Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jan 17th - Outfit #15 - Happy Birthday, Megan!

Happy Birthday to my dear blog little sis, Megan of MMD! We've been blog-friends for over 2 years (that's about 10 years in real time), and I wish you a very happy day and lots of presents. I barely managed to get a dress on for your celebration - I've been so busy lately...but that's no excuse! Pictures of my party attire are at the end of today's ain't know every party has one of "those" people there! Hee hee!

First, the outfit:
This features the last "fresh" item in the January capsule, the Floating Gold Iceberg capelet that I purchased back here (way down at the bottom). It was $34.00 and it's locally made and ethically-produced. I love supporting my local designers!

I wasn't 100% sold on it, but I got a lot of compliments from women at my work about it. It did keep me nice and snuggly warm all day - I can see it being a good layering piece over a solid like a dress (I'll have to try that). I was also able to loop it twice around my neck instead of wearing a scarf with my outerwear today. Versatile!
The sweater underneath is my cream cowl-necked one, last seen here, layered under my leather dress. It's a good layering piece, but I don't love it. It's also a bit see-through, which necessitated wearing a slip underneath my outfit (you can see a bit of the white peeking out in the first picture of this post).

The skirt is the blue knit one I last wore with my butterfly-sleeved blouse (here) and the same tights. I'm going to be very sad when these tights blow a hole! I've had them for a few years!
The booties were last worn here, with my maxi skirt and floofy florals. They were much more comfortable this time (they rubbed a bit on one ankle last time).

 And because I'm a drama queen...

The stuff - on a shelf!
I nestled the purple and gold necklace in the cowl of my sweater to distract from the large expanse of chestal region on display.

Capelet (Floating Gold Iceberg), sweater (Club Monaco, consignment), skirt (Belamie), shoes (Feud), necklace (I made it; the purple beads are my great-grandmother's), earrings (Plum), bracelet (Club Monaco).

Vizzini was making a nuisance of himself last night while I was outfit-planning, so I hoisted him up onto the shelf where my stuff is in the above picture:
"I'm a cat on a mo-fo shelf!"
 I think he wanted to go up higher.
"I go up there and bite all the things!"
 He's so cute when he's up to no good.
"I bite the camera string!"

Now, here we go: MEGAN'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Woo woo! I gots my martini, and I put on my purty dress!
"Whassat? The dress is by Desigual and the shoes are Vivienne Westwood - only the best for my Megan-sis!"
An' my purty shoes - look, they're so shiny! An' I gots my martini! An' I made balloons and they are green and made me a lil' dizzy! An' I have a lampshade on! An' I got... a martini!

An' look, here's a pretty little kitty...
Hello, little kitty! Do you like balloons?

Happy Birthday, Megan! I promise no lampshades, balloons or martini glasses were harmed during these photos!


  1. What a fun way to say Happy Birthday! I'll just hijack your post and say Happy Birthday Megan too.

    The balloons look like giant olives.

    Every great post has a cat in it, don't ya think?

  2. The caplet is very cute. I think it'll be a good remix piece, well deployed.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to dress up and have fun at my e-party! It was such a success, and so awesome to see everyone - including everyone's pets! join the party.

  3. Sheila.....I love your cat's expressions!
    The caplet is really, really pretty. I adore it; it looks great on you and I think you should wear it often.

  4. "Capelet"! I've never heard that term before, but I like it! I know it's not as colorful as some of your clothes, but the shape and uniqueness make up for it (as does the colorful party dress)!

  5. Ooooh, the capelet and cowlneck work perfectly together. I would never have paired them, but the drapes and snuggliness are just spot-on.

    Hahahaha, Vizzini and your party poses! So great. What a nice way to celebrate your friend's birthday.

  6. Those are really great tights, they work so well with these boots. Beautiful palette and cosy draping too.

    You are an awesome party guest! Woo woo!!! Cheers! The Lady Dragons are fabulous on you and the pic of Vizzini with the balloons is full of dramatic tension!

  7. Love the neutral outfit, with your capelet and ivory top -- and then bam! the boots. Fab. Hey Vizzini, you like to go up high and survey your domain, eh? Lovely boy.

  8. Best party dress ever!! It's gorgeous and I can see why you save it for special occasions.
    By the way, I live in West Seattle. Not really an Island but they like to call us Islanders because supposedly we're in a world all of our own over here.

  9. ROFLMBO at your pary attire!! i think we both win prizes as most wack outfit!!
    The capelet thing is gorgeous--i can see it with a solid dress!!

    Oh my VIZZINI!!! He is just so cute!!

  10. I love your pictures for Megan's party! The dress is too fun! And so many cute Vizzini pictures - his eyes! I die! So cute!!!

  11. Śliczna jest ta narzutka i buty z drugiego zestawu:))kotek słodki:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  12. Party pics are great. I love that capelet.

  13. Sheila!!! You should indulge in martinis more often! I know, I know, you're usually heading to work. You always look great, but I love the party attire!! Wish I was there!!!

  14. haha I love your birthday party set of photos! You must definitely bring the fun to any party, such a fun couple of outfit photos! :)

    Really like that beautiful cape and the purple with it works well :)

  15. Oh, I really like this outfit, the mix of soft and light colours with your blue skirt, and the drapey shawl is lovely.

    You are the best-dressed and most stylish 'drunken' guest I have ever seen. It was a great party (*clutches sore head next day*)

  16. By one of THOSE peeps, do you mean the super fun ones? I love your dress and your balloons - and I could always use a martini!

    That capelet is really lovely. It looks like a keeper to me :)

  17. Ha, love the party shot - I am one of those people at parties too!
    I like the capelet idea, I bet you can do all sorts of things with an interesting versatile piece like that. Patti is right, it's a neutral, quite well-behaved outfit until you see the kickass boots!
    Your boy is such a handsome creature - and don't they always look at their most adorable when they are up to no good? xxxxx


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