Thursday, February 17, 2011

The 4th Annual Wardrobe Challenge! Day 4 - Everything's Convertible

I know you were all waiting with bated breath for me to finally wear this skirt:
Today's outfit features two items worn as other than they were originally intended: this skirt (which is actually a cape) and this top (which is a cardigan). I've just wrapped the top across myself and anchored it in place with the elastic belt.

Spoiler! I will be wearing this skirt as a cape for the challenge - I am exending my own personal challenge to Saturday because, frankly, I have lots of ideas for these items and I'm not quite done as of Friday!

Whatever it was originally supposed to be, I do love this skirt:
Blue plaid tights underneath - I also have a blue cami on, just in case the cardi decided to open up on me.

The uneven hem is so cool:
Wore the boots again because I walked to and from town for the Thursday WW meeting.

Wearing the snake necklace as a bracelet today:
It's wrapped around once then looped through itself and pinched closed.

Here are the pieces in this outfit (info on them here):


  1. I haven't played much with asymetry in my wardrobe. It was fascinating to me how the angle of the cardigan echoed the angle of the skirt. Nicely done.

  2. Wow, love how you have worn the cape as a skirt. Smart move.

  3. It's tricky, isn't it, Terri? It can so easily go wrong! I pulled the cardi to the side like that on purpose (I'm so pleased you noticed). Thanks!

    Thanks, Emma!

  4. The cape as a skirt was a great choice. Now I want to see it as a cape!

  5. Love that as a skirt! It's kind of a Sci-Fi type of outfit. I love it! That's my fantasy to dress like I'm from a post-apocalypse movie. Like "Book of Eli" or "Mad Max" or something. I love the rugged with skirts and all.

  6. I love that skirt! (Cape. thing. *blinkblink*) I mean, how cool are multitaskers! I like how you lined up the asymmetrical hems. I know a lot of people struggle with funky hemlines but I do love one.

  7. I've had one of those snake necklaces for a few years, but you're the first blogger I've ever seen style one. I like your creative uses of it! Thanks for the ideas. :)

  8. Dear Sheila - I love your blog, and your style. Not only do we live in the same city, and have the same love for Shi jewelry, but I also have that same Smoking Lily skirt/cape thingy but in olive. My favorite way to wear it is as skirt too! Clearly, we are kindred spirits. You've inspired me to wear mine tomorrow. Keep on rocking!

  9. I am fascinated by how successful you have been with the capey-skirty thing. Asymetrical hemlines can be scarey (yes think of those hankerchief things of the 80's) but yours looks fresh and creative. I do think it was a good idea to match the points--gives it symetry--ha ha.

  10. I am loving today's look! The skirt, the cardi, everything just works so well. And that snake necklace is giving me serious shopping jones. For true.

  11. I know: it's a fashion-blog so I should comment on the clothes, but I have to, again, express my admiration for your erudition. I suffer so frequently reading poor writing on other blogs with horrendous misspellings and grammatical errors; in that context, your lucid and error-free prose stands out like a beacon. Seeing you spell "bated" correctly warms my heart. Really!

  12. I agree with Terri about the fabulousness of the asymmetry and "echoing angles" of the cardigan and skirt; but I will observe one more thing and give a shout out to your new haircut, which is also gleefully repeating the motif! Love it!

  13. I've got a very similar bracelet and I'm definitely loving yours! Of course, that skirt is perfect on you!



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  14. Marvelous! You do asymmetry very well indeed.

  15. Thanks, Rebecca - you'll have to wait till Saturday.

    Alison, the cape really does have that look about it! Thanks!

    Thanks, Megan! Multitaskers are essential in a capsule wardrobe, for sure.

    Thanks, Someone - I hope you'll wear your snake necklace more now!

    Anonymous R, nice! You obviously have great taste! ;) I hope I'll see you wearing your skirt around town sometime. I'll look for you!

    Thanks, Paula! I liked those handkerchief hemlines too (and they had a resurgence around 2004). Hurray for symmetry!

    Thanks, Cheap Chick!

    Shy, I really appreciate that, thank you - language is important to me! "Bated" is from "abated", of course. :)

    Thanks, Rita! I am loving my new cut.

    ML, awesome, I hope you wear it a lot.

    Thanks, Kelly!

    Sal, nice to see you back, thanks!

  16. Love the asymmetry, and those plaid tights! Totally killer


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