Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This or That - Midi or Maxi

The theme for today is for skirts: midi length or maxi. I've done tons of maxi skirts over the past year or so (summer, spring, more spring, yet more spring, winter), and I've done midi skirts for ages as well (here, here (2 midi skirts in one post!) and here, just for a few). I like all different skirt lengths - I always have! - and having these suddenly be "in" is like saying chocolate is yummy. Well, duh.
Today, I wore another one of my midi skirts, this fabulous one that Megan sent me! How appropriate, since she is one of the co-hosts of this challenge! I feel bad that it's been so long since I wore it, but it is wool and is not really a summer skirt.

A couple of new things in the outfit.
The green knit shell (it's sleeveless) was thrifted for $6.00, the belt was purchased at the Vintage Fair for $2.00, and the tights are another pair I picked up at Esprit some months back. Oh, and the necklace is new-to-me too!

I haven't worn this jacket in forever (since June 2009)! I hang onto it because I have long dress pants and a pair of cropped dress pants that match the fabric exactly (um, Sheila, that's called a suit).

Anyway, here's the stuff:
Check out the vintage 80s belt! Each row of "scales" is sewn onto a thick fabric/elastic backing, so the whole thing is one big stretchy snakey...belt! I remember belts like this in high-end shops (like Suzy Creamcheese for those of you who are of that era), and wanting one bad.

Isn't that a lovely necklace? My friend Allison works for Women in Need (the thrift shop chain I patronize quite a lot), and she bought this for me for my birthday. I gave it a good scrub with a toothbrush and some soap and it came out lovely, all sparkly!

It's marked:
That says, "Allain" - a quick search doesn't tell me anything about the maker, other than this is probably from the 50s or 60s. But what an awesome gift!

The top is Harve Bernard:
Never heard of him, but apparently the clothes are sold in "fine stores" - probably for more than $6.00.

And lastly, the classic "leg on table":
Holy tights! Holey tights!

Jacket (Max Studio), top (Harve Bernard, thrifted), skirt (Etcetera, gift from Megan), belt (vintage 80s, thrifted), tights (Esprit), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), necklace (Allain, vintage 50s-60s, gift from Allison).


  1. Those tights are fabulous! You should have saved them for the polka dot or stripes for tomorrow!

  2. Thanks, Cara! I have striped tights in mind for tomorrow...I think! I just liked how these ones looked.

  3. What a great outfit! I have to agree with Cara, those tights are absolutely wonderful. It's amazing what a simple pair of patterned tights can do to an outfit. Excited to see what else you put together for the challenge this week!

    Callie @

  4. Green and grey! One of my fav combos. I still think that skirt fits very well on your figure. I'm glad you're able to wear it now! I have a knack for finding perfect things... in the wrong season. I love the hole-y dot tights. The necklace is also a great find. Can't wait to see your outfit for tomorrow!

  5. Wuite the newby around here but I'm really enjoying seeing these challenges and the responce people give to them ^_^ I really like this outfit alot. I can see you do well with your proportions lol. The addition of the green jummper just pulls the entire look together ^_^


  6. Those tights are the bee's knees :D and I love your skirt, you wear it so well!

  7. You have such a great figure for midi-length skirts...they look so classic and tailored on you..a great fit!!

  8. Holy Tights, Batman! Sorry, had to say it...
    And yes, I remember Suzy Creamcheese! What a flashback :)

  9. Love the outfit and the tights! I probably have more pairs of polka dot tights than any other type but non that are holey. So nifty! And, I recently thrifted a lime green skirt that is Harvey Benard and had to google it.

  10. Tights !
    those tights are fabulous !
    I'm planning a trip soon (vacations) and will take tights... seems like NY is cold.

  11. I love your accessories, especially the 80s belt. I'm not sure I could pull off holey tights--I have a tendancy to rip tights.

  12. This is a great outfit. I love the vintage accessories. That was a great present!
    The tights are really cool.

  13. Callie, thank you! I love doing these challenges.

    Megan, I have an even better combo in store for you tomorrow! I love the skirt and it will get lots of wear this winter. :) You are so good at thrifting - a gal after my own heart.

    Broken Whimsy, thanks!

    Ki, hee, thank you!

    Pam, aw, thanks!

    Erin, ha, I was waiting for it! I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers Suzy! :)

    Anjali, thank you! Ooh, the skirt sounds awesome! Thank you so much for reading!

    Thanks, Lorena. Yes, you will need tights for cool weather!!

    Sage, thank you so much! These were actually very stretchy and yet I never caught on the holes. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    Debbie, thank you!


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