Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan 7th - Outfit #5 - Olive, Red and Ribbon

Oh, Monday, you're so cruel. Rainy and gloomy this morning, so no stair picture.

But we make our own sunshine, right?
A bunch of fun stuff here! This is my olive jacket again (already), first worn in the capsule here over my leather dress. I rolled up the sleeves this time to echo the shine of the top.

The skirt is fresh for this capsule, and is a long-time favourite of mine since I found it on consignment in October 2010, first worn here with reds and blacks (and I'm getting my can-can on!). It's by MNG (a branch of Mango) and was $29.99. It's a lovely rustle-y taffeta-like fabric and looks like ribbons of colour. I have always worn it with one of the colours in the ribbons: red, black, burgundy and orange. Not very creative! It was a stretch (a liberating one!) to pair it with olive.

I've also previously worn it thusly: Christmas 2011 was probably the last time, when I packed it as part of my travel capsule to Powell River; in July 2011 (2nd outfit, aw, Vizzini is so little!), in March 2011 (doing a swooshy skirt action shot!), in Feb 2011 (with orange for a change), and in November 2010 (with an ill-fitting red velvet blazer).

What? You're looking at the shoes again?
Well, I know, they are pretty freaking awesome! These are the Wonders Ayers* by Fluevog - the ones that my Winesday girlfriends bought for me for my birthday in October (first swooned over here, but beware of Hallowe'en pictures, ha ha!). They were very comfortable all day - this is a wonderful heel! Despite the slightly pointed toe, there was no pinching. The double ankle straps were very soft and didn't rub at all.
*linking 'cause I love - and they're on sale and they come in lilac!!

The top is new-to-me, handmade (!!) vintage and made of silk shantung. Based on where the boobage shaping is on it, I'd say it's from the early 60s. I probably should have some vintage shape-wear on to get myself in position, as it were. Hee! I bought this on sale for $12.99 back here when I was out doing some Christmas shopping last month.
Isn't it a lovely top?
The entire front and back of it it covered in little glass gems held on with little claws (not sewn on like sequins), and based on the fact that they are perfectly lined up in a grid and following the shape of the top, I can only conclude that each one was hand-applied by little elves with hammers when the pieces of the top were cut (before sewing, because this is also fully lined). 

The stuff, lined up on my closet shelf the night before, all ready for me to get dressed in the morning:
My coral jewelry and some silver rings.

Jacket (RW & Co., consignment), top (vintage, thrifted), skirt (MNG by Mango, consignment), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevogs), earrings (locally-made), bracelet (Plum), circle ring (Nine West), snake ring (vintage 80s), silver/red ring (Oscar & Libby's).

Bonus cat shot!
My kitty loves me! Of course he's not struggling to get away!
Hope your Monday was fabulous! I'm linking up to Patti's "Visible Monday" at Not Dead Yet Style (last to the party, this week, sorry, Patti!).


  1. Those are some awesome shoes. Winter weather is tough for me, since it is always so gloomy.

  2. Nobody wears olive, rust, bronze or black kitty with white accessories like a red-head. Gorgeous combinations, young lady!

  3. I can practically hear that marvelous skirt rustle. That top is really linear and elegant; I even loved it on the hanger. And somewhere in my hospital adventures, you became a blonde hottie. Must catch up!

  4. What a gorgeous skirt! Pairing it with olive was a good move - the colors look so rich together. Olives and wine - hmmmm.

  5. Really like the olive and red together! And Vizzini is adorable as always :)

  6. Seriously! Even cruddy-weathered Mondays are glorious with that line-up on the shelf, eee! Every piece is just outstanding, and I'm in love with the colour and texture combinations. Loving this with your blonde hair.

  7. P.S. though of your previous wears, I love the skirt with the portrait-collar top, this new ensemble is the most outstanding. That top is really wonderful too (though just the thought of vintage shapewear makes me break out in red welts of sympathy).

  8. Love the swooshy skirt, Sheila, and the color pairing is brilliant. Vizzini is trying to show his love, I know that pose : > Thanks for sharing all the joy with Visible Monday.

  9. Ooh, this is my new favorite of yours! The sparkles in the top and the great colored skirt! Love!! And Hello Mr. Vizzini!! Cuddles to you furry boy!

  10. Fabulous ensemble! I am very partial to pairings of dark greens and reds myself, not only in clothing ensembles but in my house. (I repainted my kitchen sage green and cranberry last summer.) I wish those shoes came in my size, and I would LOVE to find a skirt like that!

  11. Great proportions and fantastic colors! The shoes are just perfect. Are you enjoying your lighter hair? I love it!

  12. Ślicznie:))spódnica i buty cudne:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  13. Your turn for skirt floof! I love how it flares out at the sides, really pretty. And once again, I have Fluevog envy..

  14. Gorgeous color combo and skirt is awesome!! The olive blouse is stunning and of course THE SHOES!!!!
    Vizzini does what Callie does when held

  15. Gorgeous colour combination. Both the top and skirt are lovely jewel tones. And aren't the Ayers' shoes great!? Love mine - so comfortable. I wish I'd bought more of the wonders family.

  16. I love this colour combination too. It's so true that you can sometimes figure out the era by the darts. LOL. The shoes are awesome with a great heel.

  17. OOOOOmmmggg, that skirt. So much love for it. And those shoes, and the blouse. All the pieces work so fantastically together. But that skirt! Floofy! Silly Vizzini! You should take him over to meet my brother's Fezzik posted to my blog.

  18. I'm with Megan Mae, OMG that skirt. It is architectural and mighty fine looking. Oh and the shoes are fab too. Heck it is all wonderful!


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