Thursday, February 24, 2011

Work Outfits - Mustard and Brown

Well, the last couple of days have been crazy. First of all, it snowed! Not a little piddly amount, but a foot of snow! You folks who don't live on the West coast don't know how fragile we delicate flowers are out here - we don't get snow very often and it shuts down everything!

Secondly, I don't have my Wed WW group anymore, so one less day of outfits (booooo). However, I did work a meeting today downtown and finished up my Receptionist training tonight. So here's an outfit:
Last wore this sweater here, and this skirt here. It's freakin' cold out, so I'm also wearing a cami under the sweater, a half-slip under the skirt, tights and then socks over the tights.

Classic leg on table pose:
I've had these shoes for ages (last seen here) and I just can't bear to get rid of them, even when I'm in a major clean-out-closet mode.

The stuff:
Kristen and I are the queens of yellow! We do love our mustard.

A close-up:
Pretty scrolly bits. other news, I have a job interview tomorrow morning (please send good vibes!). I applied online on Monday, and got the call on Wednesday. I was put through a half hour interview right then and there (!) and then they set up the interview for Friday. I have my fingers crossed but I am trying not to get my hopes up. I'll post the interview outfit when I get home and let you all know how it went.

Sweater (Pria), skirt (Liz Claiborne, thrifted), shoes (Unlisted), belt (Anne Klein pour Caleche, consignment), earrings (Plum).


  1. Good luck with the interview. We had over a foot of snow this week, but cold climates handle it a bit better.

  2. Today has got to be yellow day! You, Sal and even Shygirl wore gorgeous mustardy colors. Love the sweater, it looks snuggly warm. Perfect for snow.

    We're currently getting dumped on by tonnes of rain and possible floods again. >.< I'd rather have snow at this point!

  3. Good luck with your interview! I'm sure you'll rock it.

  4. Have my fingers and toes crossed for you, buddy!

  5. I love those shoes! They are still in great shape and quite current- so unless you're sick to death of them, I say, keep 'em! They're sharp!

  6. Sending "good vibes" your way! Hope you don't get snowed out of the interview.

    Mustard is "YOUR" color, Sheila. This outfit is SO snazzy! Everything about it.

  7. I love everything about this outfit! Sweater, earrings, shoes, colors...all of it! I hope all goes well with your interview!!

  8. That is a fabulous outfit,totally my kind of thing.

    The shoes are awesome,you really have a great shoe collection!(I am afraid of falling in the snow/ice so have been sticking with mostly boots for the past few months)I miss shoes.

  9. good luck with your interview!!!!

    keep the shoes- love the wedge heel with the menswear style shoe.

    sorry about the snow- daffodils about to bloom here.

  10. Sending tons of good vibes for the job interview!

  11. Good vibes on their way! And just adore that hip-slung belt.

  12. Those shoes are so awesome, I wouldn't get rid of them either. I hope the interview goes well!! Lot's of good vibes going to you. Looking forward to seeing the interview outfit!

  13. Love that cowlneck, and the striped tights and shoes! Great color combo altogether.

    Good luck on your interview!

  14. Mustard is a color that entices me... So delish. And so something that I think I unfortunately couldn't wear... pales blondes and mustard... to me it sounds as appetizing as a cold hot-dog!

  15. Good luck Sheila. I'll be sending all my good vibes over to you. Hopefully I get to see you this weekend.

  16. I got my fingers and toes crossed for you! Knock'em dead!

  17. Thanks, Rebecca! We're such wimps about the cold here.

    Megan, that's hilarious! I'll take rain over snow any day - you don't have to shovel it!

    C&B, thanks!

    Thanks, Shy!

    Tina, yes, they're knee highs! I'm such a rebel.

    Thanks, Rita, I love them too - I've never seen another pair like them. A good Winners score!

    Thanks, Rebecca - I was okay in my travels today. Aw, thank you - I love mustard!

    Pam, thank you!

    Ponch, thanks! I take great pride in all my awesome shoes. I carry them and wear weatherproof boots when necessary.

    Thanks, Alecia! Yup, these shoes are keepers. Ah, thank you for the daffodil image!

    Thanks, Laniza!

    Sal, thank you!

    Thanks, Alison, here's hoping!

    Thanks, Beck - this felt a little blah to me (because I'm sick).

    Susu, I love most shades of yellow, but marigold/mustard is probably my favourite.

    Thanks, Kim! Are you guys in town this weekend? We could go shopping...

    Scary Closet (love the name), thank you!

  18. By crikey! I was in such a rush to tell you how much I loved your shoes, I didn't say GOOD LUCK! The vibes were sent, nonetheless!

  19. I love,love,love those shoes. Don't you dare give them away without selling or (giving) them to me. Glad your interview went well, I bet you would be an asset to any company smart enough to hire you. Good Luck!

  20. Ha, Anonymous, I will put them up for offers when and if I decide to retire them, how about that? Thanks for the good wishes!


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