Monday, October 24, 2011

This or That - Leopard or Snakeskin

Today marks Day 1 of the "This or That" fashion challenge - Monday's is to incorporate either leopard or snakeskin into an outfit. Pshaw! That's easy:
One of my many pieces of leopard I own (in case you didn't know, I did a Leopard Week earlier this year and was featured in this Wendy Brandes article), this blouse (last seen here - last outfit - only 2 weeks ago) is becoming a real workhorse in my wardrobe.

Just for fun, I thought I'd wear the $20 leather dress to work with it! And heck, let's toss in some fishnets while we're at it, shall we?
I'm a little blurry on Monday mornings.

The stuff:
The shoes are new-to-me, picked up on Friday after work on my thrifting jaunt with Lesley to the local Women in Need. I spotted them on a display (always loot the displays), and saw how nice the quality was. And in my size! Wee!

A better look at these beauties:
Such a classic shape! I love the Oxford details and the delicate Mary Jane strap, not to mention the slight flare of the heel. They're by Nine West and are leather. I think they've maybe been worn once. I'm boggled at how women will discard or donate barely-worn shoes. Not complaining, mind you! Keep on donating them, please!

Oh, the price?
Yeah, score. I was happy with that.

I'm also participating in Visible Monday! Go, Patti!

Blouse (Planet, consignment), dress (Truly, Part Two), belt (Plum), tights (Esprit), cuff (birthday gift from Mom).


  1. Wow! The leather dress is fantastic paired with your top! What a steal on the shoes too. They are great!

  2. Oh, delicious browns, how I love thee :)!

  3. I like the shoes, and the fishnets go well with the animal print.

  4. I had not seen the WendyB slideshow before -- you look super-fabulous! Shoulda known animal prints would be a walk in the park for you : >

    Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, your leather and leopard look is so cool.

  5. What a great outfit! I love how it's fairly neutral in colour, but everything has so much interest to it! You're making me want to go thrifting again, but it hasn't been that long since my last trip!

  6. Wow Sheila! You really know how to take a challenge and transform it into something fabulous. I envy your ability to take things not normally would be risque and making them look so perfect. I love the leather dress, all the pieces complement each other.. and those shoes are a fantastic deal.

  7. Love your layering of the dress and shirt! Looks great!

  8. Leather, leopard and fishnets - what a combo! And you carry it off so well :-)

  9. You def. DO make it look easy! And oh, those shoes!

  10. What fishnets! *going green from envy*

    I don't own anything leopard nor snakeskin. weird, no? I think it's just not "my cup of tea".

  11. Stellar shoes!
    Loot the displays...great advice
    oh and the fishnets are fun too.

  12. i read about "this or that" too late !
    I would have loved to join. My blog is still "living" in last week .... i need to catch up :)
    BTW love the leather dress.

  13. Really love how the leather blends to well with the leopard. It's such a daring and fierce look! I love a good monochromatic look - the brown hues are wonderful as well. So excited to see what else you put together for this week's challenge!

    Callie @

  14. Just found your blog through Visible Monday, and wow, what great style! Love the eclectic mix of animal prints. And those shoes ARE great. You know, I'm always a little scared to try barely-worn, thrifted shoes, because I fear they must be hiding some terrible secret (painful pinching, slippery soles, or the like). Otherwise, why WOULD somebody give up a new looking pair of shoes? Now I'm thinking I should just go ahead and try them.

  15. Style Journey, thank you so much! And thank you for visiting and commenting!

    Laniza, thanks! Me too.

    Rebecca, thank you!

    Patti, isn't that the coolest thing? I love your Visible Monday - thank you for doing it, it's so fun!

    Cara, thanks! I am always up for thrifting - it's always an adventure!

    Megan, thank you, hon, that's so sweet. :)

    Shopfreak, thank you! Thanks also for reading and commenting. :)

    Ki, it's a little daring for the office, but what the heck. Life is short! Thank you!

    Rebecca, thank you! I love the shoes too. :)

    Victoria, thanks! That's cool - if everyone liked the same thing, the world would be so boring!

    Leslie, thank you!

    Lorena, ah well, next time. :) Thanks!

    Callie, thank you! I don't usually do monochrome, so it's challenging for me in itself. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

    Anne, thank you so much for visiting my blog! Aw, that's so sweet of you, thank you. The trick with thrifted shoes is to definitely look for barely worn quality. I figure that not all women have the same size feet, and sometimes shoes are sized wrong, and maybe they were the wrong size if ordered online. Go for it!

  16. What a great outfit! I'm impressed with how the browns/neutrals keep it from being over-the-top, despite the many bold elements. Very envious of that dress -- what a find!

  17. materfamilias, thank you so much! I do like to push the envelope (especially at work), hee hee.

  18. love your tights collection :)

  19. I'm in agreement with you, Sheila. I think the barely-worn shoes at thrift stores are ones people ordered online, didn't fit, and they they couldn't/didn't return them.

    I know I have a pair or two like that lingering in my closet...

  20. Erin, yup, and also ones they bought because they were a good bargain, or for a special occasion (hence, the wore once thing).


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