Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jan 30th - Outfit #27 - Leaves and Replacement Fluevogs

Oh, I faked it today...sucked it up (buttercup) and pretended to be more well than I was. I need a couch. Now. 

Please forgive me for not commenting the last few days - life's been crazy and there are social things all weekend (Book Club, Art Gallery, Super Bowl party!), and it's the end of the challenge and that's going to take a looooong time to analyze, and woo, did I mention I need a couch? And some tea...this cold medication is really dehydrating.

The penultimate outfit:
Not really pulling out all the stops or anything; I feel that this capsule has run its course, and if I had to do too many more days, I would start repeating myself (oh, the horror).

So here we have the classic button-down blue shirt (a nice light shade of navy), last seen here with a little bit of the combat boot action, and the black maxi (last seen here in the road trip capsule).
I was not pleased with how the seams have puckered on the skirt since I washed it, and now that I have the Black Suede Maxi Skirt of Awesome (can't wait to wear it), this one is going into the giveaway pile. 

Notice anything about my olive Fluevogs here? Yes, all intact straps!
The Replacement Shoes arrived! Yay! I last wore the sad, Vizzini-destroyed shoes here, and now I get to play with them! Custom Fluevogs - wee!

The stuff:
I like leaf patterns, and played with the ones on this cool Smoking Lily obi by wearing this vintage two-tone leaf necklace that I bought for $5.00 at the Vintage Fair in the fall.

I also forgot about this new-to-me ring:
I believe the technical term is "honkin'", as in "that's a honkin' ring you've got there." I bought it on consignment while I was out Christmas shopping last month, for $36.00. A little pricey, but the stamp inside (JGI) led me to JGI Jewelry (not linking, it's just a wholesaler's website), where I learned that it's gold-plated and those are cubic zirconias. Yup, nothing but the best here.

Shirt (Banana Republic, consignment), skirt (Nygard, thrifted), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevog), obi (Smoking Lily), ring (JGI, consignment), necklace (vintage, thrifted). 

I was feeling very sorry for myself and p*ssed off at Vizzini when I ordered my replacement shoes online, and lo, the lovely Toronto Team acknowledged Vizzini's vile deed:
At least John Fluevog thinks I'm awesome.

Vizinni had no comment.
"I'm just minding my own beeswax, here."
 That's his Chairman of the Board pose.
"I'll eat your new shoes too."
I keep my closet closed now.


  1. Congratulations on the new Fluevogs, and the end of an amazing challenge! Whatever will you do next?

  2. He really knows how to pose, doesn't he? Clever little guy.
    How cool the shoe folks took the time to send a note. Now that's customer service!

  3. Hi Sheila...feel better soon! Your hand looks so young! Your cat looks so satisfied and regal. :)

  4. There you go with those mile-long legs again. I love this maxi but when you've got a better one... Next time put out the shoes you don't want anymore so you have an excuse to go get new ones - but then again, no excuses are needed when it comes to buying new shoes!

  5. Glad your replacement shoes arrived, and they got to be included in the capsule! I really like the long skirt and obi belt in this outfit.

    Now go rest up, and I hope you feel better soon!

  6. How great that your Fluevogs come with a personal note! And Vizzini is the picture of nonchalance innocence. "Shoes?" I've got a pic of my babies in the cat tree today too : > Oh, and please get better soon, more tea!

  7. I'm loving the obi and in the midst of it all at least the shoes were still available :)
    and ... i hope Vizzini paid for them from his allowance money!

  8. Hope the tea has proved therapeutic!
    Lovely outfit, the obi belt and leaf necklace add some brightness and the maxi skirt (even though you have found something better) is dramatically beautiful.
    The personal touch always works wonders at making you love a company, doesn't it? Clever Mr. Fluevog!
    Vizzini is plotting his next misdemeanour, I'm sure - keep that cupboard door firmly shut, Sheila, he's a Cat with a Plan! xxxx

  9. Hooray for replacement shoes! I'm glad you were able to find a new pair!
    I love your leaf necklace - it reminds me of a leaf necklace that I have!
    And I love Mr. Vizzini in his Chairman of the Board pose. So cute!

  10. His fave flavor now is Fluevog, right? ;) You look so lovely in the deep blue top.

  11. Aww, Sheila! Hope you're really-really on the mend. I think you may be seeing this outfit through the lens-of-sick which maketh everything bleak - I really love this look, the proportions are perfection, and everything coordinates so beautifully.

    How Vizzini manages to be such a lovable bad, bad kitty is an evil superpower for sure! Just look at him, all "Muahahaaaa!" and everything. Jeez. Resistance is futile.

  12. Vizzini cuteness for the win!!

  13. I love those little personal notes from the Fluevog staff. John Fluevog thinks I'm awesome, too. ;-) I like your purple tights. I was just pondering some at today. Love that site. I'm getting too many funky thigh high socks, but I buy them to match my Vogs! ;-)

  14. I love those personal little notes from the staff. I was at the Portland store on our vacation and did some book promo in the course of the purchase. My husband came into the store after I'd left, he described me, and the girls said, "Oh, you mean Shawn? She just left." He was flabberghasted (and more than slightly concerned). lol I like your purple tights. I was just contemplating some tonight, gotta have great legwear to match the Vog collection, right?


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