Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jan 22nd - Outfit #20 - Space Age

Hello, fellow space travelers! Today I was asked at least 3 times by people, "Where's your space ship?"
Funny, they didn't ask that last time I wore this nearly exact outfit! Same jacket, same skirt - different shoes, different tights, and different accessories.

That link is the last time I wore this jacket. For this outfit, I zipped it right up to the top and snapped the snap. If I had a Starfleet insignia, I would have worn it! I am actually wearing the moose top underneath this ensemble for warmth, but I'm not going to count it as a wear for this since it was never visible.

I last wore this skirt on Friday (here) with my purple combat boots.
I added my black heeled loafers, which I've only worn once this month, here in the first outfit. I'm not in love with them, so they're not going to stay in my closet after this month - a classic example of a shoe that was on sale that was sort of okay.

I matched the cuff material in the jacket to this fabulous Smoking Lily obi. I picked up the leaf pattern in it by wearing leaf earrings, and played with the bronze of the earrings in doing bronze textured tights.

I just realized that this outfit is a total anomaly for me: not a single piece of it is second-hand or thrifted. Shocking!

Off to my WW meeting!

Jacket (Smoking Lily), skirt (ISDA & Co.), shoes (Kate & Mel), obi (Smoking Lily), earrings (Plum).


  1. I love the coordination of obi belt, cuffs, and tights. I think you are the answer to "Take me to your leader"!

    Since I've been documenting them, I find too that my "all-new" getups do have a different flavour. Weird!

  2. So funny that you got these comments now and not the last time. Hmmm.

  3. I love how you matched the cuffs and obi. And that's an awesome jacket!

    Beam me up.

  4. Inspired matching of the cuffs and belt - aren't these little details satisfying?!
    Love the jacket, you could totally work it into a Barbarella tribute outfit, which is A Good Thing, in case you were wondering!
    You know you are a true secondhand junkie when it's unusual to find yourself wearing all new stuff in an outfit! xxxx

  5. Love the jacket buttoned up with the obi belt - really different look, and I like it :)

  6. Love your space-jacket, and it looks fantastic with the SL obi. Can't do any wrong with a classic black skirt and patterned tights (love the bronze color!)

  7. Wow--if you came in a spaceship it was Planet Fantastic!!
    Love the outfit!!

  8. I guess it does have a bit of a space vibe, but in the best way possible!

  9. Take me to your leader!!!
    I love the space age feel- that jacket really is special. You are making me be more honest about shoes that I "don't love" and perhaps to...gasp- get rid of. To cherish the shoes that work, and edit the closet to be worthy of a clothes encounter of the best kind.

  10. So how did you answer the space ship questions? :) You need Megan's Star Trek pins!

    I am ever jealous of your tiny waist.

  11. The jacket does have a futuristic vibe all zippered up, but it does look fab! I love the obi over it. Beam me up, Sheila! Permission to come aboard!

  12. You do look futuristic - and perhaps you are Queen of an unknown galaxy? I surrender to your fashion-awesomeness. I love the matching of colours too, spotted that in your first picture :-)


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