Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Forgotten Bangle

Today I'm wearing something I want to wear! A new dress!

I love getting a new dress. There is just something about dresses. They make me want to be all girly and drink martinis. I was drawn to this dress's print - it's a nice geometric print, but not too regular (I do like a bit of chaos). It sort of reminds me of 70s patchwork - very trendy with the cool kids, I hear.

It's made of that really heavy, bouncy jersey material, so the skirt has lovely swing to it. It was in the "regular" section at the thrift boutique, as opposed to the "boutique" section of the thrift boutique, which means that it fell in the "all dresses - $9" section instead of being individually priced. Score! And it was made in the US. Cool.

I wore a half-slip under this for warmth - despite the cooler weather, I am stubbornly resisting tights and nylons. I'm not sure why. I love coloured/patterned tights and I know once I get into them again, I'll be off and running.

Anyway, I think one of the reasons the dress was in the regular, cheapy section is that it looks like a teeny tiny dress when it's on a hanger, because it's so heavy. The sizing is also wonky, this being a large. Me, not large. Dress, also not large.

Those are my brown boots that I have had for so long (over 5 years) I can't remember what brand they are, and the insoles are stuck to the inside so I can't peel them out without ruining them. Oh, they're Roberto Vianni. Here's the very first time I wore them on the blog, back in April 2008. I still have that jean jacket, but nothing else.

I love all the colours in this dress: turquoise, tan, brown, green, cream and yellow.
I wore a yellow cami to pop off the yellow and fully intended to wear the above yellow cuff. However, as I staggered around like a zombie getting ready for work this morning, I totally missed seeing it on the shelf and left it at home. *sigh*

Dress (O'Lala, thrifted), cami (InWear), boots (Roberto Vianni), bangle (thrifted).


  1. That's it. I'm done thrifting here. I'm taking the next train to Canada to go thrifting with you. That dress is bonkers-level cute.

  2. How cool is that dress. I love the print. It reminds me of Mandalas. What a major score. I hate when sizing is like that. I have a few items marked "large" that are definitely not large.

  3. I urgently need a that one comfortable?

  4. I love everything about that dress. It's amazing.

  5. I'm with Freeda - Canada has *all* the cool stuff. You look fab. Wendy had me worried for a moment -- shopping camp?? Martini camp?? : >

  6. Oh Lala is a perfect name for that dress? What was it like having all of us pick out your clothes for you? Do tell!

  7. ooh, I LOVE the colors, pattern and the cut of this dress!
    You look so awesome!

  8. Freeda, you're so funny! If you ever make it up here, I will take you shopping!

    Megan, isn't it awesome? I am in love with all the colours - it will go with so much! And this is why we have to ignore the size labels in everything!

    Thanks, Lorinda!

    Wendy, ha! Yes, camis are wonderfully comfy - think of them as underwear! I have about 20 in various colours.

    Ana, thank you!

    Patti, it's not Canada, it's me (ha!).

    Roberta, thank you! It was really fun giving the control over for a bit. It sure was easier to pick outfits!

    Reva, thank you, sweetie!

  9. Beautiful dress - but you know I'm a big dress fan - so easy to wear :-)

    How in earth did you manage to ascertain it would fit? It sounds like it had very little "hanger appeal", and I'm sure I'd had just skimmed past it!

  10. yow! so many prints are boring, or kinda yucky.....then there are those like this one, which is perfect. And even more perfect on you! Great cut on that dress, as well. Yay!!

    Happy Friday! steph

  11. I'm with freeda and Patti- I need to join the party and come thrifting up in the great white north! (or not-so-white-northwestish...) :)
    That dress is totally gorgeous, and it looks marvelous on you! What a great find.
    (but a size large- it or you- ain't!)
    Do you ever wonder if stuff winds up at a thrift store because it has the wrong size-label in/on it?
    Thank heaven you didn't pay attention to that dreadful tag!

  12. I love that dress! It's perfect! I spent a good part of my day scouring the internet for something similar!

  13. Tat, thank you! I pulled it out, looked at the fabric, knew that the heaviness was causing it to look smaller, shrugged and thought, "What the hell?" And I lucked out: it fit! It could just as easily not have fit.

    Steph, I agree! I hate boring prints. Happy Friday!

    Rita, ha, totally, let's make it a party! Thank you! Yes, I think stuff often winds up at a thrift store due to wonky sizing - the shoes I wore today are a good example. I always ignore size tags.

    Cara, thank you - yes, this would look lovely on you.

  14. What is it about dresses? That's all I want to wear lately - and they're all I've been shopping for, too! I totally covet your new dress. You can style it up in a zillion ways, and it only cost $9!!! PERFECTION :)

  15. That is a really, really, pretty new dress. And it has so much going on, all it needed was that yellow bangle!

  16. Erin, it's because they're so easy! Thanks!

    Kristen, thank you. I know, I wish I'd remembered that darned bangle!


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