Friday, February 18, 2011

The 4th Annual Wardrobe Challenge! Day 5 - Shopping Day

I spent the day with my two eldest nieces and my mom - we went to the mall and shopped, had lunch in the food court, then came back to our place and played with Inigo. We also played Fluxx, which the girls loved. Fluxx!

I went a bit more casual again, with the second wearing of the jeans:
Also the second wear of the yellow shirt, the velvet jacket and the teal shoes. The yellow shirt is a bit of a pain because it doesn't lay flat under the jacket (keeps gaping at the boobular region, arg!). I think I'll save it for wearing underneath other stuff.

I wore a teal cami under the shirt:
I also wore the scarf as a belt, tied in a bow at my waist.

Whew! One more day of this challenge (for me). I am not too tired of the clothes this time around, although I have bought some things in the thrift stores and at the mall today that I'm looking forward to wearing.

Here are the pieces in this outfit (info on them here):


  1. This jacket is simply amazing. It looks as great styled casually as it did all dressed up.

  2. I hate boobular gaping too--nothing is more annoying! Love that jacket!

  3. Hooray for teal and yellow. I really love the way you style "Asian" embroidered type things, you let the design shine.

    I love buttondowns, but I hate when they bunch up/gap/are generally ill fitting. It always leads to tugging and feeling uncomfy all day.

  4. The jacket really is stunningly beautiful. I enjoy your outfits more than any others I see.

  5. GREAT outfit - the color of the blouse is a good one...And I'm terribly jealous of the way you look in those jeans!

    The skirt in the last post was amazing, too. I liked seeing how you worked with "angles" and created your signature dramatic style.

  6. That jacket is amazing. The yellow shirt really compliments the embroidery.

  7. Very nice casual outfit. Too bad about the shirt, but, maybe it would look great under one of your strapless shirts/dresses...

  8. I agree with Terri~just love that jacket!!!! Hope you had a great time girl bonding...


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