Monday, October 17, 2011

Vintage, Leather and Thrift Finds

Happy Monday! I put today's outfit together during my birthday party this past weekend. And it's Visible Monday! Are you taking part?

One of my girlfriends wanted to know how I built an outfit, so I started grabbing things and one thing led to another...we always seem to end up in my closet with our wine, oohing and ahhing over clothes during a party!

Anyway, when I picked out my clothes last night for work today, it just seemed to make sense to wear the outfit I had already created!I started with the pin, matched it to this sweater (third outfit down), added the tough-looking Indiana Jones leather skirt (third outfit again), added copper earrings, and capped it off with the coppery shoes.

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted, except for the shoes.
I didn't plan it! I just have a lot of second-hand clothes.

In case you wondered, I don't walk in my good shoes to work:
I do love my fun Adidas runners.

That glimmer of colour with my coat is my new-to-me thrifted scarf:
It's 100% silk, and is by Remoy d'Urville, and was made in Paris, likely in the 70s. It was $8.00.

I love all the colours in it:
I believe these scarves were all hand-painted. I love the burgundy, chartreuse and other fall colours. Isn't it like a big blurry, wet autumn day?

Someone came in for a better look:
Vizzini's "not guilty" face.

You may notice that I have a little purse in one of the pictures up there. I've been enjoying looking for quality purses on my thrifting rounds now that I don't have to carry a backpack. I got this one at the Vintage Fair with Elaine for $15.00.
I was attracted to the quality. The sewing is awesome, and those are bits of leather on there. And purple flowers! I totally didn't clue into what the giant "C" logos were all over it.

The back:
It's pretty beat up, but that's part of the charm for me. I gave it a good cleaning with the Folex and it brightened it right up. This is just a little workhorse of a purse!

Lovely brass hardware and real leather strap:I was happy to see that my instinct for quality was bang-on:
"This is a Coach bag." Well, isn't that awesome! And only $15.00. Score!

The stuff:
I love the classic look of these shoes. The jewelry is all new-to-me, again purchased for very thrify prices at the Vintage Fair.

The pin caught my eye first - I love that baby blue hemisphere in the centre:
I have a bit of a copper jewelry collection, started with my Grandma J's stuff, but now I'm keeping my eye out for other unique vintage pieces. The earrings were about $8-12 at the Vintage fair.

The brooch was in my price range:
It's from the 50s, as are the earrings:
And they're stamped "Renoir"! Love!

Sweater (Plum, thrifted), skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Pink), earrings (Renoir, vintage 50s), pin (vintage 50s), bag (Coach, thrifted), scarf (Remoy d'Urville, thrifted).


  1. I've only ended up in my closet with friends at a party twice. I can't remember the context for either.

    I love starting with something small! I keep forgetting about that, I'll have to remember that for this weekend!

  2. Love that pin! It's gorgeous. And I love how complementary that scarf is with your fab chartreuse skirt.

    I always think those shoes are Miz Mooz. They have a very similar feel.

  3. I love brown and blue together, and I also really love the rest of the colour palette you've put together here. Having an all-thrift/vintage day always makes me happy!

  4. I also wish I could shop where you the scarf and the powdery blue sweater at front of post! I just purchased some T strap heels...probably because I saw them on you and liked them so much!!

  5. You have the best eye for vintage. Amazing stuff.

  6. LOL at Cara's comment -- my closet is never a party destination : > You look fab in that leather skirt! Like Vizzini I, too, love your new silk scarf.

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday.

  7. Yet more fab finds! Aren't thrifted scarves the best?

  8. Love it that the you kept the prices on for the photos!! Scored, you did~
    Just love your shoes--ALL THE TIME!

  9. Cara, you would party in my closet! Starting with a small piece can really spark your creativity! Go for it!

    Megan, thank you - it reminds me of sunburst clocks from the 70s. I know, the shoes are very MM.

    Hostess, you totally can! Drop me a line if you want to go shopping sometime. :)

    Ana, thank you! Most of my days are a good portion of thrift/second-hand, and I do love my vintage.

    Pam, thanks! T-straps are awesome - they stay on great!

    Ally, thank you!

    Patti, thank you! I enjoy your VMs - thank you for doing them!

    Sal, yes, they are!

    Paula, but of course! Otherwise, you might not believe my great deals! Thanks, hon!

  10. Brown and blue, beautiful! I love old copper jewelry as well Renoir made some fantastic pieces. I often look under vintage jewelry on EBay for copper or even better "copper enamel". You can find some gorgeous stuff for quite cheap...that stuff's not as psychotically collectible yet as bakelite and such. Copper is lovely on you!

  11. Love the bag! Is it actual Coach, or cut-up Coach with the tag sewn in (what a good idea :)

    I'm still ROFLing at Cara's comment ...

  12. IrishRedRose (great name), thank you! I have a bunch of vintage copper, mostly my grandmother's. I prefer the thrill of the hunt of finding things in person (much less tempting than Ebay!).

    Ruthie! It's a real Coach bag - I looked it up. It was totally beat up, which is why it was so cheap.

  13. Oh, so many yummy fall colors!
    Unbelievably, years ago I wouldn't go anywhere near brown- (I only wore silly was that?) but now brown and blue has become a favorite combination for me. And that Remoy d'Urville scarf is just the bee's knees! Awesomesauce!

  14. Rita, thank you! It's so funny how our tastes change over the years, isn't it? Hee, "awesomesauce" is from 'Parks and Recreation', right? I love that show!

  15. Yup!
    I know, isn't it hilarious? I think Amy Poehler can do no wrong- she's hysterical. That, The Office (both versions) and 30 Rock, and I'm laughing myself into a right little snit.

  16. Rita, I totally agree. That's one of my favourite network shows. Genius!

  17. You could look into making a closet theme party next time... it actually sounds fun.
    AND these colors together are actually one of my very favorites .

  18. Lorena, that would be fun, but maybe a little dangerous with wine amongst all my clothes! Thank you so much!


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