Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leopard Lovers of the World, Unite! (aka Tuesday WW Group)

Today's post is dedicated to one of my favourite people on the Interwebs, Wendy Brandes. Not only does Wendy make the most gorgeous "take no prisoners" jewelry, but she is a fashion icon to me. Her recent post on her amazing leopard dress has inspired me to want to wear leopard in solidarity. Leopard has a tough rep at times.

So this coming Monday, I'm going to declare Leopard Week! Wear leopard one day, two days, however many you want - and wear it however you want! Let me know if you're going to participate!

As a warm-up, today I did leopard legs: I know you can barely see them, but they were very noticeable when I walked, and because people were checking out my boots. I picked up these tights at Le Chateau ($9.99 marked down from $25). They're footless (they're not leggings!) which I like with boots because they wear longer (no blown toes).

Anyway, the boots are the ones I bought on the weekend (worn here). I had to wear them again - they are so amazing. Hilariously, I saw another woman who was wearing the same ones! Same colour! Crazy!

The dress is also new-to-me. I got this at a consignment shop a few weeks ago for $25. It's wool, fully lined and has pockets (always a bonus).
The collar folds over to make sort of a stand-up cowl - it has three buttons on the back that do up above the slit at the upper back.

This is just one of my skinny tees under it. The way the shoulders are cut on this dress, I can't do a regular bra with it and it's a bit gapey in the armholes, so I'll probably always wear a top under it.
I like the loose cut of the dress - it's not my usual hourglass silhouette, but is still funky. You can sort of see the big single box pleat on the front, at the dropped waist.

Here's a better shot of the top half:
Isn't that a neat collar?

The stuff:
Good golly, those are awesome boots.

Dress (Club Monaco, consignment), tee (Kersh), tights (Le Chateau), boots (Miz Mooz), watch necklace (Plum), earrings (gift from L).


  1. OMG, can I be down with the leopard lovers of the world?! And, you're right, the boots are fabulous!

  2. I love the hint of leopard...it is just the right touch and the boots are just FIERCE!! Head to toe...a great ourfit and.... I would love to participate in leopard week!!

  3. I'm seriously in love with every part of this outfit. I love the cut of the dress, the boots, the watch!

    Hooray for the button boots. You make me want a pair in red!! How ridiculous would it be to have them in two colors?! Darn you budget!

    If I ever come across a pair on ebay in the future, I have a feeling I'll be grabbing them.

    I'd love to participate in the leopard week, but I only have.. 1? mammal-animal print thing. Weather permitting, I may try a remix of the dress though!

  4. Sheila!
    thanks so much for your comments and well wishes! I LOVE those boots and aren't they like the infamous greenies Kasmira has? So steampunk!!!
    I want to develope the film, too, but it has been 'exposed' - probably many times and i'm afraid i won't be able to replace it. I'm weird like that ;)
    It seems kind of neat to have the film there and wonder who, or what is on it.
    I still have a film from about 22 yrs ago i never developed and am gonna keep it as long as i can bear. it 35mm Black and White.
    I wonder what I was shooting!

  5. Oh, I like the cut of the dress! Sadly, I have zero leopard in my wardrobe so I can't participate in the challenge, but what a fantastic idea to wear them with boots--thus giving people an interesting glimpse of your knees.

  6. lets see where do I begin? Love the hair, love the boots, love the cut of the shoulders on the dress, love the fact you changed your siloutte, love the hint of leopard, love the boots. Paula

  7. I love leopard! Sadly I don't own much of it. And I didn't include what I do have in my 30 for 30. I really love the boots. I have seen many pairs of Miz Mooz that I want. I am going to have to break down and buy some soon.

  8. I like the leopard tights, but those boots are what's really catching my eye. They're amazing.

  9. Those are Truly Gorgeous Boots ! I saw them on the modcloth site and was unsure but I see them on and they are perfect.

  10. I like your outfit,the new dress is cool.

    I only have a skinny belt and a beret in leopard.I wore themafew weeks ago and didn;tlove it,maybe I'll try again with something different.

    Seriously I want those boots something awful!

  11. Love your outfit and the leopard week declaration. For me every week is leopard week, so I am a huge supporter of your idea.

  12. WOW, those boots are beautiful! I have some serious boot envy now.

    I so wish I had anything leopard print to join in next week! I'll be wearing leopard vicariously through all of you :)

  13. Sadly, I think this week is all booked up. Otherwise I would join you in some leoparding. Those tights are seriously fab!

  14. Ooooh, leopard week! I'll be joining you (for more than one day if the leopard print top which has arrived just this morning from an ebay spree fits!) I love me a bit of leopard!

    You're brushing off on me Sheila - you'll have to stay tuned to my blog to see my fully sequined zebra print mini dress I've purchased for my 40th birthday party!

    I love this dress, and the boots, well, I want them badly for myself! :D

  15. Me encanta !!!!
    I am loving that peek of leopard AND YOUR entire outfit.
    (I can't roll my RRS when I speak, I hope it does not translate into my writing...)
    I will be doing a leopard day next week !

  16. Oh I forgot to say that YES I think that if the JEAN jacket were a bit more cropped it would work better.

  17. Laniza, of course! Can't wait to see what you wear! Thanks!

    Pam, thanks, I know, the boots rule. Great to have you on board for Leopard Week!

    Megan, thanks! I love these boots - I would have them in every colour, except, yeah, you know, that would be expensive! Go for it! Do your animal/leopard!

    Reva, good to see you - you're right, I think they might be like Kasmira's too, how fun. Oh, I totally understand about the film, I'm just no good at waiting or surprises.

    Terri, that is a serious oversight - I think you would look amazing in leopard. Thank you!

    Paula, aw, thanks, hon!

    Charlotte, no worries, but I think you need some leopard! Thanks!

    Rebecca, thanks! I totally agree.

    Thanks, Emma!

    Ponchmor, thanks. Give your leopard another chance!

    Thanks, Wendy - right back atcha!

    The Style Crone (I love your name!), awesome to have you on board. And thank you so much for commenting - I really appreciate it.

    Anne, thanks! Aw, too bad - I hope you enjoy it.

    LaHdeM, bummer, but I know you'll be fabulous anyway. :)

    Tat! I knew I could count on you! I can't wait to see your sequined dress! Thanks!

  18. Thanks, Lorena! Ha, it's hard for me to roll my Rs too. Awesome, can't wait to see your leopard.

  19. Well, I wore a leopard belt today thinking this was "leopard day". Then I came back to see its actually a week and starts Monday. :/

  20. Yay, Leopard week! I recently picked up a vintage Jaeger dress in purple leopard print. The print is quite subtle, until you get closer then.... Yeowl! I love it.

  21. That's awesome, Ponchmor! You scan still wear it next week. :)

  22. Secret Squirrel, I'm so envious! I miss my old leopard dress (from my heavier days). Do you do a blog? I would love to see yours.

  23. I am so in love with those boots, I want to have their babies...

    And I can't wear leopard this week, as much as I'd love to join in! Because I'm too chubby for my leopard velour jammies, which are in my basement somewhere.

  24. Marvelous boots. I also really like your watch necklace.

    My only leopard print option would be tights that don't fit right now. This means I need more leopard print.

  25. I am stuck in the 30for30 until March 3rd - boo! But maybe I can rock some leopard in outerwear or accessories! What do you have to do to participate besides wear it?

  26. SU, awesome! Glad to hear it.

    'Doll, I totatlly understand - and I want your velour leopard jammies!

    Thanks, Susu, and thank you so much for commenting!

    Kelly, thank you! Aw, too bad - yes, you need more leopard!

    Yvonne, that's cool - absolutely, if you want to do that, please join us! You don't need to to anything other than wear it - I will post a link to your blog on a day you wear leopard (I'll check in).

  27. Aw, so cute! The boots are totally awesome. I'm going to try and join you on leopard week. I wonder if anyone will notice at work?? Oh hey, I'm loving your hair!!! Oh, hey as of this morning I'm down 9 pounds officially. Now, to see if it sticks around. It's taken forever, but maybe my body is finally giving in to losing pounds.

  28. Thanks, Alison! That's super - I wonder if you will cause a stir at work, hee hee? Woo, good job on the weight! I know you can do it!

  29. You know, your lack of posting today only confirms that yes, you got that cold.
    Probably from me. Cough, Cough, I should not have posted about it!
    Hope u are well.

  30. I will definitely be rocking leopard next week. Is wearing a leopard print blouse, shoes, bag, and bow together too much? ;)

  31. Lorena, it was you! I will post tonight - it's been a slow week, clothes-wise.

    Jac, heck no, bring it on!

  32. I am SO in with you for leopard week. I will tweet my photos daily and then blog them at the end of the week!

  33. Awesome, Tessa! Can't wait to see what you do!

    Dreamy Girl, you're in - can't wait to see what you do.

  34. Love leopard print! Definitely participating. I do not have my full wardrobe at my disposal so I only have a couple of leopard bits. But count me in! :) Fab tights ;)

  35. Hi from Scotland! Just found your blog - it's brilliant. I'm going to be 40 in 3 months time (aaargh!) but am as much in love with fashion as ever and will never lose that. I'm not sure how to take part in the leopard print event, but I'm a HUGE leopard lover - typical example here - http://www.weshopthereforeweare.co.uk/2010/12/15/bedshaped/
    Would love to take part. xx

  36. Hi, WeShop, thanks for dropping by! You're more than welcome to participate in Leopard Week - I'll be creating a list of links to everyone's blogs and it's up to you to do your thing with leopard!

  37. I can't believe I missed leopard week! I have more leopard items than is humanly necessary .


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