Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jan 24th - Outfit #22 - Sleeveless in Winter

Oh, Friday, will you ever be here? I need my wine!

Today, I went sleeveless! Oh, how daring! How brave! How cold!
Yes, no sleeves, even though it is January! I have been feeling so good about going to the gym! I feel strong and I like seeing muscles starting to appear (no worries, I won't be one of those odd-looking uber-muscly ladies!). Anyway, my company had its branch quarterly meeting today and I always do the sign-in and draw tickets (because I know everyone), and I felt good showing a little upper arm.

Not bad for a 45-year-old broad!

Anyway, let's move on - what am I wearing? It's my Smoking Lily navy corduroy dress (last seen here with some major ruffles), with my forest green Danier Leather suede top over it. I last wore the top here, underneath my embroidered velvet blazer.
I wore a full vintage navy slip under this. You can see bits of it peeking out at the front - I like my slip to show a bit. I think it's pretty.

Bizarrely (or not) in both of those past wears of these items, I wore these same boots! Maybe it's just because these are the most comfy boots ever. They are probably a pair I would travel with - great style and awesome comfort. I last wore them on Monday with my turquoise fringe skirt.

I'm finally wearing this new-to-me belt that I bought for $5 at the vintage fair back in the fall.
I love the thick - but not too heavy - chunks of metal and the rounded/hammered links. And speaking of coincidences, the fabulous Ms. Helga von Trollop is wearing a necklace very similar to this today! If you don't know Helga, you should - you think I do colour? No, she is the Maven of Colour.

Showing off my Scottish ring, my Wendy Brandes ring and my vintage 80s snake ring, which I did not wear on my thumb (it's hard to take a picture of both hands!).

Top (Danier Leather, thrifted), dress (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Gabor), belt (thrifted).

I was treated to a display of cuteness this morning:
"You can't see me! I'm Camo Kitty!"
 Silly boy, there you are.
"Rub my tummy!"
It was worth being a couple of minutes late this morning just to give him a tummy-rub.


  1. Is the furled collar on the dress? If so, it's so perfect! I also love your belt. That's a total steal. I've been loving the metal belt look myself.

    Hello, kitty! I swear I'd never get anything done if I had a kitty at home. I'd spend too much time kitty cuddling.

  2. So great to feel good about having some muscle tone. I need to work more on my arms...but honestly I hate working them the most. Probably that's why I need it the most.

    I love the colours and fabrics here.


  3. You look awesome sleeveless - reminds me of a certain North American First Lady! Must rub the tummy before you go to work, it is the law : >

  4. Really like the green and navy together, and with that belt :)

    Vizzini is adorable too - I would have stopped to give him a good tummy rub as well!

  5. You ARE brave to bare arms in winter, Sheila! But then you have great arms, so why not? Love the little ruffle collar and the peek of petticoat (mine is showing today too!) and that fabulous belt.
    Vizzini is too cute camouflaged on the rug (and so like my b/w girl Minnie).
    Ahh, Helga is the Queen of Colour, isn't she wonderful?
    Enjoy your wine this evening! xxx

  6. Ooh I am cold just looking at you! You look fabulous, but brr! It's too cold here for sleeveless!

    LOL Vizzini!! He sure does blend in with that rug!!

  7. You are a brave woman in this cold but you look FABULOUS!! check out those arms!!

    Helga is definitely the queen of color!! She rocks it!

    Aww Vizzini!!!!

  8. Curtise beat me to it, I'm loving the collar, belt, and lace-edged slip as punctuation to this gorgeous ensemble. How fabulous to be feeling strong!

    Who has a nice belly? WHO does? Who is furry and stretched out so long? :)

  9. I love that sleeveless vest with that amazing skirt. That is so lovely. You cat is gorgeous too!

  10. Glad you got your arms out and you are proud of them (down with people being self-critical, I say), but Sheila - bbrrrrr!

  11. Girl power rocks!

    Seriously, you didn't have to cheat and get a sweater during the day? I love sleeveless, but it's been soooooo cold recently.


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