Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jan 9th - Outfit #7 - Turquoise Circles and Metallic Moto

Forgive me for not 
- posting promptly when I get home - I'm going to the gym 2-3 days a week with L!
- commenting more on your blogs - see above, time contraints!
- doing the Major Awards - so many good blogs, so little time! 

Some days, just getting my post up is an accomplishment.
I'm tired, cranky and just trying to get through this week. Today's outfit was dreamily comfortable, and features all new items. Exciting!

The jacket is my cream metallic Smoking Lily one (linking 'cause I love, and hey, there's my jacket on the main page!), purchased here on their clearance sale, along with this barely-visible moose shirt. The jacket was $91.00 and the top was $44.00. They were both awesome to wear. 
I pulled the little bit of turquoise in the cuff of the jacket into all the accessories.

I hope you can see the coolness that is the shape of this skirt. For one, it's a midi and I adore that length. For another, it's actually a bubble hem, and slightly sewn askew which gives it very interesting movement when walking. It's by ISDA & Co. and I bought it at Dots back here (with the blue knit skirt of yesterday) in July. It was $34.99.

I'm wearing my awesome Fluevogs for the second time this week - I wore them on Monday with my ribbon skirt. I just wanted all my pieces to be functional and not rub or pull or bind me anywhere (I'm sore from Monday's workout still).
I like the different look of the shoes with a patterned tight - the double ankle strap is a little less stumpifying of the leggage; in fact, the straps are barely noticeable against the funky tights.

But are those funky tights?
Heck, no! They're only knee-highs! Ha! I do have a full slip (vintage) on underneath this outfit for extra warmth.

Stuff on a shelf:
Many circles of turquoise (and one square).

Jacket and top (Smoking Lily), skirt (ISDA & Co.), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevogs), necklace (thrifted), earrings (Oscar & Libby's), ring (Le Chateau).


  1. Those are some amazing socks! I kept scrolling up to see them, as I was going through my reader!

  2. Well I drool over anything that has the word "moto" in it. But then as I scrolled down those awesome socks just danced off my laptop monitor. I WANT those!! You're right, they do hide the ankle strap so as not to stumpify the leg. I'm cracking up at your description.

  3. Those are some rocking socks! I understand busy days. I'm so behind with reading from being out of town with minimal internet. Glad you've got L for a gym buddy.

  4. No apologies for not having enough time. I can't figure out how you do it all. And find time to shop!

  5. Hey Sheila, Fantastic outfit. I am partial to turquoise, and {sigh} the cream metallic jacket is gorgeous. Very clever observation about patterned tights, or socks in this case, minimizing the visibility of a t-strap. I'll have to remember that, given that I am so short. I did not know that you are in Victoria 'til now. It's always nice to connect with people that live here in BC. It's especially nice to meet people with a love for turquoise, Fluevogs, and kitties. Anyways, a good life is about balance, and taking care of yourself physically is important. So enjoy your time at the gym. I'm now a new follower, so I won't miss out on any posts, regardless of when they come to my reader.

    Sue xo

  6. This moto is freaking amazing! I love the skirt too, such a cool basic :)

  7. Love that stunning jacket and those leg tights- so cool. What a great combo.

  8. Love the printed socks! :) No worries about being busy either, happens to us all!

  9. You never fail to amaze me with all you manage to accomplish with blogging and a very full life. Loving every bit of this outfit!

  10. Love, love that SL jacket - I went to their site and found a skirt I seem to need, too : > You are fab in those amazing socks (not tights!) and Fluevogs.

  11. Those tights are so so COOL!!! Love the jacket--wish we had smoking lily nearby!!
    Don't apologize for taking time to care for yourself!!!

  12. What a fun jacket! I've been on the lookout for a non-black moto for some time now. The Right One still hasn't crossed my path. Love the 'Vogs with the patterned socks.

  13. Holy cow those socks are awesome! Where'd you get them? Love love love! They look great with the Fluevogs.

  14. WHOA! Look at those socks! Love love love it! And the Smoking Lily jacket is beautiful as well. They always have interesting things at that shop!

  15. No apologies needed! I feel ya, I've been having one of those weeks too.

    I love your socks! I love that they are socks and not tights and I love their fun bright pattern! They make me smile!

  16. The moto is just amazing - as are the tights.
    I think you are a 7 in shoe size, right ?

  17. Sheila, you are simply smokin' period. Inspired by you and several other style blogger buddies, I've got some knee socks I'm dying to pair with skirts.

  18. Yeah, I just love every single piece of this outfit! Fantastic!!


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