Friday, February 25, 2011

Shades of Green - Interview Outfit

Did I mention I'm also sick? Some sort of sinus/coughing cold thing - gah! Enough already with the sicky-ness! I doped myself up with coffee and cold medication and pretended I was not sick.

So I had my interview - I think it went well. It was for a Project Admin for an IT company. The admin side I'm a pro at, IT not so much, but hey, it's a new challenge, and I do like challenges. We'll see what happens.

At least I know I looked properly professional:
I liked how the two shades of olive/khaki looked together. Jacket last worn here (ha, for an interview!), skirt last worn here (scroll down).

I'm totally layered up for warmth with a cami, the shirt and the sweater vest underneath the jacket.
Blouse and vest last worn together here.

The stuff:
Of course, I did not brave the snow and icy sidewalks in these shoes! I wore little runners and socks and changed just before I got off the bus. I'm so sneaky!

I only wore crystal stud earrings with this - no jangly bits of jewelry.

Jacket (RW & Co, consignment), shirt (Nicole Beniste for Point Zero), vest (Le Chateau, gift from Ruth), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), shoes (Jessica Simpson).


  1. Wow, awesome outfit! I hope you get the job! I love your shoes, are they comfortable?

  2. You look super snazzy! I love how the texture of the shoe gives the green a sort of 'snakey' feeling even though it's geometric print.

    Fingers crossed for you. Goodluck

  3. Thanks, Faith. Heck, no, the shoes are not comfortable! I knew I wouldn't have to stand, though.

    Trystan, thanks!

    Megan, wee! Snazzy! Thanks!

  4. Beautiful, professional, perfect - you knocked it out of the park! Seriously, this is an amazing interview outfit. Well done, you!

  5. ooooooo, ooooooooooo! Those shoes are beautiful. It doesn't even matter if they were comfortable or not :)

    (Oh, I see they weren't!) If this is a job you'd like, I wish you good luck.

  6. Well Sheila, IF I HAD TO HIRE YOU just based on your looks and leaving aside the professional side... I would of ! You look fabulous, professional, up- to date AND gorgeous !
    Good luck and hope you feel better.

  7. Happy to hear it went well- you certainly looked the part! Professional, but still you.
    Hope you feel better! I hate the way cold/sinus medicine makes me feel, but I hate being sick even more- so huge kudos to you for acing your interview in spite of it all!

  8. Thanks, Scary!

    Rebecca, I know, aren't they lovely? Such a classic shape and texture. Thank you!

    Lorena, aw, you're so sweet, thank you.

    Rita, thanks! I hate being sick, ugh.

  9. You look so had to have impressed them. This is the perfect professional look and I love the brown over black for your choice!

  10. Thanks, Pam! I actually don't like wearing black very often for interviews. I think it can make you come across as harsh and rigid sometimes, especially in a work environment that is more casual.

  11. absolutely perfection!! I love how you do your interview outfits, complete perfection, but not boring or completely traditional.

  12. Excellent interview outfit! My fingers are crossed for you. I'd hire you based on your outfit, though I suppose that's not terribly ethical.

  13. I got a Big Important Job offer (and had the job for five years) after a daylong interview endured while running a fever and completely doped out on cold medicine. Ha! No fun, but you look gorgeous, and I bet you gave them what for, despite your diminished capacity. :-) Good luck!! Velma

  14. So, how long before you know anything? I'm admiring the pumps and the trick of wearing runners until the time came to put the pumps on.

  15. AWESOME interview outfit. The colors are just muted enough yet still interesting, and it's still sharp and professional. Very impressive.

    Picking up IT is easy as pie. I did it a couple of years ago; just remember they think they are logical, but really they tend to be very linear. :)

  16. very put together interview outfit with touches of Sheila- as only you can- crossing my fingers for you

  17. Nice shoes! My mom liked it coz she happened to pass by while browsing this post. Anyway, I hope you get the job. ;)

  18. I think you look great. I hope you get an offer soon!

  19. Quick book update - Have you read the short stories by Kim Harrison? Because in order for Black Magic Sanction to make sense, you need to read a few of the shorties. Esp the one about the banshee.

    They've been around for awhile, so I think you could find them at the library. Free books FTW!

  20. Thanks, Alison! They seem pretty boring to me, but I shudder to think what an interviewer would think of one of my "Sheila" outfits, hee hee!

    Kelly, thanks, I appreciate that! Ha!

    Aw, Velma, you poor thing - I know exactly how awful that can be. Thanks so much!

    Terri, I should hear next week if I move on to a further interview. That's the only way to do pumps! Very practical.

    Kristen, thanks! That's really reassuring about IT, as well, thanks!

    Thank you, Alecia! I appreciate that.

    Cellulite cream (um, yeah), thanks!

    Thanks, Rebecca, me too!

    Scary, no, I haven't - but "White Witch, Black Curse" had quite a bit about the banshee in it. I'll look for them, thanks!

  21. Oh, i am wearing my animal print flats today !

  22. Good for you, Lorena - I thought you might have been, but couldn't tell from the picture.


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