Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Strawberry Ice Cream Skirt

Every so often, I spot something when I'm out thrifting that I'm drawn to, and I'm not really sure why. This skirt was one of those things.

A: It's a really unappealing shade of pink (to me - I generally don't like pink).
B: It's not a super flattering length.
C: It sort of makes that "rectangle of death" shape on my bottom half.

But it excited me! It made me think of what a challenge it would be to work it in my wardrobe. Instead of being all predictable with black or white, I went with cherry red shoes (2nd outfit) and a magenta blouse (yes, I last wore it for Hallowe'en 2010!). Not really pink, but pink-y/purple-y. I saved the black for the accents.

I did take the jacket (2nd outfit) off for many parts of my day, as the external temperature (as well as my internal one, thank you, peri-menopause) was unpredictable.
The skirt grew on me as the day went on. It was quite comfortable and most of the wrinkles fell out of it from my body's warmth. The composition of it is wool and silk - quality fabric.

I swear I wasn't swayed to buy it by the price:
It was half off that (that's what the red slash means), so $7.25. Yay!

The stuff:
Isn't it like the colour of strawberry ice cream? Or is it Pepto Bismol? Either way, Fluevogs go with anything!

The sparkly bits:
Both gifts from L from various Christmasses. He's so good at picking things out for me!

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), blouse (Esprit, consignment), cami (Esprit), skirt (Ann Taylor, thrifted), belt (Gap), shoes (Fluevog Senscha Teapots), pin and earrings (Plum).

Bonus cat shot!
Cuddly boys!


  1. I think you're making some very difficult colors to style work so well. I think the midi skirt is very on-trend, and I think it's pretty flattering on you.

    Also hooray for kitties! Also this may be weird, but I think that rug is the exact same rug my mom has, only her's is green instead of blue. Her cats are very attached to it. They'll avoid the other carpeted area to just sit on the green rug.

  2. I love the colour of the skirt! :) and pairing it with red and magenta is such a great idea!

  3. I love red and pink together, and I admire your boldness in taking on such a challenging skirt. It would've called to me, too, because sometimes it's the fabric an otherwise dubious item is made of that will make me bite. I have a real weakness for fine fabrics.

  4. You did it, Sheila - you're pink but not too pink, and I think the length is dandy on you. Take a chance, and you never know what will emerge. : >

    I live for the bonus cat shots.

  5. The way you styled this skirt, Shelia, is perfect. But, I think it looks more like raspberry sherbert! Seriously, a beautiful look for you!

  6. I love all the looks you've put together in this post and your Visible Monday post -- and I can hardly believe you did it all with mainly thrifted items. Brilliant! Plus I'm always pleased to find another Fluevog fan. . .

  7. I'd love a pair of fluevogs and these look like they are not too high and a great shape.
    You can pull of so many looks Sheila, you have such a great eye.
    BTW I have emailed you after your comment on my blog!

  8. Sheila, that is an absolutely gorgeous color combination on you! Thanks for all the creative wardrobing ideas you give us!

    Judy S.

  9. That's a great skirt, and a great length and shape. It doesn't look like pepto-bismol at all. It's more like a nice flower of some kind. Orchid? And the magenta blouse and black accessories were just the right thing.

  10. Raspberry sherbet it is! I actually think all these colors are exceptionally stunning together AND they really flatter your fair skin. I REALLY like this outfit--for itself, and on you! :-)

  11. Aw, thanks, Megan! I've always liked this length of skirt. I wouldn't be surprised - I think that rug was a Walmart special that my mom bought for me about 20 years ago. Our cats have destroyed it.

    Ki, thank you so much! Welcome - thank you for commenting!

    Ana, thank you! Sometimes I just like matchy tones of colours intead of going all-out matchy. I also hear the call of good fabrics.

    Patti, thanks so much! Hee, I will do more cat shots, just for you. :)

    Pam, thank you! Okay, sherbet it is!

    materfamilias, thank you! I love my second-hand stuff. Ooh, another Fluevog fan, awesome! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    Leslie, Fluevogs are the best! They don't make this line anymore, but you might be able to stalk some on Ebay or a site like that! Got your email, thank you!

    Judy, thank you, aw, that's so sweet. :)

    Cynthia, thanks! Ha, orchid is much better than Pepto!


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