Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jan 23rd - Outfit #21 - Olive and Sparkles

Whew, this is a long week! This is the first 5-day week I've work since the week of Dec 10th, and I'm really feeling it. Also, sore legs from the gym! 

Onto today's not-so-creative outfit.
I say not-so-creative because it's basically a repeat of this outfit (where I last wore this vintage top) with a different skirt (I need to wear that one again!). However, I changed up the accessories (I'm clever that way) and I think it looks substantially different, at least enough different that no one said, "Oh, you're wearing that again."

By the way, the answer to "Where's your space ship?" from yesterday's outfit is a finger gun and "Set phaser to stun!" Hee.

Outfit! Break it down!
The workhorse olive jacket was last worn here with my cape as a skirt; the skirt was last worn here with the cream cowl and capelet, and I last wore my cat-ravaged Fluevogs on the weekend (2nd outfit) with my moose shirt. I was lazy and wore the same tights as yesterday.

A close-up of my grandmother's vintage "lemon-lime" brooch and clip-on earrings:
You can also see the little crystals that are attached to the blouse with prongs. So much effort it must have been to put those on by hand!

I hope you're all having a good Wednesday - it's all downhill from here!

Jacket (RW & Co., consignment), top (vintage, thrifted), skirt (Belamie), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevog), brooch/earrings (vintage, Grandma J's).


  1. You never cease to amaze! This is lovely. I definitely like the blouse better this way, with the collar out and that lovely brooch. And the skirt doesn't overpower it.

  2. Absolutely adore the collar on that blouse! It really does have a fabulous shape.

  3. I really like the brooch worn in the collar of the shirt, it looks so nice :)

  4. I just love your grandmother's jewelry with that beautiful top.
    Finger-guns FTW!

  5. Olive this color (sorry!!) on you and on me too - gorgeous blouse and great head to toe look.

  6. I agree, the collar of that lovely blouse is so stylish that it's good to draw attention to it with the beautiful vintage jewellery. You always look so chic and well-put-together, Sheila! xxx

  7. Sheila, this outfit is so elegant! One of my favorites, although you wear so many favorites in my eyes. If I had a doll like you growing up with all your gorgeous clothes to mix and match I never would have played with dump trucks!

    The blouse is unique and stunning, especially with your vintage jewels! Just gorgeous!

  8. Yay for sparkles! I love the crystals in the blouse - it makes it sparkle without being overdone. It's really pretty!

  9. LOVE that collar AND the sparkles. Also, realizing that olive is such a great neutral- and perhaps I should let in in my wardrobe.

  10. Hi Honey! You popped over and left me a sweet comment on my blog, so I'm coming to say hi to you! I've been reading your last few entries and the details in your outfits just blow me away! (Fringe skirt. OMG) You look amazing! I love the collar and the brooch in this outfit. Definitely a follower now.

    Thank you so so much for the comment you left me. :-)

  11. The blouse is just stunning--the detailsing, the color!!
    Love your vintage jewels!!

  12. Which reminds me, I got to see William Shatner LIVE over the weekend!

    Love those little green crystals. Do the prongs poke you?

    1. No, the top is fully lined! It's amazing quality.

      How cool - you got to see "the Shat"! So envious!

  13. The olive top is so pretty. Love the crystals. I'm always up for sparkle!
    I also love the tights and the navy and olive color combo. Very elegant.

  14. Great way to wear your brooch, it really picks up the hand-sewn spangles. I really like the colour mix here.

  15. I love how you used the brooch to make practically a new top. The olives are beautiful together.


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