I'm glad you're getting them out again!

  8. the skirt has my Yes vote! but really I love every piece in this outfit. the shoes, of course, and that lovely jewellery.

  9. Woo! Love the shoes, a fantastic color. I adore Fly London shoes. I'm surprised I have bought another pair.

  10. I can't take my eyes off of those fabulous shoes!!!!!

    love the outfit!

  11. I bet Kim C rues the day she let that suit go..! I do love the suit. Am a bit meh on the skirt, I think you have more exciting 'Sheila-ish' items.. Look forward to you wearing the new scarf from Lynne, great pattern.


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