Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This or That - Menswear or Oversized Pants

Woo! Today I did Menswear AND Oversized Pants:
You know I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, but these awesome wide-leg trousers (not worn since February! for shame!) were perfect for today's theme.

I added this blouse that is quickly becoming a favourite:
Tossed on a rust-coloured cami underneath (the blouse is rather sheer), added a red belt, and my two-tone Oxford-inspired shoes.

I wore my olive suede drapey coat over it all:
And that's a new-to-me Smoking Lily bag I found in the thrift store last week!

Vizzini helped me photograph it last night:
He crawled right in.

The bag is dark red velvet with a dragonfly and some Japanese-ish script, all hand-silkscreened:
It had an extra strap that I think was supposed to go around one's waist, but it was huge, so I cut it off.

Check it out:
Yee haw! I searched to see if I could find any comparison for this online, but this style hasn't been made in over 7 years. The only reference I found was to someone who pined for a velvet Smoking Lily messenger bag, but they were too expensive for her. I am betting they were not $11.50 new.

I like that it's identified inside:
Man, the light is getting bad now. So dark, so early!

Here's a better picture:
Psycho kitty!

Jacket (Le Chateau), blouse (Liz Claiborne), pants/belt (Plum), shoes (Unlisted), trouser socks (Oscar & Libby's), bag (Smoking Lily, thrifted).


  1. How Katherine Hepburn-ish! Love the wide pants.

  2. I've been watching blogs lately to see who is wearing sheer shirts. I've been seeing them in thrift stores everywhere. However, I couldn't tell how work appropriate they were. Any tips?

  3. Oh, how I love those trousers! They really show off your wasp waist. Gorgeousness!

  4. You look great! :) I love the wide pants and oxfords together!

  5. I love this look...the pants are perfect and I really like your coat!

  6. Those menswear pants look amazing on you. I have no idea how tall you are but they are incredibly flattering very Katherine Hepburn-esque.

  7. Tremendously (and maybe even surprisingly) elegant ensemble! And my goodness, Vizzini has grown up so quickly! You also reminded me that I have some wide charcoal wool pants that I keep forgetting about -- they're coming out to play next week. Thanks, Sheila!

    Judy S.

  8. Tamara, thank you! I love Katherine Hepburn's look.

    Cara, the trick is to go for a conservative style, like a button-down. Also, when choosing a cami for underneath, pick one without lace (too sexy), and match it to the colour of the shirt. If you still feel self-conscious, wear a vest overtop so just the sheer sleeves are the highlight (like I've done with the sheer leopard shirt I wore Monday).

    Rita, thank you! Wasp waist - I love it! And thanks - I love funky trouser socks.

    Ki, thanks!

    Pam, thank you - I thought of you with this outfit, knowing how you love this blouse.

    Leslie, I'm 5'4" - the high waist on the pants (the belt is at my natural waist), the wide legs and the very long length (I have to wear at least a 3" heel with them) help create that illusion. Thank you so much! I hope you're feeling better soon. :)

  9. Oh wow! I really like this outfit alot. Everything is really streamlined and the colors are perfect for fall. What a find on the messenger bag too. Your kitty is so cute :) Heather

  10. My favorite thing is the trouser socks. They add a cool touch to the outfit. Really great outfit.

  11. ahh a skirt wearer like you wearing pants! I've been toying with the idea also of these wide-legged babies and they look so good on you, maybe I'll give them a twirl....

  12. Paula, you would look fabulous in a pair of pants like this - go for it!

  13. SJ, thank you! I was pretty excited about the Smoking Lily bag - every time I find a piece of theirs, it's like winning the thrift lottery!

    Debbi, thank you! I like little details like that.

  14. This outfit is so perfectly matched without being too matchy matchy. I love the blouse and wideleg trousers, the menswear inspired shoes and those socks!

    The bag is really awesome. It reminds me a bit of "Firefly".

  15. I adore this color palatte! The floral top with the zigzag socks - so fabulous! And your pants are to die for.

    I also love your leo ensemble. So pretty.

  16. Thanks, Megan! This is my favourite so far this week - menswear is right in my wheelhouse. Wee, I love "Firefly"!

    Thanks a bunch, Keely!

  17. Fabulosa !
    The kitty scares me a little but i stopped looking into his eyes and was smitten by those gorgeous tights, they look Missoni to me.

  18. Thanks, Lorena! Don't be afreid of the kitty, he's really quite sweet. Yes, I love that zigzag pattern.


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