Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan 21st - Outfit #19 - Much Fringe and the Cape Unfurled

Only one more week of capsules after this one! I want to get all my favourites worn again! Today, I went with two favourites.
This jacket is just so beautiful. Every time I wear it, I get compliments, and today was no exception. I last wore it here with an asymmetrical skirt. I layered a purple cami (not part of the capsule) underneath it to pull out more of the bright colours in the embroidery.

Speaking of bright colours, who doesn't love this glorious turquoise suede skirt? Answer: no one.
I last wore it here in a cowgirlish ensemble. It's quite noisy when I walk, like the sound of those rain sticks.

The belt is a vintage one I thrifted several months ago. I kept all the accessories to a dull roar so as not to overshadow all the colour and pattern. My simple black boots were just right, and they're getting a lot of wear this month (including last just this weekend, here, last outfit).

It was clear, sunny and cold today, so I decided to break in my new cape:
I kind of look like a big green Grimace (image links).
Pros of a cape:

  • Completely awesome.
  • Hide things under it.
  • Comfortable, like a warm tent.
  • Completely awesome.

Cons of wearing a cape:

  • Appear to be deformed due to bag over the shoulder.
  • Coffee becomes more spilly.
  • People stare at you.
  • Can't sit in cars (capes were totally not made for seatbelts).
  • Store clerks think you're shoplifting under there.
Summary: good for walking if you don't carry much. Don't wear it if you need to be functional. I did enjoy wearing it, but I did feel VERY visible in it. So this is my outfit for Patti's "Visible Monday" at Not Dead Yet Style - hie thee to her site! (Additional con: you want to speak in Shakespearean English, verily!).

Cape (Raymond of London, vintage, thrifted), jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Pioneer Wear, vintage, thrifted), boots (Gabor), belt (vintage, thrifted).

For those of you who wondered what punishment Vizzini got for destroying my Fluevogs, he got nothing. Cats don't get the "why" when you're mad; they don't understand that whole cause and effect, especially well after the fact (I'm pretty sure he chewed them up on Friday night). He was just being himself (bitey and eat-y) and it was my own damned fault for leaving the closet door open. And the shoes...they're just things (even though they are very pretty, very expensive things). Vizzini's our family, and I wouldn't trade him for all the Fluevogs in the world (but don't tempt me).


  1. Very unique skirt. I've never seen anything like it but I'd love one in purple!
    I've been on the hunt for a good cape but have returned two I've ordered on-line. They've been stiff and don't drape properly on me so far.

  2. You're a good cat mom! And one day you can have Vizzini made into a beautiful hat.

    Those are two of my favorite things, too, and the belt is nicely understated so the jacket and skirt can shine!

  3. OOooohh the cape is magnificent. Somedays call for dramatic, which isn't always practical, but at least you look cool doing whatever you're doing.

    Glad to hear about Vizzini. The late Gomez once ate my entire cage of mice. My mom had to teach tweenage-me that you can't be mad at him for doing what he does. You can't rationalize with a cat, unfortunately.

  4. I'm a big fan of capes. Love the teal cape and gloves! What a great colour!

  5. All I can say is WOW! That is such a beautiful embroidered jacket and it looks wonderful with your fabulous fringe skirt. The skirt color is so pretty. That is gorgeous.

  6. Love the bright colour of the cape! Shame about all the cons of it though :( Off to read your other post - Vizzini ate your shoes?!

  7. Ha, just laughing at Val's comment, I threaten my cats with being turned into a hat or a muff when they are naughty! Which is often.
    That IS a great jacket, I'm not surprised you get compliments when you wear it, and the suede skirt is a) turquoise and b) fringed - how fabulous is that?!
    The cape does look wonderful, beautiful colour, but I am trying to imagine it at a shorter length and wondering if that would help you feel more comfortable in it? Is shortening it an option, what do you think? Though I like it as it is too. xxx

  8. So beautiful! Even better, I love that the skirt makes a sound. :D
    Grimace was always a favourite of mine too, but I think it's only your awesome sneaks that edge the look in that direction. Thanks for the pros and cons!

  9. Love the skirt (of course!!) and the cape - and I'd never thought about the pros and cons of wearing it -- well done : > We never yell at our kitties after the fact, they have no idea. If we *catch* them eating a precious silk blouse, they get a squirt from the water bottle. They don't understand English too well, so sometimes we threaten to sell them to the rug store, but they just look at us like, huh?
    Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

  10. AWESOME outfit--the jacket is absolutely stunning and the skirt-WOW!!

    The cape in action is glorious--I must say the sneakers MADE the ensemble!!

    Vizzini didn't MEAN to eat the strap--he was dying of starvation!!

  11. Yep, kitties don't know any better, punishing them does not do any good!

    I've been curious about capes. I do like the look on you, but I can understand the difficulties of wearing it too!

  12. The cape did not disappoint !
    I do not see a hint of Grimace in it - it looks so polished and so very 1940's.
    I absolutely adore it.

  13. Gorgeous outfits ... the jacket and skirt of course, and that aqua cape was made for you. Have to tell you, I so agree that capes are not for seatbelts! But I think one kept me from getting a ticket. I got stopped for a tail-light out, and I got so tangled up in my cape while trying to loosen my seatbelt so I could get to the glove-box for registrations that the cop was grinning like an ape when I finally handed it over the documents. No ticket, and the cop got a laugh. BTW ... got home and the damned tail-light wasn't broken at all. Go figure.

  14. I really, REALLY liked the cape - especially in the pictures in previous post! Now that you point out the awkwardness of actually wearing it, I can sort of understand. I still think it is amazing.

  15. I saw a turquoise suede skirt in value village the other weekend. I had the same thought: "who doesn't love a turquoise suede skirt?" Turns out, my body. Did not work on me AT ALL. It was a very 80s style, and demanded I have some hips, which, alas, I do not. Too bad, it was Danier and everything! Glad you love yours and it loves you!

  16. Love this outfit!!!! Embroidery, suede, oh my how could it get any better? Oh yeah, that it looks so amazing on you? Better yet.

  17. You can wear a cross-body bag under a cape, you realize? It won't deform the look unless you're carrying some obscenely big bag. I carry a small crossbody under my capes and it's still easily accessible.

    Came to your site from a bing search on 'fluevog velazquez' but did not see them.


    1. Yes, of course, a cross-body bag would work, but I have to carry my shoes/boots to work, and they don't fit in my cross-body bag!

      Check in the search window in the top left corner of the blog - I've worn my Velazquez Baroques several times this year.

  18. That jacket is really gorgeous; I can understand why you get so many compliments!

    The pro's and con's of the cape cracked me up. Spilly coffee, hahahahaha.


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