Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Black Dress and Purple Legs

I made it back to the gym today after a week off - it felt good to move and sweat and work my muscles again. I will beat this dratted cold!

Today, I went for comfort and another wear of this black dress.
With purple tights! And brown boots!

The boots are my luscious Mini Babycakes by Fluevog, featured in the October capsule (recap here) in 6 outfits. I do love them.
Get your vote on!

Black Max Studio dress: Outfit #2 (here's Outfit #1)

Black Max Studio dress: free polls 
I already know what I'm going to do with the 3 items that are up for voting so far, but I'm going to save that for the Saturday Reveal where I'll disclose my own vote, the total of Like it/Lose it votes overall (as of that day), and my decision on each item.

No hints! I'll try to remain (more) impartial in the posts so that it's more of a surprise and less influential on the voting.

Thanks for all your comments pro and con each item so far - I'm glad you're all enjoying this! It really is quite amazing how quickly items reveal themselves to you when you're forced to wear them multiple times in a short period - I recommend it if you're a "keep it!" type of person.

The stuff:
I love the necklace - the black dress does give it a great background to show it off.

Dress (Max Studio), tights (Noa Noa), boots (Mini Babycakes, Fluevog), necklace (gift from Mom).


  1. love your purple legs! those boots are amazing!
    Where do you get them? they are so expensive on line or in store
    The birdies necklace is also very pretty
    Very cute outfit

    1. I sucked it up and bought them off the Fluevog website - they were $399, but worth every penny!

  2. Comfort is such a good thing! Especially when it looks as great on as this outfit does on you - love the necklace and divine boots, and Yes for the dress.

  3. You really make a simple black dress sassy! Those boots are too good, and so is the bird necklace.

  4. Great legs. Seriously. Toned and shapely. (Hope you take this compliment in the right spirit.)

    1. Heck yeah! Thank you so much for the compliment - I do a lot walking and I work my legs at the gym.

  5. I love that black dress. It is so versatile. That bird necklace is fabulous.

  6. I definitely like this dress - it fits you well and you can't go wrong with a basic black dress! You made it so much fun with the purple tights and the necklace! And I'm drooling over those boots!

  7. I really like this dress. It makes me want a black dress with sleeves!

  8. Those boots are totally kick-ass!!! Love them!!
    The dress is "basic' enough that you can do so much with it by varying accessories and such. Which makes it a keeper in my book!

  9. I really like how the brown boots have a red undertone, and how that works with purple tights!

  10. I really like that dress with the statement necklace, and definitely think it's a keeper you can do so much with! :)

  11. That dress and those boots can do no wrong!!

  12. I have a feeling you are not into this dress any more but you are holding on it for whatever reason.
    I have voted yes twice of for it as I think it looks great but there are other things that must be considered: how often do you wear it, how it feels, how you see yourself in it :)


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