Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan 15th - Outfit #13 - Cape as Skirt

Only a few "fresh" items left this month - and it feels like this month is just flying by! Where does the time go?

But let's get right to it.
I adore pink/burgundy and shades of green. Adore. And if you've ever been afraid to mix green or olive with colour, just think of flowers - they all have greenery and you don't see clashing flowers, do you?

This is my olive jacket, really getting a workout this month so far - I last wore it here with more olive and reds.

The skirt is actually a Smoking Lily consignment purchase from sometime last spring (I know I bought it at My Sister's Closet for around $24.00). I have another Smoking Lily cape (thrifted for cheap) that I haven't worn yet in a capsule - this one.
See the sprig of grass silkscreened on the side?
I have a standing order from all of my friends to just buy these whenever I find them and my friends pay me back. I'm so fortunate that my waist is the right size for the neckline! They are called the Cape of Good Hope (linking 'cause I love), and are $98.00 regular price.

This one has a burgundy satin lining. So sweet.
The shoes are my olive Wonders Ayers (again, last seen here just last week with my metallic moto jacket).

I'm wearing a burgundy cami under the jacket (not part of the capsule), and an old brown belt to hold a strong waist silhouette. I read in InStyle that A-line skirt shapes are big for spring - does this count, do you think?

Stuff on a shelf!
Laying my stuff out the night before really helps speed the dressing process in the mornings, right down to my pink lacy tights!

Off to my WW meeting!

Jacket (RW & Co., consignment), cami (Jackpot), skirt/cape (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevogs), belt and earrings (Plum), necklace (vintage), flower (Roberta's Hats).


  1. Love the cape worn as a skirt! The plaid is lovely too :)

  2. So jealous that you have TWO of those awesome capes. You can't get much better than a crazy versatile piece like that. I love how the plaids come together at the zipper - I wish it were warm enough to wear a skirt here.

    (PS I hope this didn't double post - my internet is screwy)

  3. I like the cape as skirt. Love capes....I'm on the lookout for one and I hope I'm not too late in the season!

  4. What an interesting piece, love the asymmetry and that gorgeous lining! One of my blog pals reckons green should be considered a neutral - like leopard print! Lovely colours and a fabulous silhouette. xxxx

  5. Brilliant adaptation of a cape! I love that! You're so right, when did flowers ever clash?

  6. Fabulous asymmetry, and I love your belt. Your cape and shoes are just amazing!

  7. Great look - love the re-purposing of the cape an you have kind of a gorgeous Scottish vibe!

  8. I love wearing my cape as a skirt as well. I think I've only done it once on the blog though. Such a unique piece.

    Yay for the Ayers! Best Fluevog purchase ever. I'm sorry I missed the other Wonders family styles.

  9. Wow--love the cape as a skirt!!! Gorgeous outfit!
    Your bling is fabulous!

  10. You're completely right that olive is a neutral. I have been looking for olive skirts and pants since September and have been sadly disappointed so far. Love what you've done with this outfit!

  11. I would have never thought of this - you are super smart!

    Laying out my outfits on Sundays is really helping me become more intentional with my style, and gosh yes, it makes getting dressed in the wee hours much easier.


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