Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Challenge Week! Wednesday: The Periodic Table of Awesome and Not Hallowe'en-y

Have you dropped me a suggestion, request or challenge for my birthday week yet? Get on it! There are prizes! Two days left!

First of all, Vizzini is fine after his little operation - he is very stoned and lovey and is sitting on my lap whuffling away as I type this.

Back to the challenge! Today is a two-way tie, sort of: Patti requested, "I'd love to see your Periodic Table of Elements skirt again, with sweater, hose and shoes of your choosing."

Anonymous (that frequent commenter) also asked, "Could you show us how to wear orange and black without it looking too Halloween-y?"

Patti, I was actually thinking of wearing this skirt again soon - I've only worn it the one time so far - so your suggestion was right in my sweet spot.

Anonymous, great request! Orange and black are so good together, but how to not look Hallowe'en-y?

Here's what I did: I pulled in a neutral that is close to orange (you could also pull in grey instead of camel, and play off the black) to break up the contrast between orange and black. Namely, these fab boots that haven't been worn since last November (shocking, I know).
I also added the brown belt (it has a floral cut-out pattern on it) and the pumpkin-coloured flower at my waist. I figured the floral theme would also distract from the overt Hallowe'en colour combo, along with the brown accents.

The periodic table print also has gold flowers on it:
I wish I could have these exact boots made of leather. These are such awful quality, but I love the look of them so much. They made my bare legs sweat today.

The stuff:
All nice orange-y and brown vibes going on. That doesn't look like Hallowe'en at all!

I pulled out the bronze of the belt and did bronze accessories:
I guess I should have worn Cu (copper) or Zn (zinc) to really match the skirt, hee hee.

Patti, please email me and let's start the conversation about your prizes! Well done! Thank you for the awesome inspiration!

Anonymous, since you didn't sign your name to your comment, I can't verify if someone emails and claims to be you, so I'm afraid you can only claim the glory of a winning suggestion as your prize. Sorry!

Cardigan (Kersh), cami (Plum), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Outline, consignment), belt, earrings (Plum), bracelet (Jacob).


  1. Oooh fab look. I adore that skirt, and it looks great with orange and cognac. Cognac is a wonderful bridging neutral. Sorry those are bad quality, hopefully you'll come across and equal replacement sometime and they'll be real leather.

  2. Oh, my idea was so good : > I mean, you look so great in this color combo!! You can't tell that the boots aren't leather by sight, but I know what you mean about the comfort-factor. They do look super fly. I'll email you a
    about a possible swap of some sort??

    Vizzini - sweet dreams, little one.

  3. I like your orange and brown combination. Good boots are hard to come by. I like the color and wedge heel on yours. If only they were leather!


  4. hi! is it legal to make a suggestion here? maybe i'll post it here and at the original as well (don't want to get de-qualified on a technicality!)

    so, the idea is newtrals (but of course!), outrageous ballgown-y feel, and shoes. i've been hopping up and down on one foot and biting my nails over these shoes since you wore them with the polka dot pants....on top of it all, they remind me of some booties i had way back in the day! too overstimulatingly much!!

    my submission:
    Jeffrey Campbell silver bow booties (9-28-11 post)

    JJF ashes on snow skirt (9-14-11)

    plaid bustier (9-1-11) over

    Chanel blouse (7-30-11)

    with tiered petti (8-21-11) (if it fits)

    all topped by Noa Noa striped jacket of Mad Hatter fame!

    don't know about belt/other accessories. it's been fun 'dressing you in my head'!!!! give little V-boy a snorgle from me, i hope he continues feeling fine. I wonder, does Inigo seem to notice anything ... different? happy day! steph

  5. Thanks, Megan! Is that cognac? I don't know!

    Patti, it was awesome! Thank you!

    Heather, thank you and welcome!

    Steph, you are so hilarious. I love all your craziness of what to put might get your own special post!

    Hee, Inigo seems to be happier, as Vizzini is much more snuggly and less aggressive (funny, that).

  6. vewwwy interesting about the kitties! glad they are feeling good :)

    ha! it occurred to me whilst walking that if you threw some electric blued tights into the above mix it would really spark with your hair. Yowie! Have a great Friday Sheila! steph

  7. Ha, I will keep the electric blue tights in mind, Steph - I might have to do a special post to catch all the suggestions I didn't do! Happy weekend!


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