Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jan 4th & 5th - Outfits #3 & 4 - So Much Red

Weekend! And even though it was a short week, it felt very long.

Here we go - Friday's outfit:
How happy am I to be wearing this gorgeous turquoise suede skirt again? So happy! I got it at the 2011 Vintage Fair for only $10.00 and I've only worn it once (here - don't forget to scroll down for the awesome vintage 70s label!). I'm looking forward to trying some new outfit combos with it this month - you might have noticed that this is basically a re-hash of the original outfit.

Same vest; this dark, stretchy denim piece is by Bisou Bisou and I bought it on consignment back in 2008, making this one of the oldest things in my closet! I don't remember what I paid for it, but it was cheap, under $20, I'm sure.

I first wore it here in August 2008 - I'm amazed that it's the only item of that outfit (including jewelry and the bag) that I still have. The stretch of it is awesome; it really "locks and loads" so I usually wear it as a layering piece to smooth out and define my waist. Check out the previous incarnations: April 2010 (I don't have that skirt anymore as it was see-through, but I still have all the other items), July 2010 with a skirt that Kasmira sent me, September 2010 with my olive suede maxi skirt, June 2011 as an urban cowgirl (I haven't worn that skirt yet this year!), September 2011 (aw, Eyes of Love from Vizzini!), and lastly in November 2011 with my thigh-high boots and a miniskirt.
The cream cowl-necked sweater is by Club Monaco and I got it for "free" on trade-in at a consignment store I don't really go to much anymore - it was marked at $20. It's a wool blend, so although it's thin (I wouldn't ever wear it without something over it, as it's pretty see-through) it's still warm. A good layering basic! I have only worn it once, here in January 2011, right before I started doing this capsule challenge (scroll down for some stuff about me).

Are you staring at my boots? I knew it!
Sweet, aren't they? They are the Agnes Adriana by Fluevogs - I bought them here (scroll way down to the bottom past my crazy costume) for $160.00 on deep discount while I was horridly hungover in October with my niece Zoe (sorry, honey).

Unfortunately, they have two strikes against them: they are really stiff in the ankles (the leather is really thick) and rubbed my poor feet, and they ate about 8 pieces of fringe from the sides of my skirt (it caught on the buckles). I will be putting some softener on them, and will wear some socks next time to alleviate the rubbing. Hopefully they will break in soon, because they are so amazing!

My outerwear:
I couldn't resist wearing the red leather coat that I bought last weekend! It doesn't quite work with the proportions of the skirt, but whatever.

The stuff:
Cowgirl accessories! I love turquoise and red together.

Coat (Danier Leather), vest (Bisou Bisou, consignment), sweater (Club Monaco, consignment), skirt (Pioneer Wear, thrifted), boots (Agnes Adriana, Fluevog), belt/buckle (Shi Studio), earrings/pin (locally-made), ring (gift from Cindy).

L and I slept in after a fun night of playing "Buffy Arkham" (we won!) and went out to our favourite diner for brunch.
I didn't feel like putting together anything too elaborate, since I was only out for a couple of hours. It's "house clothes" for me for the rest of the day (trust me, you don't need to see them!) for warmth and total comfort.

I bought this fabulous dress back in July on a shopping trip with the lovely Lorinda. It's by Planet and was $40 on consignment. It's unlined, so I'm wearing a half slip. Don't you love the draping at the neckline? I intend to wear this belted, and as a top with skirts layered over it, in this capsule. I love dresses with sleeves!
I added some fun tights for pizzazz and the necklace L gave me for Christmas.

I've been saving these boots right to the bitter end - which was hard, because they were a workhorse in my closet from the day I bought them! They are by Gabor and I bought them new in September 2011 (first worn here with a plaid skirt that I didn't keep).

I've worn them several other times: October 2011 with last month's plaid dress, November 2011 (with both a casual work look and a steampunky dress-up look on the same day), again in November 2011 (past the awesome wedding outfit, with my "snowflake" skirt), again in November 2011 (with my fabulous Desigual coat!),  in early December 2011 with a blue Smoking Lily dress (you'll be seeing that one soon!), in late December 2011 (scroll down past my Christmas wear to a truly awful dress that I got rid of), and in January 2012 with a casual look.

I wanted to add some interest with my outerwear:
My gorgeous Obakki coat, a vintage scarf, my red leather Danier bag and my new purple Danier gloves.

Coat (Obakki), dress (Planet, consignment), boots (Gabor), tights (Gap), scarf (Adrienne Vittadini, consignment, vintage 80s), necklace (gift from L), gloves/bag (Danier Leather).

I'm off now to work on the December recap, and yes, Major Awards are coming soon (probably tomorrow). Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Wow!!! that skirt is stunning!!! I love the Red and teal combo!!! the Red dress really is cute!!! I love the draping too

  2. Yes, I was staring at your boots, and that fabulous turquoise skirt! The only thing I don't like about turquoise is typing it. And it looks gorgeous with red.

    Everything is just gorgeous - boots, buckle, red dress, vest (lock and load - lol)!

  3. No, these "short weeks" never, ever feel short!

    I so love the turquoise/red colour combination, and your coat, skirt, and boots are fabulous!!! I have the Heidis from the Adrian family, and though the ankles didn't rub or hurt, they were awkwardly stiff for a long while before they suddenly relaxed, aahh!

    Your red dress is lovely, awesome pendant and tights.

  4. I try not to be jealous of the things I see on the blogs but that skirt. I am totally in love with that skirt. I love the outfits but totally adore that skirt. I guess you get that though.

  5. Love the red dress on you and the turquoise skirt is beautiful! Such a shame about the boots, I hope they didn't damage your ankles or the skirt too much!

  6. So much good red! The coat fits you like a dream, I knew it would. And I really like the swingy cut of the Planet dress. If there is ever anything Planet on the rack at the charity shop, I get excited, because the quality is great.

  7. i so hope the boots cooperate...they're beautiful! and i love the patterned tights...adds a modern touch to the outfit.

  8. Wee! Those amazing boots!! I hope they do break in well, because those look like some major good quality boots.

    The red dress also fits you so well. It's that perfect style of dress that looks amazing no matter what.

    Loving your new lighter hair! It's so fun.

  9. Woo, you do red and turquoise together so well, but man oh man I love that Obakki coat.


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