Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday WW Group - Teal, Birds and Fluevog Classics

Today's meeting was about paying attention to your body's hunger clues, as well as emotional vs. physical hunger. This is a big topic for me, as, frankly, I'm a glutton. I love to eat. This past weekend was a big challenge (as it is every year): Super Bowl! I totally oinked out: 7 beers (began at 3pm, so I paced myself), chips galore. I even ate a couple of Pizza Pops! They were disgusting.

Sometimes I just need to remind myself why I don't eat crap anymore. It's sort of like a reverse of cleansing your palette. I've had my fill of junk for a while.

I shared this little story while wearing this:
I'm aware that there's a blazer thing on this week in Fashion Nation, but I would have roasted in a blazer today - it is mild and sunny out! I need to take some pictures of the snowdrops.

This skirt is new to me - I picked it up yesterday in the thrift store for $14.50. I love this cut of skirt and just got rid of a couple with this same tulip shape. Not that I need another black skirt. *sigh* I'm addicted to them.
This particular skirt does nice things for my bum. Hee. It's wool with a fine pinstripe.

These tights never photograph the correct colour - they are teal, not blue.

The stuff:
My favourite pair of Fluevogs. They are one of the few things in my closet that I got pre-blog that I still wear. I've worn them a whole bunch of times, going back to 2008.

A close-up of the birdies:
I love the simple shapes.

Sweater (Kersh), skirt (Alfani, thrifted), shoes (Fluevog "Listen Up Harlow"), belt (Plum), necklace/earrings (Lavishy).


  1. Those shoes are fabulous, I love them. I see what you're saying about the skirt it is quite gorgeous :)

  2. I like the ruffled hem on that skirt. I atetoo much on Sundy too.

  3. That dress is a great find. I love that shape. So flattering.

  4. Faaaaabulous skirt! And Fluevogs, sigh, they are divine.

  5. When I see skirts that are this shape, I always think of you! Great look--the shoes are a statement, no? Paula

  6. Ah those shoes! I love the shape of the skirt. Black skirts, boots, cardigans - everybody has something they 'collect'. I think you find some really special skirts with great details (like the tulip shape).

  7. I forgot to add - I usually don't like when earrings/necklaces are matchy but I think the pendant with the cut-out birdies is a really cute combo.

  8. As addictions go, black skirts seem rather adaptive. Especially ones that look that great on you. Seriously, there could be some serious quarter-bouncing on those buns!

    Also, I sort of love how over-indulging in crap food reminds us how crappy that food is! It's a necessary exercise, no? (As long as we only do it once in a while ;) I'm coming off a serious crack chip bender that may or may not have been more than a month long.)

  9. Love the birdies and the teal. The Super Bowl stuff was gross to me-how great was that!

  10. Thanks, Iris!

    Ha, Rebecca, glad I'm not the only one!

    Wendy, thanks!

    Trystan, thank you - yes, love the 'Vogs.

    Paula, aw, that's sweet. Yes, definitely a statement!

    Megan, I know, the shoes! I guess so - I really don't need this many black skirts, though. And thanks for the comment on my matchy-matchy accessories. ;)

    A-Dubs, yeah, could be a lot worse! Oh, right, quarters (maybe a penny). Yes, I feel the need to remind myself how gross the crappy stuff is. As long as it's only infrequently, it's okay, right? Ha, crack chips! What kind?

    Thanks, Lesa! Ha, well, it's not to everyone's taste.

  11. Ah, the teal is lovely and the shoes!!!! To die for.

  12. So sassy!! I love the hem on that skirt. You look great, sounds like you had a great Super Bowl, but yet, I can see how junk food can get gross after eating so healthy for a long time. I'm not quite there yet, but I think this is longest time I've gone eating sensibly without giving up. Even after eating a junky dinner, I've gone right back to healthy food. I'm making real progress for sure. Thank you for helping me wit that.

  13. beautiful color in the sweater and the tights. And the cut of the skirt is very flattering.

    Now, about those beers...

  14. You and Sal make me want to own a pair of Fluevogs so badly! Teal definitely suits you!

  15. Loving your outfits as always Sheila ... you just rock your looks.

  16. You look great in that skirt! What on Earth is a pizza pop? It certainly doesn't sound appetizing.

  17. That black shirt is amazing. I have a similar shaped (kind of) skirt that I want to get out of retirement now.
    Also, teal is one of my favorite colors and you're demonstrating how cool it is.
    Thanks for your necklace expertise!

  18. Thanks, Ariel!

    Alison, thanks, me too. Good for you for keeping up with your healthy eating!

    Terri, thanks! Heh, oh, those beers...

    Ponchmor, thanks for commenting! I love my Fluevogs too.

    Laniza, they rock. Thanks!

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Anon, thanks. A pizza pop is a frozen microwavable treat. It's dough stuffed with cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni bits. It's quite unlike real food.

    Thanks, Rad, haul that skirt out! You would look fab in teal, too!

  19. Sheila Marie !
    (BTW do you have a second name? Marie sounds nicec)
    I totally agree that THAT skirt DOES look fab !

  20. So in love with this outfit. I'd be in love with ANY skirth that made my butt look like that! Alas, too lazy for diet and exercise...

  21. Lorena, it's Anne, but I like Marie too. :) Thank you!

    Freeda, thanks - I wore this same style when I was 50 lbs heavier. It's super-flattering, try it!

  22. Those shoes... they should get a bog of their own! Once my feet are fixed, I am SO going to find Fluevogs!

    And the teal tights are such a nice surprise with the black-and-white shoes.

  23. 'Doll, I know, aren't they fabulous? I know you'll love Fluevogs.


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