Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 4th Annual Wardrobe Challenge! Day 3 - Wednesday WW Group

So as I mentioned yesterday, today is probably the last day for my Wed group. I had connected with a few of them over the past several weeks, and I was happy to see them all there today - I gave out stickers and I even got a book from one of the women who is a writer (shout out to Kathryn!). I'll miss them.

Added in two new pieces to the mix: the scarf and the dress: My gorgeous red dress has the leopard blouse layered under it - I flipped the cuffs of the dress to accentuate the blouse's cuffs. It's chilly today, so I also have a slip on (it's peeking out from the hem).

I wore brown patterned tights with this to bring out the brown in the leopard, and see what's going on at the waist there?
It's my necklace and scarf! Am I not the cleverest thing? I twisted the necklace so that there was a loop at each end, then threaded the long scarf on each end and tied it in a bow around my waist.

Check it out:
This is called a "snake necklace" for those of you who are interested - Google it, there are lots out there.

I love pieces that can do double (or triple or quadruple!) duty, whether as accessories or clothing items. That's why I enjoy doing this challenge - it really makes me take a hard look at my wardrobe to make sure the pieces are right for me.

It's been a while since Inigo made an appearance.
He likes to sit on my suitcase (it's what I carry my scale and files in for WW meetings) while I work on the computer.

Here are the pieces in this outfit (info on them here):


  1. You ARE the cleverest thing! Pure genius, I would go so far to say! Great look--a bit daring--I mean leopard AND red? You are a radical~Paula

  2. That is a really cute outfit and it looks really good on you.

  3. Wow!! Now that belt trick is food for thought! You look amazing, as always. I'm a fan of leopard and red combos.

  4. love the leopard and red mix! love the snake-necklace-scarf-belt! I will find a way to copy this look! I'm working on the layering thing: yesterday I did a navy blue dress with a teal polo over it and a navy blue blazer over that! Tomorrow: zebra stripes with green accents!

  5. Ooh! I JUST bought a snake necklace... can't wait to try that trick!

  6. What a great idea with that necklace/scarf! Making your accessories pull double duty. You really can't go wrong with leopard and red together.

    Sweet Inigo! Kitties always love to sit on our important things, no? Spike (Mom's cat) is bag/purse obsessed. He usually spends a good 20 minutes inspecting my purse.

  7. Aw, it's cool that you made connections with the group. Too bad they couldn't keep the group going.

    Wow, you really are the cleverest thing! What a fabulous idea!! And that red dress is simply gorgeous. I really like it layered with the leopard print.

  8. Oh, I think that is so cool! Necklace and scarf- really neato! (yes, I say "neato")

  9. Very clever - that's what I love about the challenge - the creativity it inspires.

  10. Another great outfit! You're so creative with the belt.

    Love the kitty on a suitcase - give him a rub behind the ears for me.

  11. You are clearly the cleverest thing and are making this challenge look easy, which I'm sure it's not!

  12. A radical? But isn't red and leopard a classic combination, Paula? ;) Thanks!

    Thanks, Ponch!

    Freeda, thanks!

    Thanks, Tessa! Go for it! Your outfits sound awesome.

    'Doll, those things are so fun to play with - enjoy!

    Megan, thanks! Yes, kitties love to sit on things (Inigo's favourite right now is a large brown paper grocery bag).

    Anne, yeah, it happens. This group has been going for 3 years, and it's just reached its end. Thanks so much!

    Thanks, Rita, groovy, baby! ;)

    Thanks, Jane, same here!

    Northmoon, thank you! I will give Inigo lots of pets. :)

    Thanks, Kelly! The challenges are...challenging. Not really easy, but not that hard, either.

  13. I need a red dress.
    This looks really, really good.
    Ok and Inigo, for real he needs to get in the WW program !

  14. Lorena, I love a good red dress! Aw, Inigo is just a big boy.


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