Monday, February 28, 2011

Leopard Week! The List of Leopard Lovers

Hey, all, and welcome to Leopard Week!

To refresh your memory on what this is all about, we're celebrating our love for leopard pattern, and paying homage to the Queen of Leopard, Ms. Wendy Brandes (she of the fab leopard dress).

This week, break out your leopard clothing, shoes and accessories and show 'em off! This post lists all the folks who are planning to wear some leopard - maybe just one day, maybe Monday to Friday (which is what I'm doing), your choice.

In no particular order, here are our Leopard Lovers:

Laniza - Getting Fine
Pam - Over 50, Feeling 40
Megan - Megan Mae Daily
Ponchmor - The Empress of Goodwill
The Style Crone - The Style Crone
Tat - Rate My Outfit
Lorena - Lorena's Every Day Wear
Secret Squirrel - no blog link, but she bragged about a purple leopard dress and I want to see it!
Bev - Style Underdog
Yvonne - Fashion RECON
Alison - no blog, but she's going to do it!
Jac - Dirty Shiny Pretty
Tessa - Tessa Scoffs
Dreamy Girl - Dreamy Girl
Karen - The Outfits of a Twin Mummy
WeShop - We Shop Therefore We Are
Ann - Annimal House
Emma - Daily Clothes Fix
StephM - Style Sideshow
Genuine Lustre - Genuine Lustre
Sarah - Misfits Vintage
Reva - Reva's Rags 2 Roses
Jentine - My Edit (and check out her leopard dress! I want!)
Anika - By Anika
Goose - Rubenesque
Ray - Fashionable Academics (check out this fab cardi)

Please go visit their blogs and show your appreciation for their lovely leopard!

If you would like to be added to this list, with a link to your blog, drop me a comment and I'll add you.


  1. I don't own any leopard, so I will sit back and admire everyone else's animal prints.

  2. Hi, I love leopard 2!

  3. Pam, just go for it! Looking forward to an outfit!

    That's cool, Rebecca, enjoy!

    Ann, I love that you're preserving vintage clothing - I bet you have some great stuff!

  4. Woo! I'll have to put together my leopard look tonight. I've only got one days worth of leopard, but I will make it count. ^_~

  5. Hi Sheila. Bounced over here from Wendy's blog. I did a Wendy inspired look today: Would love to be added to the list of participants. I love Wendy's blog.

  6. Awesome, Megan, looking forward to it!

    Emma, consider yourself added! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. No leopard here either, but I'm excited to see how you all wear yours!

  8. I'm tardy to the leopard party, but I'm now representing!

  9. I'm participating!

  10. Thanks, Anne!

    StefM, I'll get you added!

    Genuine Lustre - awesome! You're added!

  11. Hi - I am a leopard FREAK and have just discovered your great blog - please include me in leopard week if it's not too late (let's have leopard YEAR!).

    Sarah xxx

  12. Hi, Sarah! So nice to meet you and welcome! You're totally in for Leopard Week...I need more leopard in my wardrobe to do a year!

  13. Just wanna say Thank you for hosting this event! All my Leopard for this event is currently in my 30for30 page!!

  14. I love all the leopard and my eye is now drawn to it wherever I see it! I am posting a recap & review of my 30for30 and linking to this list!

  15. Whoooo! Can you link my leopard shoe look or better yet, my leopard dress from this post?
    Don't know if that breaks the rules b/c it wasn't this week...

  16. Me too, Yvonne! Awesome, thank you!

    I totally will, Jentine - I know you love the leopard.

  17. Hi, I love this! :) I am always sewing dresses in leopard, and mixing my prints all over the place :) this is my latest leopard-love:)

  18. Anika, you're so creative - and I can see you love leopard!


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