Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jan 2nd - Outfit #1 - Layered Leather and the Secret Pose

Gah, today felt like a Monday. Everyone seems to be sick or cranky as we enter into January. Me, I'm neither!
Anyway, last capsule of the year, woot woot! In excuse for the massive bunching going on around my middle in the above photo, I'm going to reveal my Secret Posing Tips for Stairs. See how my left hand is on the stair? It is supporting the weight of my entire body! I am barely balancing my bum on the front of the step (note how there is no bum actually on the step). It's sort of a sideways yoga plank position. It really elongates the legs, and the diagonal shape of the pose usually shows off the outfit well.

So there, that's my secret: I'm basically balanced across the front of the stairs.

However, this dress is both short and loose around the waist and the nature of The Pose caused it to go all bunchy. But I'm over it and I'm moving on.

I got this dress on a recent shopping expedition for Christmas presents (here, just past the turquoise dress) for $22.99. It's by Danier Leather and based on the style I think it's probably from the 90s (it has that "Buffy" slip dress look to it). I'd seen a clerk in a store wearing a black leather dress with a shirt and tie under it, then a blazer over it and wanted to try it myself.
The shirt is by Banana Republic and I got it way back in September (here, down past pictures of my closet spring/summer wardrobe changeover) for $18.98 - since I just scoped out BR in the mall recently I know their shirts sell for much more than that! I liked the deep navy of it. I snitched one of L's ties for the day, one with a green and blue pattern to pull the olive green blazer into the overall colour, and wore blue lacy tights.

I'm actually repeating this olive blazer from the March capsule, as I'm at the point where I need basic neutrals in order to make my capsules function properly and I don't see any need to go out and buy new things when I have perfectly good ones already. It's by RW & Co. (a mall store, Canadian chain), but I bought it on consignment.

The shoes are black heeled loafers, which I purchased at Town Shoes (another Canadian chain, mall store) in March 2011. I actually first wore them here for a job interview - and I got the job and am still working there! Must have been the leopard shirt! I haven't worn them much since, just in April 2011 (with a chair skirt) and in November 2011 with some familiar items that were in the October/November capsules.

Having been through nearly 12 months of capsule wardrobes, I think I can safely say, "I have enough black shoes." I am not in love with these, and I don't think they'll be staying in my closet past this capsule - however, let's not be hasty.

The tie:
L usually wears this with a light blue or light green shirt. The pin is from Fairweather circa 1986 - that's some homegrown vintage!

Blazer (RW & Co., consignment), shirt (Banana Republic, consignment), dress (Danier, thrifted), shoes (Kate & Mel), tie (borrowed from L), pin (vintage 80s, Le Chateau).


  1. Ee! Leather dress, a TIE - blown away here. I might be stopping back in at Goodwill to see if there's this suede dress still there. It's more of the little kid jumpskirt style, but if you can make a sexy 90s style dress appropriate for work - I should be able to rock it!

  2. Very cool leathers! You have the best wardrobe on your entire Island I swear! And, it's much better than mine so I'm assuming your wardrobe would score above all others in my vicinity as well.

    Love how you've used the tie too. All that black looks great with a splash of color on top.

  3. Such a nifty look with the shirt and tie! Love the blues and greens, and the wonderfully trippy pattern.

    Thanks for the inspiration to dig around for what might be left of my 80's "gems!"

  4. P.S. omg the pose secret - between the balancing and the 10-second timer, that must count as Activity Points! As one who has a fondness for efficiency, I deeply respect how you have everything down to a science.

  5. I bought a leather (and fabric) dress, too! I love this idea for styling it.

    The pose sounds like a secret workout, too!

  6. Really like the dress layered with a shirt and tie! Very different look than you would expect from a leather dress.

  7. I am loving you as a blonde! Also, I will have to try The Pose!

  8. Beautiful tie! I love a tie on a woman. I used to wear them occasionally, but haven't done that for a long time. You are inspiring me to raid my husband's closet. Excellent idea!

  9. It takes some guts to wear a leather dress and you wear it well. The patterned tights are a perfect match and make you legs look miles long.

  10. I love that leather dress with that tie. Amazing!

  11. You rock the leather like no other, Sheila. And your new blonde hair looks stunning too!

  12. As I know from direct personal experience, attractive posing is hard work. Energetic, even. So when I first saw your stairs pose years ago, I looked more closely. Why isn't her skirt bunching up? How is everything to smooth and attractive? I realized you're doing this Master Zen yoga-type maneuver whose difficulty is hidden from view. Never let them see you sweat! Great job, btw, in developing this signature position.

    Nice necktie. Unlike girl-clothes, I've studied and worn neckties my whole life so I can opine on them with knowledge: this one's beautiful.

  13. I love that you are wearing a tie! Menswear can be fun! And everyone around me, myself included, is sick too. But I'm not cranky about it, I'm thankful it seems to be a mild cold compared to what it could be, so that makes me more chipper!

  14. Whoa! That is one sexy outfit from top to bottom.
    Your secret pose is amazing. We did something similar in yoga and it about killed me. Sexy and strong, fabulous combination.

  15. Fantastic, Sheila! The last capsule is going out with a bang. And thank you for revealing the secrets to your pose. I have a way to go before nailing a preferred one.

  16. So I was having THE worst day ever... something to do with the potential for upcoming "l-words" at work. I came home and read blogs out of obligation and dread of actually getting off the couch. But the minute I read: "it has that "Buffy" slip dress look to it" I killed myself laughing, and did the only thing I knew I could do... put on some classic Buffy episodes, and remember the "l-word" is still better than having your friends killed by vampires.

  17. awesome leather dress!! You evidently have the best consignment shops locally!! Love the whole outfit- the tie is g gorgeous
    New activity- planking for fashion! !!!!

  18. Ha, your posing secret is safe with us! :)

    Oooh, an olive blazer. I would love one of those. And I do love when you do the menswear look with a tie; you pull it off so well!


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