Monday, October 3, 2011

Challenge Week! Monday: Sailor, Skulls and Yellow Shoes

Have you dropped me a suggestion, request or challenge for my birthday week yet? Get on it! There are prizes!

Today's winner is Lorena! She suggested, "I want to see you wear a vintage white sailor like shirt you have, it has a black bow. I am not sure if you can remove the bow, but if you can i would love to see you replace it with the skull scarf. This paired up with black trousers (for a change) and your tsubo yellow shoes."

Well, Lorena, I like that you know my wardrobe so well that you requested every piece. This really made my Monday easier - I didn't have to think! Drop me an email and we'll sort out what your prize will be!

Here's how the outfit turned out: Don't forget to check out Visible Monday over at Patti's! Of course, I'm visible. I'm in a skull scarf with yellow shoes!

This is a vintage top that I bought several years ago (pre-weight loss). It has an original, removeable bow (click here for a picture), that I replaced with my floofy skull scarf. These are my black suit pants (last worn in April 2010, yikes!), and of course, these are my Kraft Dinner yellow Tsubos. Lorena has these same ones...hmmm...I wonder if she's just test-driving this outfit!

I'm reminded again why I don't really like black dress pants. Ugh.
I guess they aren't too bad, but so BORING. Thank goodness the blouse was very groovy, especially with my piratical scarf!

It's been very chilly in the mornings, so I got to break out my new coat:
It's a very thin suede, and I am just in love lately with deconstructed collars like this. It's fun to play with. This was $79.99 on sale at Le Chateau about a month ago. They had them in brown, tan and camel as well, but I've been looking at more olive greens than almost any other colour right now.

The back:
I like all that fabric. Heh, and I guess my bum looks pretty good in the pants! Thanks for the great idea, Lorena!

The stuff:
I do like the yellow with the black and white pattern.

Jacket (Le Chateau), blouse (Mr. Mort, vintage), pants (Max Studio), scarf (Metrowear, San Francisco), shoes (Tsubos).

Now, who will it be tomorrow? I have a "business formal" work event to go to, followed by my WW meeting, so it's going to be dressy. So many ideas....will it be yours??


  1. I would like to see some Fluevog shoes.....
    you have a few to choose from so surprise me!

  2. You can put together skulls, conservative dress pants, and yellow shoes like nobody I know! Great job, my fashionable friend. I am holding out to see periodic table skirt, but I don't know if it's dressy enough for tomorrow . . .

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday linkup!

  3. Those yellow shoes are adorable and I absolutely love your hair!

  4. I am flattered you picked my suggestion.
    I feel kind of nosey knowing all of you closet :0)
    I actually think you ROCK pants however I do feel like the Sheila factor is "missing" .

  5. I really like your style. I love the portrait collars.

    Following you!!

    Love from Oregon USA,
    black and white stripes

  6. The skull scarf looks perfectly ladylike from a that!

  7. Hostess, aw, I wear Fluevogs all the time! I did two weeks of nothing but 'Vogs back in March. :)

    Patti, thanks, darlin'! We'll see if that skirt makes an appearance...

    Meagan, thank you! I dye it myself. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Coastal Harp, thank you! And thanks so much for reading and commenting!

    Lorena, email me and tell me what kind of thing you want from my closet! I would love to send you something. Thanks so much for the idea - it's fun to dress what someone else suggests for a change.

    Danielle Celeste, thank you very much for reading and commenting and following!

    Wendy, same here. It's so subversive, hee hee.

  8. Yay I am back for my prize !
    I can only guess....

  9. It will be a surprise, Lorena! I have a couple of things in mind for you. :)


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