Saturday, February 19, 2011

The 4th Annual Wardrobe Challenge! Day 6 - The Cape at Last

*Yawn* It felt like Inigo and I were the only ones in the world awake at 7am this Saturday morning, but I was filling in at another WW meeting:

The last outfit of the challenge! I have layered an olive sequin-trimmed cami under this (it's underwear, even with sequins!).

Jane, thank you, as always for "hosting" these - I really enjoy them! They're just long enough to really stretch my creative muscle, but not so long that I become really sick of these clothes. I still have a few outfits in my mind that I could make out of these pieces, but I'm looking forward to wearing some of my new-to-me things that I got this week.

Today was the second wear of the skirt, the blouse and the shoes, as well as the belt. And yes, here is the a cape: I tested this a few ways before I left the house (I wore a scarf and gloves in the morning, but it was warm enough this afternoon not to need them). I didn't like it the above way, but preferred it worn the way I wear it as a skirt, thusly: This was actually very snuggly for walking, although my bulky purse over my shoulder was cumbersome, and I ended up carrying it by the straps. I did a bit of shopping on my way to meet L for lunch, and the cape was a downright pain in the butt whenever I tried to bend over (the slipperiness of the satin lining made it try to go over my head - most annoying).

My conclusion: it's fine as a cape if I'm not carrying anything, or doing anything more than standing around looking pretty (I do that well, hee).

I do have to confess, I didn't wear the shoes out to lunch after my meeting... Um, yeah, I bought these fabulous boots and couldn't resist wearing them. I saw these at a different store in January 2010 and kicked myself for not buying them then, so when I happened to stop in at the shoe store and they were 1/2 price, well, what's a girl to do?

I believe Megan has these same Miz Mooz in black and brown:
But mine are blood red! I'll do a close-up picture next time I do them for an outfit.

For the last time, here are the pieces in this outfit (info on them here):


  1. Aaaaahh!!! Love the boots, lovethem! I only have them in brown, but I have a pair of black wedge MMs. I can't wait to see how you wear them. So jealous that you nabbed them in red.

    I've loved your capsule week. I like them a lot better than the 30/30s because there is creative remixing but you aren't bogged down by the same pieces for a whole month.

    I think I like the "cape" better as a skirt. Probably because it just makes a really cute skirt.

  2. Thanks, ponchmor!

    Megan, I love them too - so sweet! Oh, your black ones are wedges, I missed that, thanks! Aw, thank you, that's nice - I agree, because I want the challenge to be FUN most of all. Agreed on the cape/skirt!

  3. WOW
    I need a skirt in THIS SAME COLOR.
    I have been scouting all over and NOTHING ! Well, nothing I could afford that is...

  4. Thanks, Lorena! I only paid $7.50 for this in a thrift store - I love the colour.


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