Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 4th Annual Wardrobe Challenge! Day 2 - Tuesday WW Group

And it's all new stuff today! The only repeat is the pair of earrings. See why I had to have this jacket? Good golly, I do love embellishment and embroidery.

The wide elastic belt was awesome for holding the jacket in place - it even gave the hem of the jacket a bit of a peplum, which looked cute.I like how the bendy necklace looks - it's fun to mold into different looks (I'll be wearing it differently tomorrow). This is my second wearing of the skirt - it was very comfy and easy to walk to town and back in. No rain today!

Technically, the purple cami I'm wearing under this isn't underwear, but at this time of year I do wear them with pretty much everything. Is that cheating? Hee!

Check out the jacket:
There are so many awesome colours in this - I know this is going to be a staple for me (I'm thinking my orange tweed skirt).

And there's Day 2! Tomorrow, I have the last day of my other WW At Work series (they don't have enough people to keep it going, sadly).

Here are the pieces in this outfit(info on them here):


  1. Love the jacket. So much better than basic and unadorned!

  2. That is a gorgeous jacket! I can't wait to see it paired with orange.

  3. Yes, I see why you had to have the jacket...it is beautiful and I love how you styled it!!

  4. OMG sheila--this is so chic! I was pinning after the jacket, then I saw the shoes, (want those too) and that necklace! How fun is THAT! Paula

  5. Wendy, thanks, I totally agree.

    Thanks, 'Doll!

    Thanks, Megan, I know, I keep holding it up to my other clothes.

    Pam, thanks!

    Paula, thank you! I enjoyed this mix.

    Rebecca, thanks!

  6. I love this look--unqualified thumbs up! and the variety of textures in it would make me want to touch you!

    Now, I'm going to take a closer look at how you've bent the necklace. I have one like it.

  7. I love your suede skirt. I had a similar skirt about 5-6 years ago that I got rid of for some reason. After looking at today's outfit, I'd love to have it back, haha!

  8. You are SO rocking that jacket; and I can't wait to see what else you do with it! (and not just for this challenge, either!) It's one of those incredible, timeless purchases that is so cool it transcends fads. Great eye!

  9. Fabulous jacket.
    No - a cami is underwear in my book.

  10. I know the necklace was a gift but do you have any idea where the gifter got it from? I drool over it every time you wear it!!!

  11. Thanks, Terri! You can pet my jacket and skirt, no problem. :) I love those necklaces - they're so fun.

    Laniza, it's a faux suede, not real - I've seen similar in lots of thrift and consignment stores, so you should be able to find something like your old skirt again!

    Thanks, Karen!

    Rita, thanks, I totally agree.

    Jane, whew! Thanks!

    Tina, she got it in a gift store in Toronto. They are actually pretty common - Google "snake necklace" and you'll find them.


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