Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rockin' Robin - Lots of Yellow

I realized on my way home today that my outfit is kind of superhero-coloured, specifically Robin of Batman & Robin! Ha!

I actually pulled my inspiration from two sources. One is the gorgeous autumnal foliage that I'm seeing as the leaves turn on the maple trees and other trees lining the streets. It's starting to get dark in the mornings - I'm not going to have much light left outside soon for pictures! It's also freezing outside this early!

My green cardi has gotten lots of wear over the last couple of years - I love a big collection of coloured cardigans (almost as much as I love a bunch of coloured camis!). They work with so many things.
My yellow Megan skirt (2nd outfit), and some new textured tights in a nice rusty colour.

My outerwear was actually more colourful still, since I added a bunch of yellow and chartreuse:
This coat is such a great seasonal transition piece. I'm going to wear it until it falls apart! My fake Tod's bag makes another appearance (I actually carried these shoes to work in it).

The stuff:
These green shoes (last outfit) made the cut in my closet last time I cleaned it. They are a little high for my feet now, and not especially comfortable after a full day, but I knew I'd be in a meeting all day today and I figured they'd be fine. Who could have predicted that the meeting room would have hardwood floors and I'd be clomping around like a horse all day?

The second thing I built my outfit around was this new belt buckle that L bought me for my birthday:
The colour isn't quite right there (this picture was taken at night when I got home), but the background is a baby blue, with shades of green in the leaves and bits of orange and yellow on the flowers. It's another Shi Studio buckle (like my cowboy one).

I also wore Grandma J's wonderful leaf necklace:

And these new-to-me vintage gloves that I got at the Vintage Fair (would you believe I still have one more thing that I got there?).
They were $4.00.

Cardigan (Kersh, consignment), cami (Esprit), skirt (BB Dakota, consignment), tights (Hue), shoes (Marc Fisher, consignment), belt and buckle (Shi Studio), necklace (vintage 50s, Trifari, Grandma J), coat (Planet, consignment), bag (fake Tod's, thrifted).


  1. I LOVE everything about this outfit! The colors are perfect for fall and so great against your coloring!

  2. Beautiful colors!!! It looks like you succumb to vintage gloves; I can never resist!

  3. I love all the colours in your outfit - they work together so well! :) it is bloggers like you who have inspired me to stop relying on black! :)

  4. Aww, I love that belt buckle. And the necklace too - such great personal-story touches for your outfit make it even more lovely.

  5. Gorgeous outfit, I love all the fall colours together.

  6. That belt is like a piece of artwork! Just gorgeous. this is like a color block of autumnal colors!
    And isnt that the perfect length for a skirt?

  7. Thanks so much, Chrissy!

    SC, thank you - I would have a huge collection if I gave into my impulses.

    Ki, thank you! But I wore black today.

    Patti, isn't it cool? Thank you!

    PixieSam, thanks!

    Paula, thanks! Yes, it's a great length.

  8. Hooray for autumn leaf inspired outfits. I love the addition of that jacket, it seems like it would actually go with everything. Also Yay for that yellow skirt! I'm wearing mine again next week.

  9. Thanks, Megan! I didn't think the jacket would be that versatile, but apparently chartreuse goes with everything! Woo, love "our" skirt!

  10. Well I love it, i think you look very Capitán Canadá !


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