Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jan 3rd - Outfit #2 - Floofy Florals

Woo, it was cold today! Frost on the ground and all the rooftops! We don't get a lot of cold weather up here in the Pacific Northwest (the rest of Canada thinks we're wimps) so as delicate West Coast flowers, when it dips below freezing, we all run for our scarves.
I waited until the very last second this morning before I had to leave to get my stair shot - I will have natural like, darn it! 

This is a new-to-me jacket that I picked up back in April (I know! April!) on consignment for $30.00. The brand is notthesame Jeans (the buttons all say NTS). It nearly made it into the neutral November capsule, but then I moved it to January's. 

Despite my love for it (ruffles! ties! ruffles!), it's tricky to style. We'll see how it goes. Today, I have a pink cami on underneath it (not part of the capsule).
The skirt is one that I've had for about a year and a half. It's by Bianca Nygard and I thrifted it for $7.50 - I think I've only worn it once, here in June 2011. Check out those pictures, because they show the dramatic slit action much better than today's poses.

Isn't the back of the jacket sweet?
And a leg! I wore rosy/burgundy tights to go with all the purples and pinks and burgundies in the floral necklace.

This is the first wear of the booties I purchased last week here:
They were pretty comfy, although they'll never be an "all day" kind of shoe. I was disappointed that they look grey in the fluorescent lights at work. "No, they're not grey!"

In addition to my floral necklace, I did little vintage purple earrings and a ring that Dad gave me for Christmas in the 80s.

Jacket (notthesame Jeans, consignment), skirt (Bianca Nygard, thrifted), shoes (Feud London), necklace (Harriet Grey), earrings (vintage), ring (vintage 80s, gift from Dad).


  1. Really like the colour scheme in this outfit, and the jacket is so cute with the ruffles! Looking forward to seeing more of it this month :)

  2. Oooh, what lovely shades of purple and pink!

  3. Wow, you really did go lighter with your hair. I really like it! For me, it's so much easier to blend the grey when it's lighter. I'm heading in that direction for sure.

    Love seeing those great boots again!

  4. Hi sheila! happy new year and I love those purple boots!

  5. A perfect jacket for those boots! I want to dub them unicorn boots because of the heel! They're so fabulous.

    I also adore your 80s ring. It reminds me of the jewelry my aunt used to make - she was quite the artist in the early 90s!

  6. Lovely, so romantic! The jacket and all its ruffles fits you so well. You remind me of a Renoir painting today :-)

  7. That jacket is lovely and looks beautiful with those amazing shoes.

  8. Purple fabulous-ness! The jacket is great with all the details, love that.

  9. That jacket and those booties were made for each other. Perfect! The jacket is so unique and I understand what you mean about being difficult to style. I have a jacket in my wardrobe that I also have trouble with but I can't give it up.

  10. I love seeing the boots on! They look nice! Your jacket is pretty awesome too, I love the tie in the back.

  11. I love the mauvy pink and dusty amethyst colors!!! The jacket is STUNNING!!! and the boots are perfect with it!!!

  12. Ooooo, the new booties! Everyone else is mentioning the jacket, but I think the floral necklace is a perfect complement to them.

  13. LOVE this outfit! If anyone can style that awesome jacket you can!


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