Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Challenge Week! Tuesday: Shiny Green Skirt and Fall Colour Blocking

Have you dropped me a suggestion, request or challenge for my birthday week yet? Get on it! There are prizes!

Today, it's a three-way tie: EvaNadine said, "(1) i would like to see an outfit comprised of your most favorite-of-favorite pieces. we know you love so many of your clothes (especially some of those amazing shoes!) so i would like to see the pieces that hit the very tip-top of YOUR list.

(2) hows about an outfit made up of some of the oldest pieces in your closet? since you rotate and consign clothes so often, we see lots of new-to-you items, but im interested in seeing what some of the oldest pieces are that you have hung on to."

And Victoria said, "I just love 2 of your skirts - the green vintage Alfred Sung skirt (from this post) and your Smoking Lily "chair" skirt. If you could take one of this skirts (on your choice), pair it with some bold colors and make it around "autumn butterfly" theme, i think it would be quite an interesting and inspiring outfit."

And Kristen said, "I want to see you do some kickbutt color blocking -- no patterns, just solid, unexpected colors."

EvaNadine: Yes, I do have a lot of favourite-of-favourites - half of which are now in storage for the winter! Many of those favourites also happen to be older in my wardrobe. If you've been reading Ephemera for a while, you know that I weed out my closet regularly. I don't keep things that I don't love. I also have very little in my closet that's older than 4 years, simply due to the fact that more than 4 years ago, I was 50 lbs heavier.

Victoria: The Smoking Lily chair skirt is now in storage, but I haven't worn the Alfred Sung one for ages. Your suggestions for bold colours and "autumn butterfly" were really inspiring!

Kristen: You suggested colour-blocking first. You win too!

Anyway, here's what I did: I've had this Mexx blouse for about 3 years. It's silky but washable, the shirring down the front is hugely flattering (and hides everything I want to hide!), it's a great colour and the style is classic. I've been through many button-downs, but this shirt always makes the cut. I've worn it under vests, layered with tons of things, mostly dressed-up, going back to August 2009. Love.

This is indeed my classic Alfred Sung skirt that I got in 2009: With pumpkin tights! I love the mint green shade, but it's tricky to wear with other colours. By adding the cinnamon-coloured cami, the neutral dark brown blouse and the dark shoes, I showcase the skirt. The tights were picked up on sale at Esprit a few months ago. I am loving that pumpkin colour.

I also wanted to use my new bag that I got at the Vintage Fair on the weekend: Such a classic shape!

But first, the stuff:Once I figured out these shoes (which I also LOVE, last wore in April, but first got in June 2008), they really tied everything together. Because really, the oldest things I have in my wardrobe are actually accessories, specifically, my Grandma J's pieces that she gave me. My copper set, above, are from the mid-50s, by Renoir.

I was lucky enough to find this other pair of Renoir earrings at the Vintage Fair as well as the purse:I love copper for jewelry, and considering that these are probably over 50 years old, I still think they look surprisingly modern. They were $8.

Okay, back to the purse: Isn't that cool? I love the green leather-look top with the olive green sueded bottom.

I didn't know the name, but looked it up when I got home: Wow, Tod's is a huge brand. Very chi-chi, very pricey - over $1,000! new. Of course, my purse is a total knock-off. Tod's doesn't make non-leather purses, especially ones that are tagged "Made in China" inside. I'm not upset or anything - I think I have a beautiful fake!

Check out the interior:That's a pear on the left.

This bag was $4. I think that's a score no matter what name is stamped on it.

So, ladies, please email me and let's start the conversation about your prizes! Well done! Thank you for the awesome inspiration!

Blouse (Esprit), cami (InWear), skirt (Alfred Sung, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Hale Bob), all jewelry (Renoir, vintage 50s, Grandma J's cuff and necklace).

Bonus picture of Vizzini: He's getting neutered tomorrow. Wish him luck!


  1. Vizzini - goodbye to your favorite parts! (He actually won't miss them, but will continue to be all-man) : >

    I love, love your look and your tribute to fall. That purse is an absolute find, whether it is a real or faux-Tod. The colors and the shape are so yummy. Happy almost-birthday!

  2. Oh, I love those tights with that skirt! Such a surprising color-combination that works nicely.

  3. I can't believe you really used my suggestion and you did it in such a lovely way. I love your colors and the shoes are just perfect "cherry on the sundae" for the whole outfit. The slightly shiny skirt and the dark blouse really make me think about a beautiful darkish autumn butterfly.

    Hmmm, I think I have a similar-colored blouse. An interesting idea... :)

  4. Every time I see orange tights in the store, I'm always afraid ot pick them up for fear I'll just look like I've had a bad case of spray tan. Now I've seen them on you, I think I can pull it off - especially with the green!

  5. Wow! What a very inspired look. I love the tiger pumps. They really pull it together. Also Poor Vizzini! Good luck little guy.

  6. Those colors are great on you!!
    Luck to Kitty.

    Love from Oregon USA,

  7. aaaaaiiiiieeeeeeee!!!!!

    The Best Contest Ever - and i tumble to it late, during a crazy-bizzy week (with side of head cold). how can i ever fit in time to craft a decent entry??!?! Cursed! i am cursed, i tell ye!!!

    (hmmm, little 'V' may be thinking the same thing right about now, poor guy ! )

    anyways, you look awesome Sheila all this week, and you are even more awesome for coming up with and running the Universe's Best Contest! We bow before thee (and Sir Fluevog as well)!!

    take care and have fun! steph

  8. Patti, hee, he's still my little furry man. Thank you so much! I love the purse too.

    Ally, thanks! I love trying out fun new colour combos!

    Victoria, glad you like how it turned out - please email me for discussion of your prize!

    Cara, I know, I was a bit scared at first too. Try them!

    Megan, thanks! They're one of my favourite pairs of shoes.

    Danielle, thank you!

    Steph, ha, you're so funny. :) Vizzini is good - he wants to run around so badly, but is so gooned from the drugs. Thank you so much!


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