Sunday, October 30, 2011

This or That - Friday Fall Brights and Saturday Fave Fall Trend

Well, my super-busy weekend is just about over - I guess I'd better post Friday and Saturday's trend outfits!

Friday: The theme was Fall Brights:
I bought this insanely beautiful chartreuse skirt at Dots with the birthday gift card from my gorgeous Winesday Women. I loved how it looked with cobalt blue.

I'm doing a light green cami under the blue top to pull out the green tones in the skirt:
Someone's watching the camera...

This is what is staring at me most mornings when I'm reading blogs:
He's a handful!

Anyway, the skirt is another Noa Noa (I love the quirkiness of their clothes), and it was on sale at Dots for $39.99:
Of course I had a coupon, so it was an extra 30% off, so $27.99. Not bad.

I like that the colour name is "acacia" - I think that's a tree.
I wish I'd worn a slip with it - the lining is also cotton and it clung to my tights all day.

Vizinni was very helpful with the pictures.
I've been wanting to wear this awesome obi that Megan made for me out of two of Ally's ties for ages! Finally found the right combo.

I note (according to my Glamour magazine) that gloves are trendy again.
I say, "When are they not??" I love leather gloves especially. These navy ones are going to get a lot of use this winter.

I got these at Dots as well.
$29.99 for InWear - and these were 30% off as well! so $20.99. That's good for leather - they're lined in a wool/cashmere blend too.

I was pleased with how the blue lace tights looked with this, despite the skirt creep all day.

The stuff:
The gold flowers on the skirt are actually painted on the fabric. It's very cool looking. That's a better shot of the two tie fabrics on the obi as well.

A close-up:
My tree necklace and Mom's bracelet from the 60s that I've had since the mid-80s.

Top (Oxmo), cami (Ricki's), skirt (Noa Noa), tights (Silks), obi (handmade, gift from Megan), necklace (Foxy), cuff bracelet (vintage 60s, Mom's), shoes (Feet First).

I had to rush home after work and get changed to go out for dinner. L and I accidently double-booked a friend's gallery opening and another friend's birthday party, so dinner was the only time we spent together all day.

It was a little chilly out, plus I wanted to continue my Fall Brights theme for evening, so I added my cognac pants:
My leather pants, that is!

I swapped out my green cami for an olive and copper sparkly one, then just changed from skirt and tights to pants.

I also added my copper skull cuff.
I felt like million bucks in these pants. I'm still boggled that I found leather pants in a thrift store that fit me like they were made for me. Check out the Story of the Leather Pants if you haven't seen it before - these pants have history!

I wore my white leather jacket:
And my Coach bag. I'm leather tip to toe! So badass, hee hee.

And lastly, my burgundy gloves:
I had a blast and walked home in these shoes at 1:30 am. L arrived home soon after.

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), top (Oxmo), cami (Esprit, thrifted), pants (Gap, thrifted), shoes (Feet First), bag (Coach, thrifted), gloves (Parkhurst).

*yawn* I crawled out of bed at somewhere around 1pm on Saturday. L and I decided to go for lunch, so I pondered what my Favourite Fall Trend was while I stared at my closet, and decided that it is the maxi skirt.
I just love the look of it (and I wore it all summer, so I'm really glad it's still "in"). My denim maxi has seen lots of wear since I got back in October 2010 - I only paid $8.50 for it, so I think my cost per wear is down to about a dollar!
Other favourite trends in this outfit: stripes, fall brights (the olive sweater), booties with studs.

I even have long striped socks on (easier than wrestling with tights!):And since it was so sunny yesterday, I didn't go overboard with my outerwear.
But it's another fall trend! Faux fur vests! I felt very stylin' and wore most of the elements all of Saturday night.

Vest (Esprit), sweater (Kensie, consignment), tee (Majestic, swap from Caro), skirt (InWear, consignment), belt (Gap), booties (Libby Edelman), bag (Matt & Nat, consignment)

Every year on Hallowe'en weekend, we have a bunch of friends over for Scary Movie Night. I did up goodie bags of popcorn and some candy, and we watched "May", "The Orphanage" and "John Carpenter's The Thing." All excellent and we had a great time!

Are you dressing up for Hallowe'en for work tomorrow? I am not going in costume (I have a 3 hour meeting on Mondays, and it's not the image I want to project to upper management), but I'll be in some black and orange vintage!


  1. Your brights outfit is soo soo perfect. I love the new skirt, and that you got to deploy the obi belt! It looks great. I'd love to feature you in that outfit if you wouldn't mind.

    The leather pants! I remember their New Year's eve story. They really are fantastic. Send me some of that luck, I'm still looking for another pair since my grandmother "accidentally" donated my perfect pair years ago.

    I actually like how well you pull off maxi skirts. It's really making me rethink them since I believe we're about the same height. Also we both wore furry vests and stripes! Great minds think alike?

  2. I love the gold is a keeper and you look amazing in the leather go girl!

  3. All the outfits were great - esp. the first spite of the skirt "creeps" (maybe that was just a scary Halloween occurrence).

    You're one of my favorite "dramatic" fashionistas. Some of them I admire but could never see myself dressing like them even if I had the figure to do it. You, on the other hand, are everything I'd like to be fashion-wise. (Well, ALMOST everything...)

  4. In that first picture you look very ... bam! Yep, that word describes it all.
    I just want to thank you for your very sweet comment that you left last week. That kind of comment makes me realize I'm not wasting my time... well, I am but it's a fun waste..:)

  5. Wow what a busy weekend and you rocked the fashions. All those brights and uses of colour show just how savvy and comfortable you are with your own style.

  6. The first outfit is incredibly beautiful. I can't believe I contributed a tiny part to it. Wonderful colors. Your creativity never stops amazing me, Sheila.

  7. Gorgeous as always - I love that maxi skirt in particular :-). Top tip for skirt drift is to rub a little moisturiser on to your tights - sounds daft, but really works!

  8. (I've no idea how many comments I've posted now Sheila! Thank goodness for comment moderation! If it's more than one, just pick your favourite lol!).

  9. Cobalt and chartreuse - so wow! together. I love all your combos- and I agree about gloves, always a "do". Love, love your denim skirt and booties. And your cat. Give him to me : >

  10. What a beautiful skirt! An amazing outfit, this color pairs wonderfully with the blue.
    Love your use of the maxi-skirts.

  11. I like to read about the different brands you buy.
    Noa Noa usually has some amazing textiles -
    that skirt is amazing and I like how you livened it up with that blue.
    BTW my mom says I got a package !

  12. Love the godl skirt with the textured stockings. You are so trendy, GF. From the maxi to the fur vest and color galore! All looks are great~
    Halloween? I used to go all out--friends used to have a HUGE party and being near Salem, MA--there is always the Witches' Ball. I live vicariously thro my kids costumes now (they are adults!)but apparently the costume gene was handed down. I have passed the baton--willingly.

  13. The cat ears in the foreground made me laugh!

  14. Your outfits are amazing! I especially love the cobalt blue, and of course, the gloves.

  15. Thanks so much, Megan! I am totally flattered that you featured me in a post. :) Yes, we're about the same height: I am 5'4". That's too funny that we dressed nearly the same.

    Pam, thank you!

    Rebecca, thanks! Aw, what a sweet thing to say! I really do wear everything out in public, so I need to keep it "real."

    Jentine, thanks! Yes, I love your blog - it's so fun. :)

    Leslie, thanks! I do love to play with my clothes.

    Ally, thank you! And thank you again for contributing your gorgeous ties. :) I treasure that obi.

    Thanks, Anonymous!

    Tat, thank you - good idea! I saw all the comments, hee hee!

    Patti, don't those colours look awesome together? Um, no, back away from the cat, woman! :)

    Victoria, thank you so much!

    Lorena, I love Noa Noa - my local Dots store carries a small line of their samples, and I always find one or two pieces a season. Thank you! Ooh, I hope you like what I sent you. :)

    Paula, thanks! Your Hallowe'ens sound fun!

    Wendy, me too - I love those details.

    Judith, thank you!

  16. I love that deep blue and mustard combination, you are a color mixing master! =)

  17. Shey, thank you! It's more of a chartreuse (more green-tinged yellow) than a mustard (has a bit more brown in it) - sorry if the colour is hard to see!

  18. Love your complete leather outfit, just need some gloves to match the pants and you'll be set. ;0)

  19. Leather pants + leather jacket + high heels = SEXY WOMAN! ;)


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