Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jan 8th - Outfit #6 - Not a Light Bulb

Tonight is my first WW meeting of the New Year - the last two were pre-empted by Christmas and New Year's Eve. I've missed my group - I can't wait to see them again.
A little bit of this and that in today's outfit. My new-to-me handmade vintage blouse (the sleeves are like wings!) that I got here just before Christmas for $25.00. As I mentioned when I bought it, it's likely from the early 60s - the quality is lovely and every detail is just perfect. I did remove the little matching flower (but saved it) that was at the bottom of the V-neck.

I added my mink rose at the neckline. I patted it all day.
The skirt is new, purchased at Dots for $39.99 back in July (here). It's by Belamie and is a thick sweater knit, and reminds me very much of a longer version that I had back in the mid-80s from Fairweather. The previous skirt I owned created the "light bulb effect" (tight around the bum, then pulls in around the legs) which I loathed. I spent a lot of time looking for a sweater skirt that was just right. This one flares slightly at the hem, preventing the dreaded light bulb.
The shoes I've had for many years, purchased in February 2010 (what? that's many years to me!) at Winners for $59.99. They are by Aerosoles, and they're superbly comfortable. They're not all-day shopping shoes by any means, but they're awesome for a day of running around in the office. I first showed them here as one of the pieces of a 10-item wardrobe challenge.

As mentioned, I wore them for the 3rd Wardrobe Challenge (all outfits at that link - that's one of my better wardrobe challenges, I think), as well as in April 2010 (with my silver velvet skirt), July 2010 (with my little grey dress that I just gave away last month), December 2010 (2nd outfit, with jeans and a top I no longer have), April 2011 (2nd outfit, with a cool dress I haven't worn for a long time), and June 2011 (with a bunch of neutrals).

The stuff on a shelf:
Yup, that's stuff.

Blouse (vintage, thrifted), skirt (Belamie), shoes (Aerosoles), belt (Landes, thrifted), mink brooch (consignment), ring (Wendy Brandes), earrings (don't remember), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop).


  1. The shoes look comfy and I like the fact that they're a snakeprint.

  2. I sent a mink rose to The Duchess of H who sent me some tea from the Sloane Tea company and she really loved it!
    I think a little luxury goes a long way...

    I'll be betting that your group will be very happy to reconvene.
    Your accessories are always so gorgeous!

  3. That sweater skirt looks like it fits really well, and I like the wedges!

  4. Your stuff on the shelf makes me want to go exploring. I love how you've shaken up the look with those tights. I can't believe this is the last month of your capsule!

  5. Cool shoes! They look great with that blouse!

  6. Really like how this outfit looks with the belt, very nice! The print on the blouse is lovely.

  7. Love how the blouse and shoes are friends! The sweater skirt is marvelous -- I'd love to find a similarly-shaped one. You look fabulous, head-to-toe.

  8. Gorgeous blouse!!!! The workmanship on vintage items always amazes me!!
    Those shoes are stunning!! you ARE the Queen of Cool shoes!!

  9. I'd be petting the mink brooch too, it looks so soft!! Like taking your kitty to work with you!

    Love the shoes, they are awesome!!

  10. Hope you WW meeting went well.
    I went to the nutricionst on Saturday as I am loooowww on iron and losing my hair and i have very little water in my body and too much fat. Yeah... how about good news for the new year.

  11. Minky goodness! I'd be tempted to purr when I patted it, then would get funny looks :-) Love the colour pairing of blue with the lighter colours, I'll try that.

  12. Ee! Yay for the wendy ring. I love the skirt too. I have a lot of issues with sweater skirts/dresses and the Lightbulb Effect - nice to have a name for the issue!

  13. You look all golden and glow-y, beautiful lady. Inspired by your mink rose, I'm looking for a vintage dog pin with fur on it. I'm eye-balling a few on eBay :)


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