Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brown Lace Skirt - Round 1

Time to throw another article of clothing to the wolves! This brown lace skirt has been in my closet since about 2007. It never made it into a capsule last year, so it's getting the same treatment as the new-to-me clothing and shoes: you get to vote!
And yes, I am wearing knee-highs. What of it?
Let's get the non-voting-for things out of the way. The green cardigan and the metallic shoes were seen in the March capsule (recap here), and the mustard ruffled blouse was in the October capsule (recap here).

I am on the lookout for another olive cardigan. This one is a great colour, but the cut leaves much to be desired. The mustard blouse got in the way much as I'd remembered, and I splashed salad dressing on the ruffles. *sigh* Into the wash it goes!

I adore the shoes. They can do no wrong.

But let's move on to the skirt. It's by Planet, a UK brand, purchased new but on deep discount at The Bay department store several years ago, just after I lost all my weight. I think it was around $39.99, but regular price was over $200.00. Planet ain't cheap! It's a lovely thick lace and is fully lined. The back of it flares and dips slightly at the hem - it is very pretty on and sexy when I'm walking (I tell myself).
I last wore it in January 2012, with my granny sweater (another item that didn't make it in any capsules, but that I ended up culling at some point - didn't love it). Before that, I wore it in June 2011 (with shoes that I still have - they'll be up for a vote at some point!), in November 2010 (with some seriously pointy and shiny red boots - consigned them, I think), in September 2010 (I'm showing off the back of the skirt), in February 2009 (dancing like Elaine in "Seinfeld" and wearing my kickass leopard shoes that ALSO did not make it into a capsule, that also will be up for voting - BTW, the text of a really good speech that I wrote is in that post), in December 2009 (with my lovely green tweed jacket and some great shoes that fell apart), and in August 2008 (with turquoise and my old cruise shoes, also long-gone).

So, really, this only makes 8 times worn in 5 years (on the blog). What do you think?

Brown Lace Skirt (Planet) - Outfit #1

Brown lace skirt (Planet) free polls 

The stuff:
Shoes with bows...divine.

The bling:
Greens, and golds, and ambers, oh my!

I'm hungry (haven't had dinner yet), tired (just home from the gym) and shorn (got my hair cut). I'm outta here!

Cardigan (Kersh), blouse (Gap, thrifted), skirt (Planet), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), bracelet (consignment), studded ring (JGI, consignment), amber ring (some junky store 10+ years ago), earrings (Plum).


  1. I love the lace skirt! Although it didn't make it into any of your capsules I still think it's a keeper, looks great here with the olive and mustard.

  2. Definitely love the skirt. Definitely love the bling!

  3. I like the skirt! Keep! Gorgeous shoes and they're very cute with the knee highs.

  4. The skirt is gorgeous, you must keep it!

  5. I am biased becasue I just love a lace skirt, period, but I do love this one for you! Very nice silhouette. Fabulous shoes : >

  6. I'm conflicted--I love the skirt, but I don't think it's "you" anymore. It's just there, as opposed to something that's special.

  7. Bardzo lubię Twoje zdjęcia na schodach:)))piękne buty:Pozdrawiam

  8. I like the silhouette and the laciness of the skirt, it does look very sexy, and the combination of brown, olive and mustard is beautiful. Yeah, Planet is a pricey label, you got a bargain there.
    Shame about the cardigan, the colour IS great. And oh yes, the shoes, and the bling, are wonderful.
    Have a good evening! Xxxxx

  9. I voted "like" - I have a lace dress that this has inspired me to try making into a "dress as skirt" type option.

  10. I voted lose, as I think you have more exciting ones. It's ok, I just don't know how 'Sheila-special' it is ....

  11. If I could vote for "LOVE IT" instead of just "like it," I would have!!!

  12. Love the skirt!!! You definitely need to find another sweater that color as its awesome on you. Those shoes are stunning!

  13. Love the shoes, not sure about the skirt. Maybe with a different blouse? I dunno, I think that it's a mixed bag of pros and cons. It's got a great shape and color, maybe I'm biased because I don't love lace to begin with.

  14. As beautiful as it is, if it's not getting regular wear, is there someone who might love it more?

  15. Sheila.....I can't vote? I'm inclined to say keep it, because it is so beautiful. I think there are so many things you can pair with it. Here's what I know; it has beauty and versatility. Is it comfy and easy to wear? To me, that would be a deciding factor.
    Oh, I agree in the shoes; they can do no wrong.

  16. You always look beautiful (and today I love your knee-highs-and-shoes combo!), but I voted against the skirt. It's a quality piece, but my "nice" and "fine" response aren't quiiite close enough to "stupendous" for something that should be kind of special but doesn't get a lot of wear. I tried to set aside my slight anti-lace bias, don't know if I did!

    This challenge is really informative, Sheila!

  17. I LOVE those shoes with the laces!!!!



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