Friday, February 4, 2011

Presto, Change-O!

I had a pretty crazy day yesterday: I filled in at the Thursday WW meeting again, and I filled in at another meeting in another area of town a few hours after the first one ended.

I topped off my evening by drinking a bottle of wine! Huzzah!

This is what I wore to the first meeting:
The blouse and skirt are both new, from the Plum close-out sale. I am kicking myself for not buying the skirt in chocolate brown as well as this rich charcoal grey - it was gone when I went back to check yesterday.

The blouse was $20 on sale (regular $69), and I love the shape of it, especially the collar/neckline. I did have to add the cami because it was rather cleavage-y. It was made in Canada.
The skirt is a nice thick double-knit poly-blend, again, made in Canada. It was $25, regular $75. It's got a high waist and no slit, which I was a little worried about for walking, but the stretchiness of it made it awesome. How much do I love pencil skirts? Well, duh.

Unfortunately, that shirt's collar did not lay flat and stay nice for the morning meeting - it drove me absolutely NUTS by shifting around and not laying flat. I was so annoyed by it that it's going straight into the consignment bag. Bah! It's gotta go!

I changed into my other white shirt for the evening meeting:
Same cami underneath, and added L's cufflinks (previously worn here). I liked this a whole lot more, comfort-wise.

Before I get to the stuff, I want to give a shout-out to my dear friend Cat. I got to weigh her in yesterday, and be the first to see her back at her goal weight (and no longer paying!). She started WW a month after I did, so we've sort of been doing it together for all these years (just over 4 years). Cat, I am so damned proud of you. You are an amazing woman!

The stuff:
My glorious Fluevog "Listen Up" Audrey shoes. My reds aren't matching in this outfit (the cami is a deep raspberry shade), but whatever, close enough! I love this Smoking Lily obi.

A (blurry) close-up:
I like the mix of gold with grey to really make it pop.

Oh, and at Terri's request, here's my WW nametag:
I'm real!

Short-sleeved blouse (Tobias), long-sleeved blouse (Banana Republic, thrifted), cami (gift from Ruth), skirt (Plum), shoes (Fluevog "Listen Up" Audrey), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment), necklace (Foxy), cufflinks (L's, vintage Hickok), earrings (gift from L).


  1. I'm so proud of how you are tackling this leadership position at WW! You have exactly the personality for it, and it sounds like you're busting your tail doing it, and rocking it!

    Oh, and you look awesome! As per usual!!

  2. I am loving the white shirt in your first picture. I have a penchant for white shirts. I always tell my daughters "you can never have too many white shirts" Yours is great. Happy Weekend....

  3. Too bad that shirt didn't work out! It's very cute. I LOVE the detail on the heel of your shoes.

  4. Too bad you weren't able to get the dark brown skirt too. It's so flattering and fits you beautifully! Bummer about the first top being so fussy.

  5. It really sucks that shirt didn't work out for you. It's super cute. Win some, lose some. And hey, at least you have on fabulous shoes.

    Major congrats on your WW leadership role. It sounds like you're doing so well.

  6. You love pencil skirts, and they love you right back. That sweet curve hugger plus the obi belt and those BA shoes are indeed awesome. And I hear you on the annoyance of blouses that don't sit properly. They are stupid, and you're right: no matter how great they look, they need to get out of our closets.

  7. Those shoes are SO incredible! I'm sure you are an amazingly inspiring WW leader! Your "people" are lucky to have you in front!

  8. Thanks so much, Freeda! It is incredibly fulfilling - I didn't think I would love it this much.

    Lesa, thanks, but it's gone! Happy Weekend!

    Charlotte, yeah, but live and learn. I adore my 'Vogs!

    Alison, I almost never buy the same thing of an item in another colour, but I would have made an exception. Ah, well.

    Megan, yeah, I'm a bit bummed about it. Thanks so much - I really like it.

    A-Dubs, you are too kind! I won't suffer any clothing or shoe item that doesn't work for me.

    Thanks, Rebecca! Aw, that's really sweet of you.

  9. I've had no doubt that you are the real deal...since the hair dying post! I love the cut of that blouse that didn't work out...though I really can't get away with necklines like that. Not much cleavage here, just freckles and bones.

  10. Aw, thank you so much, Terri! Yeah, the blouse has to go, even though I love the cut (and I did have a cami on to cover up my cleavage).

  11. You are absolutely looking fabulous Miss Sheila !!!!!


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