Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jan 25th & 26th - Outfits #23 & 24 - Fun Friday and Shopping Saturday

Happy weekend! Hope you are all having fun! 

For me, I am all tuckered out and I need a nap. But first, a post and some tea. 

Friday's outfit:
These red boots are finally softening up for regular wear! Hurrah! I last wore them here (last outfit, just before the travel pictures) a couple of weekends ago with my black leather dress.

This is my asymmetrical brown skirt again (last seen here last weekend in the 2nd & 3rd outfits). Viewing that post, and seeing Vizzini's destruction of my olive shoes...arg. He got into my closet again today and chewed off some of the remaining strap on the damaged shoe. Can't look away from him for a second! That strap still does up, but these are never going to fool anyone that they're in good shape. Little monster!

This is my second wear of this lace top.
I will admit to flapping my arms and saying, "I'm a beautiful butterfly!" to one of the directors yesterday. I'm sure he thought I was crazy. Heh. I last wore the blouse here with my blue knit skirt.

I liked all the neutrals punctuated by red - and red lipstick! - and of course, I'm never subtle with my colour, so I added more with my coat!
Don't be fooled. He is an evil kitty.
L and I went for dinner last night and then hung out and played board games. What a fun Friday night!

Coat (Danier Leather), top (handmade, vintage, thrifted), skirt (Le Fleur de Mon Secret, consignment), boots (Adrian Agnes, Fluevog).

This morning, I got up early and went to WW - I haven't been since before Christmas, so it was nice to see everyone.
Another wear of this navy ruffled dress (last worn here on Thursday all sleeveless and brrrrr-y!). I'm wearing my navy vintage slip under it again.

I liked the capelet (last seen here with a cream, blue and lavender mix) for keeping my arms warm while at the meeting and at lunch after, but I don't love it. It's not going to stay in my wardrobe after this month.
I haven't worn these shoes as much as I thought I would this month, probably because the lighter colour doesn't look right with darker tights, although the last time I wore them, back here again, they looked all right with lacy tights.

I also shopped and walked around in them all day and the balls of my feet are killing me now. Seriously, throbbing. They may have to go.

An outerwear shot:
I doubled-up the capelet as a scarf with my outerwear. I liked the mix of pink and orange (the umbrella) and purple (the bag and gloves) with the bright coat. I overheard someone say, "I love that coat" as I was leaving the diner. I love it too!

It was raining when I left this morning, but now it's a mix of sun and clouds. I hate carrying a brolly around all day. I converted this bag to cross-body after lunch, but it was still awkward (may have had something to do with the bottle of wine in it?). I wasn't really dressed for shopping.

Oh, speaking of shopping, I finally mailed off all the little goodies that I bought before Christmas. So, Megan, Megan, Lynne, Tamera and Lorena, your packages are all in the mail!

Coat (Bebe, thrifted), capelet (Floating Gold Iceberg), dress (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Aerosoles).

I went to the Women in Need (WIN) Thrift Boutique - I don't go there very often because I think they overprice most of the clothing, but I do have good luck there.


I found this really nice stretchy sweater layering top by Jones New York:
It's a really vibrant tomato/orange red, and was $9.50 (that's about $5 overpriced for thrift, in my book, but it's a good cause). This will work well as a cami-type of top. I'm trying to replace all my junky cheap camisoles with nicer versions in either knit or woven, structured types of tops.

I fell in love with the colour of this sweater:
It's a deep rust-brown colour. The cut is also very flattering on my figure, and I liked that the sleeves are 3/4 length. It's by Bandolino and was $13.50.

My addiction to leather and suede continues! I put back a pair of brown suede pants (they were $20) after much deliberation. I already have a rocking pair of brown leather pants.

However, I did find this amazing olive green suede skirt:
Of course, it's Danier Leather, it's made in Canada, and I'm pretty sure it was from the 80s. It's a size 10 and it's a super-high waist. I like high waists for the tummy-control. It was $28.50.

I know, I just bought a black flared nearly-maxi skirt just last weekend...but this one is a full-on maxi, and it's suede!
It's got a really tiny waist (get thee to the gym, Sheila!), but it has pockets! And it's really super twirly. I promise action shots when I finally wear it! It's also Danier Leather, also made in Canada and was $29.50.

My biggest score of the day was a gorgeous pair of bronze-y metallic pumps:
That's the perfect shape! The heels are also only about 2" max, and the colour is a perfect neutral.

And they're Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and get this - only $18.50! These have been worn maybe twice - they still had most of the original price tag half-peeled-off crap on the soles.
I recognize the "red dot" sizing as being from The Bay department store. These are nearly the same shape (but a lower heel) as my caramel Ralph Lauren pumps that I bought on deep discount at the Bay last year.

I plan to wear these until they fall apart.

I've been gradually collecting fur pins (I have this vintage one with pearls and this mink rose) on my journeys through thrift and consignment stores. Another one is added to my keep-out-of-Vizzini's-reach collection:
That's very close to actual size. This one is a stick pin - anyone else remember when stick pins were a fad? Around 1980-81? I recall being very excited when I got one for Christmas to wear on the lapel of my corduroy blazer.

Anyway...rambling... this one was the cheapest one I've ever found - it was only $1.00! Yay! Score!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Love the cut of the first blouse you're wearing. You always find the best stuff thrifting. I can't wait to see that maxi skirt in full force!

  2. I ♥ the rust colored sweater top. The cut IS great.

    I'm curious about your lipstick! I like the color and would wear lipstick more often if I could find one that lasts and doesn't dry up my lips. What do YOU use - if that's not too personal to ask.

    1. I'm wearing a permanent lipstain by NYC: "Smooch Proof 16H Lipstain" in number 497 Rock On Ruby(drugstore). That keeps it plastered on all day. Over that, I layer Rimmel's Kate Moss-themed "Lasting Finish By Kate" in number 10 Rossetto (drugstore). Stain, lipstick, then blot. Reapply after eating!

  3. Sheila...the caplet looks so cute! But I know what you mean; if you don't love it..time to say goodbye.

    Love the navy dress...and your bare legs look so perfect.

    1. Ha! Bare legs? I have on nude fishnets. My bare legs are covered in spider veins and varicose veins!

  4. Stick pins still fascinate me -- What a lucky find!

  5. Hi there!
    God you are quite the shopper you make me feel good! I shop a lot even tough i should not these days but i'm quite reasonable, i think, lol
    Love the red boots and the skirts such a good find
    So,you are,an admin assistant? Going for an interview Monday, admin for investors
    Got my outfit ready will post tomorrow

    Ariane xxx

  6. I love my opal stick pin! I used to have one with my initials, but I don't know what happened to it.

    Your outfits are starting to look a little like spring! If only...

  7. oooh...those shoes are going to be great with everything!


  8. Love the outfit with the capelet but you're right if you don't enjoy wearing it it should go.

    Lots of great purchases, really looking forward to seeing that maxi skirt in action :)

  9. Omg, you are totally a beautiful butterfly! I love how your red leather coat completes the look, just stunning. Awesome shopping scores - love the Bandolino sweater and suede maxi, fantastic shoes & pin as well.

  10. Your red coat was such a good buy, I love it. And I salute your shopping haul, particularly the RL shoes, they have such an elegant shape. What is it with Vizzini targeting those particular shoes btw? Naughty kitty.

  11. So many beautiful items of clothing. I am in love with your red boots, red coat, and navy dress. So lovely. I didn't realize how big your kitty was until I saw the pic with him standing next to you! So cute.

  12. Whoa, beautiful reds! Kitties have potential for evil, cancelled out by the cuteness, curse them! I love your shopping finds, esp the pumps and the fabulous suede skirt.

  13. Love the first outfit with the pops of RED!!! Those red boots are amazing!!
    You got some excellent goodies whilst thrifting!!
    How can you call such an adorable face EVIL???

  14. Love the bronze pumps and orange trench. "Capelet"? Never heard of that before. It seems an odd length. I'd prefer a longer one which, I guess, would make it a real cape.

  15. (very quietly) I remember stick pins. I've been eyeing vintage dog brooches with fur on th' eBay.

    I've been carrying your Christmas package 'round in my car since before Christmas, but between two hospitalizations, one NYC trip, and one post office telling me I had to take international mail to the bigger post office, looks like it might finally get mailed next week, barring any Acts of God :o

    I especially love your bold red lipstick with the beautiful red boots.

  16. I am in love with those red boots! And seeing angel/flutter sleeves on any item of clothing makes me happy! The blue velvet dress is very elegant.
    You got some great buys there, look at all that suede! Can't wait to see the maxi skirt in full twirling action. xxx

  17. Piękne są obydwa płaszcze:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  18. Love the red boots, red coat and red lips. Gorgeous! I'm glad the boots are softening up!


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