Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dec 31st - Outfit #28 & Wild Card #4 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a very safe and fun New Year's Eve! 

I've spent today watching an "American Horror Story" marathon (finishing the house one, and getting started on "Asylum") with L, and lounging about, slightly hungover and pretty tired. What a night we had! 

But first, the last outfit of both 2012 and the December capsule:
Flash! Aaah!
And my surprise is - I've gone blonde! Well, strawberry blonde, as the red really didn't want to be bleached out of my hair. I've never been blonde; my natural colour is a medium brown, and I've coloured it black, green, purple, teal, burgundy and every shade of red imaginable, but never blonde. And I say, "Why not?!"

I worked on Monday, New Year's Eve day, and I wanted to be comfortable. It was totally dead at work, so I took the Christmas decorations down and cleared up a lot of little fiddly things so that I could hit the ground running for 2013.

Anyway, the outfit. I wanted to get one more wear out of the Kania Goddess wrap (last worn for a theatre outing, here), and this fabulous blue skirt, which was last seen here with sequins (and a blurry kitty).
The teal shirt was rather under-utilized this month, only worn the one previous time, here, with my grey strapless dress. I enjoy the final week of the capsules, as I really get down to the nitty-gritty over what I'm keeping and what I'm not.

The boots, however, are for-sure keepers! I have worn them a ton of times this month, including the last time just a few days ago for my Smoking Lily shopping expedition, here.

It isn't showing in any of the pictures, but I wore the new pendant that L got me for Christmas; I'm also wearing a couple of blue rings.

Jacket (Kania Goddess Wrap, consignment), shirt (Banana Republic, consignment), skirt (Andre Courreges, thrifted), boots (Prepare Volunteers, Fluevog), necklace (gift from L), rings (Scotland souvenir, Wendy Brandes).

After work, I napped for a couple of hours so that I'd be ready to party in the New Year. We met up with 9 friends and had a lovely dinner at Bon Rouge French Bistro (check out the 'Bistro Interior" on the tour*). We have been having NYE dinners/parties with the same group of friends for five years. Check out what I wore in 2008 (my awesome Betsey Johnson dress), 2009 (a thrifted vintage 70s disco dress), 2010 (a blue/grey/black colour-blocked dress from Plum), and 2011 (my stained glass dress and crimped hair!).
*linking 'cause I love Bon Rouge!

But I know you scrolled down to see what I wore for this New Year's Eve, right? I knew it!
It's not entirely what I'd planned, but I was really happy with it!

This is my new-to-me consignment black leather bustier (purchased here on one of our Nerdy Mission photo days). It was $36.00 and is by Northbound Leather, made in Canada - yee haw! It sells for $182.00 on Northbound's website. Score!

I've layered it over top of a floral sheer blouse (worn in March's capsule). I'd meant to wear just the bustier on its own (screw being 45, ha ha!), but the cut of the bustier was too high for the waistline of the skirt and exposed my sides and back. I didn't want to be that exposed!

I actually really liked the romantic vibe with the blouse, especially with the floral necklace (just purchased at She She Shoes the other day, here) tied onto the vintage 80s Le Chateau top hat.
Okay, the skirt. Pretty amazing, am I right? It's by BCBCMaxAzria and was $70.00 on sale on consignment. Worth every penny. I felt wonderful in this all night, and the pewter leather gleamed - so sexy!

My hair's a little rumpled - I just fluffed it up after my nap. Heh.
I can't wait to wear this skirt again!

I had planned to wear the new lavender booties, but had to factor in all the walking that we did over the course of the evening: walked to town to the restaurant, walked from the restaurant to Randall and Yvonne's, walked staggered home at 3:30am. And in the restaurant, no one even noticed the shoes since we were sitting down. But the lavender booties would have been awesome with this!
The bustier does amazing things to the boobular region...
Instead, I wore my Marc Softwalk boots. Stylish, yet walkable. They were in the October capsule.

Stuff shot!
Put up your dukes!
Bronze lacy leaf earrings, a chunky thrifted bracelet, my leather rose cuff, spinner ring and bigass amber stone ring.

I carried my little steampunk leather purse.
I liked the mix of hard and soft elements in this outfit, and it just may be my favourite Wild Card outfit of the month!

Hat (Le Chateau, vintage 80s), necklace worn on hat (Harriet Grey), blouse (Bianca Nygard, consignment), bustier (Northbound Leather, consignment), skirt (BCBGMaxAzria, consignment), boots (Marc Softwalk), purse (Tina of Montreal, thrifted), leather cuff (consignment), pink/metal cuff (vintage), rings (Twang & Pearl, and vintage), earrings (Plum).

I love that L loves to dress up too!
Kitty coming in for a rub...
L has two zoot suits that he got at a crazy store in Seattle a few years ago. This is his blue one - not worn with the vest, but with another shirt that I got him for Christmas. He's wearing an 80s fedora (one of the only things he still has from when I met him!).
"Purr purr, I love you"
He is also wearing the Iggy Idol Fluevogs in dark red. Fabulous!

Thanks for another wonderful evening, love!
You're the best - thanks for always being my "partner in crime."

Someone was not very happy about us going out - again.
I left the round mirror in because you can see me taking Vizzini's picture.
He came down to see me, grouching and merping all the way.
"I give you dagger eyes! How dare you go out!"
He always sits like that, with his little white back feet sticking out at the sides.

He has resigned himself to ringing in the New Year on his own.
"I will eat your shoes while you're out!"
Again, Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to an awesome 2013!


  1. Happy New Year Sheila! :-).

    I love the picture of you and L. Both of you look super stylish and your skirt is spectacular.

  2. Your blonde hair looks great. Love that Goddess Wrap you are wearing in the first picture. Your New Year's Eve outfit was amazing, as expected. All your pictures are wonderful. Those last pics of your cat are so cute!

  3. Happy New Year! Love your wildcard outfit for new years - that skirt is stunning! So nice with the shirt and bustier too.

    Vizzini is adorable - Cooper gives us the sad eyes when he sees us getting ready to leave too!

  4. Your Courreges skirt and Goddess Wrap are so excellent, but oh, your Wild Card outfit is transcendent! Just. SO. Awesome! Dressed-up L and Vizzini's white bunny feet are gravy. Fantastic way to ring in the new!

  5. Happy New Year - GREAT skirt - and hat - and blouse - and bustier!

    And the Cat - what exotic photos :)

  6. You own New Years Eve, Sheila! I agree the floral blouse adds a gorgeous element to the leather, and your accessories, esp the hat, are fab. L looks dapper and I love the shot of you two together. And Vizzini, what can I say? He never takes a bad pic, so handsome.

  7. Love the hair, love the clothes. You're starting the new year off right!

  8. I adore your NYE outfit! Thanks for all you share. Looking forward to what you'll bring us in 2013!

  9. WOW! You and L are a very good looking couple! You both look amazing for your New Year's celebration.

    And poor Vizzini. Tell him that Taylor and Pippin had to celebrate New Years on their own too.

  10. You look adorable love the frilly blouse and floral hat what a great combination!! And super cute picture of you both ~Happy New Year Love Heather

  11. You too look so sharp Sheila !
    That skirt is amazing - i am not that into leather clothing but i have to admit this is soooo nice on you.
    I thought of you the other day as I was with friends talking about how everything is now made in China and they were telling me about a place in Canada that has some kind of program called "China Free" where items made in this country are not accepted. Sounds like a swell idea.
    Love Vizzini's last picture :)
    Cheers to a great 2013-

  12. You guys looked smashingly fantastic for New Years. What a great skirt and the hat is so cute. You must get so many compliments when you go out.
    We just finished watching American Horror Story here too. Some nights we'd watch 5 episodes in a row, until we'd start to fall asleep on the couch.
    I did the same thing with Glen Close in Damages. Loved that show as well.

    Hi Vizzini!

  13. Gosh, Vizzini makes me feel bad and I'm not even his owner! (or going out tonight).

    You looked marvellous for NY - as expected! If I may say, that skirt shoes off your bum well (cheeky)... Lovely sheen to it, too.

  14. Oh wow! I knew your New Year's look would be incredible. That skirt is what dreams are made of. I like the addition of the blouse too.

    I need to watch American Horror Story. My brother left his Netflix info for me to watch it but I couldn't get Netflix to work on the PS3. I still need to watch it!

  15. Love love LOVE that skirt. It looks so soft and supple and buttery. And the colour is so unique. I love the floral top with the flowers on the hat - great combo. Love that goddess wrap too.

  16. Happy New Year, Sheila!

    You definitely wore the perfect NYE outfit; it was so VERY you. Love it!

  17. Love the strawberry blonde hair!! both outfits rock but OMG the NYE is spectacular!! I can't wait to see how else you style the skirt!
    L looks quite dapper and you make such a cute couple

    Love how Vizzini sits!!! he is such a cutie

  18. You looked super fabulous for New Years, as always. Love that skirt--very bootylicous! I'm sorry to loose such a stylish member of the red-head club but the new colour looks great!

  19. Pięknie wyglądacie:))Wszystkiego najlepszego w Nowym Roku życzę:))Pozdrawiam


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