Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Outfits - Working and Playing

I filled in at the main WW centre Saturday morning on Reception - woo, it was crazy! I had to build my outfit around semi flat boots, plus I was weighing in (no change, yay!), so I had to wear light clothing.

The end result:
I've only worn this dress once before (as part of my favourite outfit here), and wanted to change up the complementary colour to blue. Added the cardi over top, and my blue vintage slip underneath, along with my navy blue pouffy underskirt:
I also pinned open the neckline of the dress (it is meant to button up) with little safety pins.

I left the pics uncropped so you can see the puddle of cat watching me very carefully. Heh.

The stuff:
I love these boots - they are so comfy.

I had several compliments on my "lovely necklace" - ha, fooled ya! It's actually a brooch.
I just threaded it onto the silver cord chain.

Dress (no label/unknown, consignment), cardigan (Jessica, consignment), slip (vintage, thrifted), underskirt (Noa Noa), belt (Denver Hayes, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), brooch worn as necklace (The Bay), earrings (Plum).

Saturday night, our friend Chris celebrated his birthday, so L and I joined the crowd for dinner and drinks after. I wore this new-to-me dress that I picked up a few weeks ago:
I had seen this dress at my favourite consignment store several times and not tried it on. It was a little pricey at $59, and the style was a bit intimidating. Ruffles? Studs? Not sure. But this time I tried it on, and I loved how it fit, so I bought it. I'm so glad I did! This was ultra-comfy to wear all night.

The dress is Bodybag by Jude Clothing, a Montreal company. I couldn't find this dress pictured in any of their collections, but I found a mention and picture of it in this blog, calling it "Love Dress O". How cool, my dress has a name!

I sort of played up the cowgirl look of it with my Hispanita boots (last worn here) and my Shi Studio cowboy belt:I did the belt-wrapped-around-my-wrist thing to make a cuff:
A close-up of the top half of the outfit:
The dress is an khaki velvet with a bit of stretch. I love the pyramid studs and the snap at the neckline. It had the original price tag on it when I bought it, so it's never been worn:
I saved $100 bucks!

L and I walked to town, so I bundled up.
Okay, you folks getting dumped on with snowstorms and such can officially hate on us West coast-ers. This is a thin leather jacket, and I'm sleeveless. And I didn't need the gloves or scarf that badly.

That's my awesome Matt & Nat bag (detail shots here).

The stuff:
I did silver accents instead of trying to be all matchy with the brushed gold. My tights were a gold/black blend, though.

A close-up:
Yup, that's stuff.

Dress (Bodybag by Jude Clothing, consignment), boots (Hispanitas, consignment), belt (Shi Studio), belt worn as wrist-wrap (Plum), wrist-wrap (Club Monaco), ring (gift from Cindy), white gold earrings (gift from L), jacket (Bebe, thrifted), faux fur gloves/scarf (Parkhurst), bag (Matt & Nat).


  1. I really love dress #1. Both ways you wore it look great, but my favorite is the blue.

  2. You have just expanded my necklace wardrobe by 3, based on this brooch as a necklace idea.

    Really admiring the upper bodice on the new dress. It will be a month or two before I can even think about going sleeveless.

  3. Ooh! I have a similar blue brooch that also works as a pendant/necklace! I haven't worn it on the blog, but I'm inspired to do so.

    I really like the jacket you wore with your second dress! And studs and ruffles are a pretty cool combo.

  4. Yay indeed, Wendy!

    Thanks, Charlotte!

    Terri, awesome, I love it. Thanks - I was perfectly fine being sleeveless.

    Anne, go for it! Thanks!

  5. I'm not sure which one I like better. At first, I was totally team blue and brown. But then the mandarin/stand up collar of the second dress wooed me. Either way, these are stellar outfits.

  6. I love both of those dresses so much! They have just the right edge to them to balance.

    Inigo looks like a purr-blob with a cat head attached. ♥

    Totally jealous of your weather. We've currently got heavy rain that's going to turn to ice.

  7. Your bodybag dress is fabulous ! it fits perfect. although honestly I aM not crazy about the name of the maker, it kinda gives me the chills.

  8. The second dress just blew my mind. Khaki stretch velvet with studs and ruffles and an amazing bodice???


  9. So many cute things. I love both outfits, the second one is so unique and fun. I love the color. I'm finally down a pound from last week. And biked for 10miles this morning. I'm exhausted! I need to figure out what to wear tomorrow!

  10. Thanks, Rad - my favourite is the second one.

    Megan, thanks! Hee, that's why we call him "puddle of cat". Aw, I hope it gets more springlike for you soon!

    Lorena, sorry about the name! Thanks, though!

    Thanks, Kelly - I know! I love it too.

    Alison, thanks! Woo, that is awesome! You go, girl!

  11. Oh, I love the blue & brown combo--it's very flattering on you!

  12. I can see why your favorite outfit is such....but this dress wasn't too shabby with blue, either.

    I'm finding myself getting excited to read your blog every day. Kudos!

  13. Good Golly, I love how thrifty you are. I love it so much, I added you to my Links page under Favorite Fashion Bloggers. As you ARE one of my faves!!!

  14. Thanks, Ariel!

    Aw, thank you, Goose. Wow, really? Thanks! I'm enjoying yours too.

    Cheap Chick, oh, I am the mistress of thrift! Thanks so much!


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