Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pink, Pearls and Lace With Coffee

Woo! It's Wednesday! And tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I like V-Day: it's a chance to tell people you care about them, and not necessarily a spouse or partner, but family and friends. 

I'm showing my romantic side (ha!) in some lace, pearls and pink.
This is my thin pink sweater, featured in the August 2012 capsule (recap here) and my Coffee Kope Tiam booties, featured in the October 2012 capsule (recap here). I wore the sweater twice and the Fluevogs four times.'s time to bust out the brown lace skirt for another round!

Brown Lace Skirt (Planet): Round 2

Brown lace skirt (Planet) free polls 

Edit: Oops, here's the last time I wore it.
It has quite a bit of pink in the brown - you can see a bit of that in the floral pattern in the above picture.
I felt romantic in my pearls, even though my day was crazy.

The stuff:
I did plenty of running around today, and was reminded how darned comfy these booties are.

The necklace was cheapy as is the cuff (which is more pink than that).

Look! My leg is on a table.
New tights - a little bit too "granny tan" maybe, but redeemed by the zig-zag. But they have one huge downside: they reek of perfume! It's the same weird thing I experienced with my olive knee-highs (I mentioned it here). It's like they intended them to be scented. It's not the brand, because I've bought lots of Filodoro (although, wait a minute: "-odoro"?? Fil-odoro? coincidence?).

Sweater (Reitman's, consignment), skirt (Planet), shoes (Coffee Kope Tiam, Fluevog), necklace/earrings (Aldo Accessories), cuff (thrifted), tights (Filodoro).

While I was photographing the stuff and my leg, someone was digging for kitty spaghetti:
"I must have them!"
He is very bad with shoelaces. He eats them - what a shocker! We have to keep them all locked away - as these shoes are now.


  1. Hm - I feel dead middle on the skirt. I like it with this look, I like that shade of pink and adore the fluevogs of course.

    Silly Vizz, shoes aren't for eating! Naughty boy!

    1. I'm with Megan. I like this skirt with the pink sweater, I just don't know if it's worth it to keep the skirt because of ONE awesome combination.

  2. The sweater and pearls look pretty together. Your kitty has a shoe fetish!!

  3. I love this shade of pink and brown together :-) (it doesn't work for me, but I used to dress my youngest daughter - who is fairer and warmer than me - in this colour combo a lot, when I used to get to choose!).

    Personally, I love this skirt!

  4. Vizzini knows how to show the love. Even down to the feet.
    I love the skirt definitely!

  5. I like pink and brown as a combination, this is a very pretty feminine look and love the pearls!

  6. Aww Vizzini is an adorable shoelace monster! :) I really like this outfit with the lace, brown, pink and pearls together :)

  7. I vote big yes on this skirt - love the lace and the shape. Great booties too - keep away from He-Who-Destroys : >

  8. Yum. Shoelaces. Well, mebbe

    You know I'm in love with this outfit, with the soft sweater, pearls, and pencil skirt. Which I love BTW. I voted keep. Must keep an eye out for lace pencil skirt for me.

    I can't wait to break out the vintage mink poodle pin I bought because of your mink flower pin. And I found your bird necklace rather by accident, which I have been insane for since you first broke it out. Will you be mad if I buy one? It'll be like the bubble statement craze which I didn't get, except much more elegant and cool :)

    1. Oh, heck, no! Go for it! I don't have a patent on anything I own, lol. I would love to see how you wear it, Lynne!

    Just voted - seems like everyone else likes it too !
    Plus i think you paired it amazingly well with the sweater and pearls.
    You look so beautiful and chic.

  10. Loving the pink and brown together!!!
    Vizzini is protecting you from the horrid shoestring snakes~~

  11. Ooh yes, a very romantic and classy look here! I really like it!

    Oh Vizzini. Shoes are for feet, not for kitties!

  12. I really like the brown lace with the soft pink of the sweater, very ladylike!
    Oh that cheeky Vizzini, he definitely has a thing about shoes! xxxx

  13. I like the skirt better this time I think, even with pink! But still not quite enough. I have a much, much easier time voting "no" on other peoples' clothes than my own, maybe I am practising! Really, you are gorgeous in everything.

    Perfumes, scents and chemicals are a huge pet peeve of mine, because they brutally trigger my symptoms of illness, ugh.

    I want to pet Vizzini's little white foot, despite the highly probably danger, it's so tempting!

  14. Very soft and romantic! I like the boots worn with skirts. I voted no to the skirt (think I did last time too), it is nice and it fits but I don't think it is supersonic-Sheila enough...


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