Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday WW Group - A Bit of Hepburn

Finally got around to wearing these awesome high-waisted pants that I bought at the Plum clearance:
I was inspired by Sal's wonderful black pants yesterday. Mine are a very dark brown crepe and were only $35 (regular $89). I love the vintage-y Katherine Hepburn vibe of wide trousers, don't you?

I played that up with the (actual) vintage blouse that I've worn several times - the last time was here, when I actually wore the exact same top, jacket, belt and knee-highs. Gee, ya think I like this combo?
My toenails are in their winter state of nakedity so I had to wear the knee-highs. They smell funny (the knee-highs, not my toes), like perfume-y. It's weird, the smell hasn't washed out - it's like they were made to smell that way. Since I wear no fragrance at all, it's disconcerting to have scent wafting up to me from my feet.

Since it's still pretty mild out, I just wore my silk tweed jacket as my outerwear:
With my faur fur-trimmed gloves, of course.

The stuff:
Awesome shoes - had those for about 4 years now. Check out the great vintage pattern on the blouse. It reminds me of curtains my grandmother had in her craft room when I was a kid.

A close-up of the shiny bits:
I really like that necklace - very swoopy and swirly. I wore yellow earrings to go with the stones in it (see them? they blend in).
Oh, and if you love bright colours like I do, please go see how Kristen has styled her bright yellow sweater "a la Sheila". Love it!

Blouse (vintage, thrifted), pants (Tobias), shoes (Unlisted), belt and earrings (Plum), necklace (Melanie Lynne), jacket (Precis Petites), gloves (Parkhurst).


  1. Oh those pants!! ~swoon~ The top is a very gorgeous color. I love the abstract necklace with the floral print.

    My lace-tights came with a perfumey smell to them, but it wore off after 3-4 washes. My Miz Mooz brown boots are the worst offender in my wardrobe. They have a sickly sweet smell that randomly gets strong, and then I won't smell it for weeks.

  2. I love high waisted pants, and that pair is absolutely fantastic.

  3. just great! love love love! wonderful silhouette, a tiny top with those pants was a great choice. plus the menswear vibe of the ultra-femme shoes......i bow before your toes nakedity! ;) steph

  4. Wow, they look black to me. I love the shape of them and they make your legs look a million miles long!

  5. Don't you just love Hepburn? And you ARE channeling look so cool. And the shoes..great wedge. Perfect.

  6. Very nice combo. I love Kate Hepburn too. Your necklace is really cool, I love the swirls. It was really hard to see your earrings on my computer, but I did find them. They are a match to the shirt for sure. Very, very nice!

  7. Those pants are fabulous ! I need a pair just like that !!!!!!
    You do seem very Audrey inspired...

  8. I love the pants and of course they remind us of Katherine. Very chic and strong.

    My knee-highs smell perfumed too; I always wondered if that scent was added or just the result of the chemicals used to make the stockings. (I believe most nylons are made from petroleum.)

  9. Excellent channeling of Kate! Those pants are just phenomenal on you! I love the styling and the shoes too.

  10. I accidently bought scented bags for all our clothes, so everything smells a little artificial in my clothing world! But I'm glad there are some style bloggers out there that don't wear perfume, other than me!

    Your legs look amazingly long in these! I was shocked the day you posted your height, since I discovered I'm in fact taller than you. I think it's outfits like these that are so deceptive!

  11. *swoon* I love the whole look... should be on film, really

  12. You have absolutely nailed the wide-leg high-waisted pants! I'm taking notes. Splendid outfit, head to toe.

  13. Wowza, those pants make you look fabulously tall!

  14. Thanks, Megan! Okay, I guess I need to wash mine more. With boots, I've had that too - I think it's a chemical (in the interfacing) that makes them stiff. My OTK boots stunk for a few wears.

    Thank you, Rebecca!

    Steph, I thought you would like this. Thanks so much.

    Iris, it's a really dark brown. Thanks!

    Paula, I do. She was so stylish. Thank you!

    Thanks, Emma!

    Alison, thanks - ah, you found the earrings, good job.

    Thanks, Lorena! Audrey inspires me too!

    Thank you, Shy! I think they must add the scent to cover up the petroleum smell!

    LaHdM, thank you, m'lady.

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Cara, I hope it's a scent you like! I've never really gotten into perfume - I have a couple and I almost never wear them. Yup, I'm a shortie - it's all about proportion. I have long legs for my height, proportionally. I have really long arms too. I'm a freak!

    Thanks, 'Doll!

    Kelly, thank you!

    Trystan, I know, it's totally an illusion!

    Angela, thank you, I agree.

  15. the trousers with the jacket...just too good.


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