Friday, October 14, 2011

Menswear-Inspired and a Tribute to Wendy B

Happy Friday!

I went pretty simple with my outfit today, but I felt great in it all day:
Two things I like: the menswear look on women (especially curvy women, like me!), and Wendy B!

Menswear, because it's fun and I enjoy dialing down the girly-girl action sometimes.Wendy B, because she has been an awesome interwebs-friend over the years, with all the fun linkages she does, her always to-the-point succinct comments, and the classic Wendy B pose. Plus, I love her jewelry, which I would love to own (when my hubby gets a job, promise).

Her last fashion round-up was the Wendy B uniform - here's my version! I had to do red shoes (I meant to do red lipstick and totally forgot), and aren't they fab red shoes indeed?I found them at the thrift store last weekend. One of my colleagues at work today asked me how I always find such good things (price- and quality-wise) when I shop second-hand. I actually zero in on good quality materials first, by hand if I'm doing the racks, visually if doing the shoes. These babies popped right out at me!

Those are my skinny jeans, and my black pinstripe shirt, worn with L's tie (which I wore before with another meanswear-inspired look).

Megan asked for a colour-accurate picture of my chartreuse coat:
Hi, honey! This is pretty close - it's diffused sunlight (I'm facing south).

But let's go back to the shoes:

I am not a fan of flat loafers (although I wore them back in the 90s), but put a heel on 'em and I'm in love. These ones have a sweet lug sole and don't you adore the little tassels? They're leather too!

And although these weren't a total score (that cursed thrift boutique!), they were still a good deal:
All finished leather on the inside too.

I know exactly why these were discarded: the sizing is way off. These are marked 8 1/2 and they are really more like a 9 1/2. They were roomy in the toe and awesome with bare feet all day. I even walked home from the grocery store in them after work!

I shouldn't be too surprised at the quality - my other Hilary Radleys (1st outfit) are also made of 100% pure awesome.

Hope your weekend is full of sunshine!

Shirt (Mexx, consignment), tie (Tommy Hillfiger, L's), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), shoes (Hilary Radley, thrifted).


  1. I love finding quality when thrifting. My mother is still in awe of the time we were thrifting together and found a couple hundred dollar sweater for $7, just by touch.
    The loafers are great!

  2. So many things I love in one post. Perfect outfit for the Wendy B look! I love the Sheila-additions.

    I'm usually not a fan of how loafers look (though I had this pair of white loafers that were the most comfortable in the world, even though they were uuuuugly)... but those are very well balanced. Usually loafers with heels have too little/too high of a heel, but those don't. I also love the rugged sole.

    Also hooray for the coat! The color and cut is gooorgeous. Thanks for the photo. ;]

  3. Menswear is attractive, especially on you. The shoes are terrific.

  4. Quality materials are the thing I look for when I'm thrifting, as well. My feet are too big to have much luck finding shoes in the second-hand shops, much less such quality ones as your loafers, which are gorgeous, but I live in hope!

    Thanks for dropping by yesterday. I came across your blog through a link at The Dashing Eccentric, and I love your style.

  5. I'm with you on the loafers, GF! the only way to wear them is with heels or platforms. Some women can wear the flats ones with pinache, but I am not one of them!

  6. Nice job with personalizing the team uniform! Love the tie. The red of the tie makes up for the lipstick :-)

  7. Same here, Cara! That's a great story!

    Megan, thank you!

    Ally, thank you!

    Ana, shoes can be so hard when thrifting - I really don't find that many in my size either (9-9.5). Right back atcha! I love your style too!

    Paula, yes, so many of them are so UGLY!

    Wendy, aw, thanks!

  8. I LOVE the chartreuse with the deep red. Brilliant pairing!

  9. I am not usually a fan of how lazy look, but they are very well balanced. Normally heeled moccasins have too little too high a heel, but they do not. I also like the sturdy sole.

  10. Yay Sheila in your skinny jeans! I remember when you were unsure of them. So glad to see you branch out and hope the "under boots to help get used to the idea" suggestion I made way back when helped.

    - Tessa

  11. Yay, Tessa! Yes, I was so nervous about them - you did help, thank you!


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