Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan 18 & 19th - Outfits #16-18 - A Very Bad Kitty and a Broken Ban

Hey! It's the weekend - and what a weekend it's been so far. L and I are watching the NFL playoffs, so I'm trying to squeeze in writing this post while watching those. 

But let's back it up a big. Here's Friday's outfit.
I liked the casual vibe of this outfit. My purple suede vest makes an appearance for work (last seen here on our road trip last weekend), layered over my blue button-down shirt (last worn here on day 1 of this month's capsule).

My stretchy long bubble skirt helped balance out the length of the vest:
It was super comfy all day for running around (I do a lot of running around at my job!), as were the purple combat boots (also last worn for travel the previous weekend).

I layered my bright floral tights for some colour on the bottom.
I met up with Elaine after work for a bit of a look-around at a thrift shop, and while I was showing her the tights, a passing lady said, "I love your tights!"

I wore my Grandma J's full set of copper jewelry (picture here) with this outfit.

I went a little overboard with the colour in my outerwear:
My vivid red leather coat, complete with purple gloves and dead Elmo toque (hee).

Vest (no label, vintage 70s, consignment), shirt (Banana Republic, consignment), skirt (ISDA & Co.), boots (Penny Loves Kenny), tights (Look of London), coat/hat/gloves (Danier Leather).

Yeah, you read that right, I went shopping after work. So much for my "no buy January" - however, I only spent a little and I agonized over the purchase for a good 20 minutes. But check it out!
Squee! Cutest strapless dress ever! Don't you love the Aztec-ish fabric? It's a gorgeous thick cotton, and the black banding on the hem and bust help keep all that colour reined in. It's a beautiful fit.

It also has a black polka-dotted net crinoline underneath:

I know it's from the 80s because of the size:
Not a size 14 nowadays, that's for sure!

It was sold at Neiman Marcus in the US, obviously.
The actual brand is A.J. Bari (about it here and the designer Kay Unger here).

The reason for my hesitation: the zipper is broken...and the dress is about an inch too big in the top on me. However, it was only $10.00! So for that, I'm going to do the unthinkable (for me) and actually take it to a tailor for a new zipper and have it taken in an inch or so. Totally worth it, don't you think?

Anyway, I was out late with Elaine, shopping and having dinner. L was out with some coworkers right after work, and so Vizzini got his dinner late. Uh oh.
"You deserve what you get when you keep me waiting."
You know, if you leave a cranky cat alone for a few hours before he gets fed, AND you leave your closet door open...whose fault is it when something bad happens?

Something VERY bad.
These are my new Wonders Ayers Fluevogs. The ones my girlfriends bought me for my birthday. And there is a strap missing, 6 inches chewed off. NOOOOOOOOOO!

I didn't discover this until Saturday morning when I went to get dressed. I was furious. I threw my shoes at the cat. I steamed for about 2 hours, then figured out what to do. I've ordered another pair (and I included my pitiful story in the comment box when I ordered) from Fluevog. I'm going to take my deformed shoe to a cobbler and have them remove the extra buckle and trim up the edges on the above shoe, and do a match removal on the intact shoe.

Because there are two sets of straps on the Wonders, you can actually connect the lower strap to the upper buckle and they are still wearable. I'm going to get some shoe dye and customize my Fluevogs! I'm actually kind of excited about it! I'm makin' lemonade out of these lemons.

And I'm never, ever, leaving my closet door open again. That was my own fault.

So I wore my shoes on Saturday...because I need this pair in my capsule! I have a lot of olive green and don't have another pair of shoes that I want to sub in for these.
It was a lovely sunny day and I was determined to put my best foot (the one with the uneaten shoe!) forward.

This is my Smoking Lily moose shirt (last barely seen here layered under my metallic moto jacket). I'm also wearing my funky brown skirt with the asymmetrical hem.
I really love how this flaps around when I walk. Such a cool shape. I last wore it here with embroidery and suede.

And the one strap is barely noticeable, especially over my green knee-high tights (vintage half-slip on under the skirt for warmth.
Looking majorly unimpressed there. I wore my black leather jacket for most of the day. Since I'd already broken my shopping ban, and I was still traumatized by The Shoe Incident I indulged in a little retail therapy after lunch (pictures below).

After shopping, I made ambrosia dessert, inspired by these awesome 70s vintage Weight Watchers recipe cards that L reminded me about this week. My Winesday women and I were killing ourselves over them - so funny! And ambrosia's such a classic 70s dessert. It was delicious!

Winesday was much-needed and I entertained my gals with my sad tale of shoe woe. I rejigged my outfit slightly since I walked to Winesday, adding one of my layering tees (not part of the capsule) and changing into my black boots for walking.
I last wore the boots here with a whole lot of ruffles.

Top (Majestic, swap from Caro), boots (Gabor).

Here's my shopping haul. It was nice to have the shopping gods balance out the loss of my shoes with some really good deals.

First up, I've been looking for the perfect vintage cape for a couple of years. I found it at the Hospice Thrift Boutique (linking because I love and it's a great cause. The volunteer ladies there are awesome). Oooh, vintage leather coming up for sale, and 50% off pink tags!
Wow. It's a thick emerald green (this year's colour!), nearly full length. It's got my required arm slits, and I can still wear a bag over my shoulder. With many capes that I've tried on and looked at, you have to carry a bag, old-style, in your hands. I need my hands free when I'm walking, so it's been tricky finding one that will work with my purses.

In addition to the lovely big collar, it has a hood!
Bonus! Since it often rains here, that will be very handy.

It's made in England by Raymond of London:
It's not lined, but it's beautifully sewn inside and out.

Best of all?
Score! Only $24.00 - such a steal!

The Hospice Boutique is having a blowout sale, clearing room for all the new donations. I found this gorgeous 100% wool vintage skirt on the sale rack:
 ...for $4.00! It's nearly a circle skirt - very much that Dior shape of the 40s-50s that the 80s looked to for inspiration. It has deep slash pockets too. Hurray for pockets!

It's snug in the waist, but it's definitely 80s with the sizing.
Made in Canada! Yay!

I also found another black skirt; in fact, another black leather skirt. This brings me to 3 - I may have a problem with black skirts, but I'm giving one to a girlfriend. Two isn't that bad, right? Heh.
This is a calf-length and it's a gorgeous pencil shape on. I like the uneven block pattern of it.

The brand is Halogen, which is apparently sold at Nordstrom in the US.
Modern sizing, but this is probably 6-7 years old - it's been broken in nicely by its previous owner. Nordstrom has a shorter leather/ponte skirt on sale on its website for $151 Canadian (regular $236), so I'd guess this skirt was over $200 new. I got it for half off the original thrift price for $20! Score!

At the same store, I also snagged this beautiful dove-grey pencil skirt off the clearance rack:
It will be awesome for spring/summer! 

It's by Bianca, and it's vintage - I'd guess 80s again. I wore a lot of pencil skirts in the 80s - they balanced out the massive shoulder pads!
It's pure wool, which I love in a lightweight weave like this. Wool breathes so nicely.

Did I score?
Of course! $2.00!

At another consignment store, Rich Rags, I found this lovely top.
I adore the corset-y styling - it has a hidden zipper up the side so you don't have to deal with all the little buttons. The lace is backed so that it's not see-through. It was $15.

This will be nice in spring/summer as well as in steampunk outfits as a layering piece. I am gradually working towards buying dressier camisole-type pieces, either in cottons/stiffer shirt fabrics or thin sweater-y fabrics, to replace some of my cheap camis. They just look classier to me than crappy t-shirt fabric camis (although those are still handy!).

At The Velvet Crease, I fell in love with this dusty pink velvet blazer:
The ruching is so insanely flattering on this! It's a gorgeous fit. It was sized 2, but it's that crazy odd sizing where that's actually equivalent to a Medium (1 = Small, etc.). It's by Nougat of London and it was $28.00.

The silver buttons are not original to the jacket:
I replaced the original buttons (which I thought were tacky) with these three - they are odds and ends of buttons from the extras that I've saved over the years from jackets and things.

Iridescent sequins. Yuck - too mermaid for my taste. I first tried to remove the sequins from the velvet buttons, but it looked a little ragged and the velvet was torn on one of the buttons so I just gave up and put new buttons on.

And that was my weekend! How was yours? Did your cat (or dog) eat anything you value?


  1. I always tell my husband that it isn't about training the puppy not to chew on shoes, it's about us being trained how not to leave shoes where the puppy can get them. However I think you are doing a great job turning lemons into lemonade!

    I have to tell you I LOVE the moose outfit! It's a great look and has me wondering what, if anything, I have that would get a similar effect.

  2. Bad Vizzini! How awful. However I'm glad you're making up for the destruction and playing with the shoes. My ebay'd Trippen boots are nicely broken in, and since they're not a sealed style boot, I'm thinking of playing with dye/paint on them at some point!

    I'll admit, I also caved this month. I knew January would be a bad time to start a year long ban for myself since my birthday, birthday money, etc. always ruins that, but I have one final purchase for the year planned and then I'll be going on my own adventures in remixing. However I did pick up a number of new tops, something I badly needed.

    I love your beautiful finds! The cami is my favorite piece you got, but they're all awesome. Buttons really do affect how a garment looks. By simply changing them out, you can change how a whole piece looks.

  3. Not fun on the new shoes!

    I have that exact same Le Chateau top. I also got it at a thrift store! LOL

    That cape is AMAZING! Wow! Can't wait to see you wear it.


  4. Wow, I love every single piece in this post! So sorry to hear about your shoe...great fix though!

  5. Sheila, that cape was worth breaking the ban for. Oh is breathtaking.
    I broke my ban too so we are both in the bad girl club but at least we dress happily!

  6. Oh Vizzini, how could you! Lessons learnt - close the wardrobe door and don't EVER be late to give him dinner again!
    Still loving the purple suede waistcoat (envious!) and the fab tights, and your moose t-shirt.
    Of course you needed a little retail pick-me-up after your shoe trauma, and you did well! That wool cape is amazing (love a vintage label too), what a great find, and both black skirts and the corset top will be much worn, I'm sure. Cute little jacket too, Nougat clothes are fairly expensive, I think. xxxx

  7. Oh no! Your shoes! That darn cat. It's because you've been showing him on the blog so he's telling us who's boss. Sounds like a good remedy you're doing with the shoe repair man though. Good idea.
    What a beautiful cape. I can't wait to see you wear it!

  8. I don't know where to begin because everything is so lovely. I absolutely love that 1st pic with the plum colored long vest. Gorgeous. I love the moose shirt with the leather jacket! The emerald green cape- I want it. Those prices are amazing.

  9. I love the proportions of your first outfit, and the smooth stretches of solid colour of the second, especially with your black leather jacket. When I got to the scene of the crime, I made the "NOOOOOOO!" out loud, aww! Glad you have a solution in mind.

    Your shopping finds are out-of-this-world - a leather pencil skirt is one of the few things on my "ok to buy if I can ever find one the right length/fit/condition/price" list - love the circle skirt and the amazing jacket with the new buttons, and that cape will look incredible on you!

  10. Vizzini, you naughty boy! I don't let my cats in my closet either - or I try not to. The most they've gone after has been our paper towels, which isn't a huge deal, but can be a mess at times!

    I love your new dress and blazer! And I still adore the moose t-shirt!

  11. Oh noes! Bad kitty!! Have you found a reasonable punishment for him? ;)

  12. Yes that new dress was totally worth breaking you Jan ban!
    Oh, and i've had my dog, Marshmallow CHEW on the back of a pair of shoes. I WASSS SOOOO UPSET. But, my cobbler worked a little miracle and I wore the shoes until they fell apart.
    Your cape. Your cape is a dream come true and specially at that price point. It is awesome.

  13. I am DYING laughing here!! Don't you know that mere shoe strap was the only thing between Vizzini and STARVATION???

    Evidently I'm not the only person with a destructive pouting cat!!! Queen Misty used to get upset when the hubster-her preferred human-would travel for work. She's shredded shower curtains, puked in my shoes, peed on pillows, destroyed a bowl of peaches, just to name a few of her antics!!

    Wow did you get an awesome haul!!1 I am SWOONING over the cape--what a gorgeous color for you!! The new dress is worth the alterations--it is adorable!!

  14. Wow you found some very cute stuff love how the buttons on that coat turned out super cute and oh no about kitty eating your shoes!! Bad bad kitty!! My dog would have done the same only he would have eaten the whole shoe for sure!! I have to keep my door closed or else :O Well I think you have a great attitude! Enjoy all your new treasures ~Love Heather

  15. Bad kitty!! Like Amber, I'm still waiting to find the right leather skirt. I know it's out there!

  16. Beautiful dress! And there's nothing wrong with getting it tailored.

  17. I'm so sorry to read that Vizzini ate your shoes - especially such a special pair! I'm glad you can still wear them and you're taking the chance to make the most out of it and personalise them further so they become even more unique and special.

    Great shopping too, definitely made up for the shoe incident!

  18. My dog ate my Frye boots before I even had the chance to wear them. Fortunately, I had purchased these boots with my AMEX card. I contacted AMEX and filled out some paperwork and was reimbursed thanks to the Purchase Protection Plan that they have!

  19. Oh, man, Sheila, bless you and Vizzini's little hearts. I cannot believe what he did to your Fluevogs - or your creativity in getting two pairs of Fluevogs out of this SJ does not like her bowl to be empty - ever - but her revenge usually takes the form of 4 a.m. wake-up calls, or knocking things off my nightstand or vanity. I usually find my contact lens case on the floor every morning.

    You always score when you go thrifting - and wow, such a size range! I pretty much just eyeball waists these days, and put on anything that looks close to my size.

  20. BAD KITTY! BAD!!!! Do not chew the Fluevogs! I think my heart stopped for a few seconds when I saw that photo.


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