Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long Birthday Weekend!

Hey! Time flies when one is not working, surprisingly. I have one more day off after today...but then it's only two days to the weekend again! And my official birthday party!

But in the meantime, I had a nice long weekend. On Saturday, I got up early and went to my WW meeting: My cool plaid Kensie dress. Haven't worn this in a while, but I did recall that it's very sheer, so I wore a black satin slip under it (you can see a good 3 inches hanging out at the bottom). I went with purple tights to jazz up all that black and grey.

Those are my new boots - they were awesome for walking in all day (we met up with Spence and Kim and Nick and Karen for lunch, walked to town, walked home).

I also wore my new-to-me fall/spring coat that I picked up about a month ago on consignment for $30. Isn't the colour fab? I love chartreuse. The fabric is cotton, but it's brushed so it has a nice velvety feel. Not as heavy as a wool coat, but perfect for the rainy west coast.

And because the weather here is very changeable, I also added my grey fingerless gloves and my striped cashmere scarf:
I was pretty chuffed that the purple of my tights matched the purple purse so well. I had a lot of compliments from strangers on this colour mix.

The coat was a really good deal. Planet coats usually start around $300 new.
Such beautiful finishing inside: dark chocolate brown satin lining, edged with satin, a nice chain for hanging it.

Coat (Planet, consignment), scarf (Club Monaco), gloves (Parkhurst), dress (Kensie), boots (Gabor).

Vizzini saw that the coat was getting lots of attention, so he decided to get in on it:
Aw, such a cute little bun!

I can't leave out Inigo:
He was helping L cheer for the Dolphins last week. It didn't work.

On Sunday (my actual birthday), I had my niece Hannah for the day. It's "Day with Auntie Sheila"! I like being a little whacky whenever I see my nieces:
That's a new-to-me sweater that I got in a thrift store about 3 months ago for $4.00. It's acrylic, so washable. I also like the long cut of it (and nice neckline), and I don't have much in the way of blue in my closet.

I did my leopard tights with my mini-skirt:
A vintage choker and my dark brown walking boots...oh, and that's a new purse I got in a thrift store on the weekend.

I went to the usual thrift boutique - they totally overcharge for thrift, but they have a good selection, and it's for a good cause (grumble). The bag was $24.50, but at least it was suede:
I like the colour, the dark brown (good quality) PVC trim, and the gold hardware.

Never heard of the brand and couldn't find anything about them online:
That website doesn't exist. So, Label Fail.

Hannah and went to a flea market (it wasn't very good, but was only $2 for both of us). We saw this graffiti at the bus stop:
I like creative graffiti. Thank you, anonymous artist! Well done!

We had a lovely sunny day, fortunately:
A good day to walk over the bridge back to town.

Another shot of the harbour:
Very quiet for a holiday weekend.

After we had our adventures downtown, I returned Hannah to her mom and L and I went out for dinner for my birthday. I'd been saving this dress from my Dots shop of a couple of weeks ago:
Everytime I wear it, I start singing "Come On, Eileen." I feel like an extra from that video.

The dress is a light grey with black and a thread of red/burgundy. It's cotton flannel, so it's ultra soft. It's by Naughty (apparently my dress is called the "Tartan Fling"), which is a UK label that reminds me very much of the deconstructed look of All Saints' clothes.

It was marked down to $49.99 at Dots, plus I had a coupon for an extra 40% off, so it was $30.00. The regular price was $150.00. Score!

Here's a good look at the skirt and all the wrapping of it:
I love all those folds in the front. So cool.

I put my red belt on and my red boots for the stroll down to the restaurant. Unfortunately, it was closed (arg, long weekend hours!), so we went to the pub instead.

I wore my grey frilly jacket over it to ward off the chill:
And a fun birthday was had!

Dress (Naughty), jacket (label illegible, Camden Market), boots (Miz Mooz), belt (Plum).

On Monday, I just hung out with L all day. We had a lovely roast beef dinner (I'm making stew now out of the leftovers). Today, Mom, L and I went for lunch so I got dressed up:
It's been alternating with tropical downpour and sunshine, so I'm cautiously layering. That's my washable suede skirt, with my comfy boots (recently waterproofed), my leopard blouse (last worn in May) and my good ol' sweater vest.

I'll be wearing this to my WW meeting tonight as well.Hope you had a fun weekend!

Blouse (Planet, consignment), vest (Le Chateau, swap from Ruth), skirt (Skott's Suede, thrifted), boots (Miz Mooz), necklace (Foxy).


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! Now, I want some purple tights! My favorite look here is the plaid dress with the maroon boots...love it!

  2. So many good looks! Your new brushed cotton coat is very, very, nice. Love leopard tights any day of the week. And your birthday dress (the Naughty one) is so cute! You have amazing style skills. And very photogenic kitties : >

  3. I love the first dress with the jacket on! It is such a great colour combination!

    I also love the other plaid dress! Are you worried about the folds if it's washed / squished??

  4. Yegads! I'm almost overwhelmed by this collection of interesting, perfectly fitted, and fantastically thrifted finds. Thanks for such a great fashion show today!

    p.s. That final plaid dress is to die. And I love it with our sweet red boots.

  5. That drapey dress is absolutely beautiful and I'm coveting it madly. Happy birthday!

  6. Two great plaid dresses! Though the second is soo drool worthy, and definitely an All Saints vibe! It would have been worth the retail, but WHOA what a great deal. Hope your birthday was fantastic.

    Also politely requesting a close up-minus kitty photo of the color of that coat. Although the kitties are adorable~! Your Inigo reminds me terrible of my Gomez, down to those huge pupils. I love Vizzini's little white whiskers.

  7. Love! LOVE your plaid dress! And happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!
    I love those boots and I just realized that we live in the same city. What a coincidence in this blogger world.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!

    That "Naughty" plaid dress is amazing...... I want! I totally know what you mean about the Come on Eileen video, although you are much, much more stylish.

  10. Happy belated, my friend! So much to love, here, but that draped plaid dress is my FAVE. Such fun!

  11. Happy Birthday belated!
    Lovely dress by Naughty! I also live the Planet coat, though it wouldn't be practical in Quebec weather. But for you - it's a real gift.

  12. That chartreuse with the purple is mouth-watering, add in a striped cashmere scarf and - yum! & that plaid dress is simply great.

    Happy Birthday!!!! steph

  13. I'm glad you had a great birthday. Love all your outfits.

    I looked up Jungfer. If I found the correct one, it's a company in China, established in the late 80's. The full name is GUANGZHOU JUNGFER LEATHER CO., LTD. You may be able to find more on it by that name.

    Cindy (a lurking fan)

  14. Thanks, Pam! I love that dress too.

    Patti, thanks! The kitties also thank you. :)

    Thanks, Ally!

    Cara, thanks - chartreuse has always been a favourite of mine. No, the new plaid dress doesn't wrinkle - there must be some poly in it.

    A-Dubs, thank you! Our boots are rather fabulous.

    C&B, thank you!

    Megan, I agree, that one's my favourite too. I think the colour is pretty accurate in the pictures, but I'll take a shot outside for you next time I wear the coat. Hee, we call Vizzini's whiskers his fu-manchu moustache.

    Thanks, Keely!

    Hostess, thank you! How bizarre is that?? We should meet up! :)

    PixieSam, thank you! Ha, yes, the people in the video looked rather unwashed, if I recall.

    Thank you, Sal!

    Victoria, thanks! Maybe on a cool summer day in Quebec!

    Steph, thank you! I loved the purple and chartreuse together.

    Wendy, you have such good taste.

    Thanks, Cindy! I found that as well when I searched. It's such a well-made bag. Thanks for de-lurking (and for being such a helpful fan). :)

  15. That is an amazing plaid dress ! The draping is unexpected.
    It has an Alexander McQueen feel to it...

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope that you have an incredible year, filled with zillions of good things coming your way!

    What a great (naughty) dress- comfy and strikingly unusual at the same time- not many things are both at once.That's a real coup!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday, Sheila! Sorry I have been remiss about commenting; I just don't think I am ever going to catch up right now. But you have been ON FIRE with the outfits lately!!

  18. Thanks, Kristen! Aw, you're so sweet, I appreciate that.


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